New love!

I was just browsing the Free People website as i usually do when i came across these amazing boots and fell in love with them. They look so comfy and come in fun colors, they would be great for around the house while its freezing outside, with a pair of skinny jeans or with a skirt! My favorite is the green ones.

There are more color options if you click on this link.
Thanks Free People for offering these great shoes!


Few things I'm thankful for...
 My hubby! 
(Halloween picture, nice comb over Jeffie!)
 Love living in Utah 
Everywhere you go it's soo beautiful!
 My puppy Boomer!
Always wants to be my friend
 The opportunity to fulfill my goal of becoming an RN!
I graduate in August!!
and my parents! 
Without them i wouldn't be where i am today!

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and enjoyed some good Black Friday Shopping!


I've been wanting to try out the whole 'I borrowed my husbands/boyfriends shirt' outfit but let me ask you an important question. Are there certain rules to this sort of outfit? Does your significant other have to be only one size bigger than you for it to work (you wear a S and he wears a M)?

Well i tried out this sort of outfit today with my husbands thermal shirt and i belted it, wore some leggings with it and boots. But I'm not too sure about it. It's all bunched up in the back kinda like a a train on a dress. I don't think it looks bad, maybe just different. Tell me what you think from that description...

Oh PS thanks honey for sharing your clothes, even when we both know i have way too many of my own!