Would be so much fun!!

Oh how I wish I didn't have school next month!

I know I'm kinda new to this blogging stuff but being invited to this conference gave me a boost! Now I'm sure it was an open invitation but still I think it's the thought that counts! If I could actually afford it and had the time off I would totally go!!

But back to reality I do have school and I don't have money....so maybe I'll shoot for next year when I actually will have a good job that pays well and wont have school. My hubby is totally for it too!

Vegas Baby!! {Resolution}

OK after these last 2 weeks I needed to get away and my family was going down to our condo in Vegas so I hitched a ride. Man BEST idea I've had this month. I didn't really want to go down to the Strip, or gamble, or shop I just wanted to go to get away from the horrible weather and the thought of school. Well that didn't work I went shopping, to the Strip, and gambled each day I was there.  I had a blast with my family. I defiantly needed this.

When we went shopping I found a new purse!! Look oh look at how amazing this purse is! Thank you Coach for making this beauty! I'm using the long strap it comes with to make it a side bag, it's perfect for me. So this counted for my one purchase every 2 months. I noticed as I was shopping in designer store heaven that I was going to buy something, so I had to make my purchase count. I went through the Juicy Couture store and found stuff I really like but nothing I loved. Window shopped the Michael Kors store, nothing appealing. Then I passed the Coach store, I never go in the Coach store because I'm not a purse person. Well I'm glad I did, now I'm the proud owner of that purse above.

Now that I've made this new purchase I'm kinda nervous for the next month and a half. I had to fight the urges to just buy one thing in Vegas and now that I've had a taste of the stores, the fabulous clothes out there and the feeling of new clothes it's going to be very difficult. Wish me luck, hopefully school will keep me super busy so I don't think of it.

You are all missed!!

This is what I've been looking at lately...

I know I've been the largest slacker in the world! No outfit post, no {How To} series, no update on resolution...nothing! Consider me the worst blogger in the world right now!This is my life...staring at these books, learning flashcards over and over, staying up extremely late (except on Sun and Mon night because the next days I have to wake up at 5 to be at the hospital), blowing my nose constantly because I have a dang cold, my phone is less of a communication device but more of a medical dictionary and a way for my husband to text me 'I love you' occasional because I hate distractions while I'm studying, and I'm not really sure if my husband has disappeared because I haven't really sat down with him since school started (He is around, just I'm always hiding in the computer room studying). 

I haven't forgotten about you, I'm just trying to get into the groove of school and once I find I have a open time spot every week I'll be back and blogging (not as frequent but at least once a week). Well back to the books.


Yippee Skippee

You get to see an outfit post!! This is what I wore to church yesterday. I had kind of a hard time trying to figure out what shirt I should wear, but I like how it turned out.

Do you want to know my favorite part of this whole outfit? The skirt!!  Jeff found this skirt at a Down East store for less than $10 and I looked at him and said 'really' but I always try on stuff that Jeff pulls because he usually see the potential in things and I have a hard time with that. Well I put it on and I love everything about it! I love how it's lined so it doesn't stick to anything I wear underneath it, I love how the fabric is really heavy, and I love the colors and pattern. 

I do enjoy this jacket! But I was slightly disappointed in the quality that it is. Free People usually makes amazing clothes and they are still one of my favorite brand, but this jacket will fall apart if you don't treat it with love. The seams have split in multiple spots, kinda bummed when that started (I did fix it them). But did you notice the stitching on the back of it...AMAZING and the puffy shoulders...AMAZING!!

Outfit. Jacket-Free People from The Childrens Hour, Skirt- Penguin from Down East Basics, Shirt- Khols, Tights- JCPennys, and Shoes-hubby bought for me 6 years ago(He doesn't remember)

Sorry about the photos...hubby will be talked to about getting some more full length ones. 

Saturday Post....update!

Because I have been so busy with my new life and haven't been able to blog, I thought you guys deserved a Saturday post! Aren't you soo lucky!!

How about an update at first. My worries about the people at school are done and over. Everyone is super nice and there isn't any bad cliques. I am way surprised about how friendly everyone is. It defiantly made everything else a lot easier. Other than the people school is extremely busy. Let me just inform you as you were checking back at my blog for new posts{or I hope you were} I was learning how to insert an IV, hang IV fluids, hang blood for a transfusion, learning all the parts to a central line and how to place an NG tube. Yep you read that list right....all that in one week! CRAZY! Oh not to mention on top of that had a math test and 2 pharmacology classes!! 2 not 1, and pharm is crazy details! Lets just say my brain is a little bit like mash potatoes right now!

I did however try to blog on Thurs for my {How To} series but Blogger was being a lame face and wouldn't allow me to do anything. Which by the way was extremely annoying. So instead I went and did more fun things...like read my med/surg book :( I have no life, double :(

My resolution is still going strong! Minus the shoes I had to buy for school, but I don't count those because it was a necessity. But I did get the Reebok's Easy Tones. I thought I should try them out since I will be on my feet 10-12 hrs a day when I'm at clinical and work. Why not work my little booty while I'm walking around? And the plus side is the Reebok's aren't as hideous as the Sketcher. (Sorry I'm not a fan of those crazy moon shoes!) I think my resolution is still going well because I just don't have time to shop! It's perfect, for me and my wallet!!

OK let me share with you this one jacket that I have been drooling over! I want it really bad...

Dang you North Face for coming out with a sweet Moto Style Jacket that I just have to have. and dang you Nordstrom for placing it your catalog and shipping it too my house! If you hadn't i would still be blind to your great design! (PS if anyone feels so obligated to surprise me with a package which has this jacket in it size S, I'm totally fine with that! LOL) This is a very tempting purchase, I can't waste my 1 item already...or can i? What do you think? 

Oh PS...I give up on HTML!!!

Hi my name is.....

OK I had another awe moment. Now don't get too let down by this post, I know my last awe moment wasn't too exciting. This awe moment just happened tonight while I was blow drying my hair. I seem to have a lot of time to think in the shower or while doing my hair and makeup. I think half my blog ideas come from that room in my house. I'll finally get to the moment. When I started this blog I was and still am nervous to fully expose a lot of details of my personal life. I've just had multiple situations where the Internet has not been my friend. But tonight I had this thought...How will I ever get readers that actually enjoy my posts if they don't fully understand who I am and what I enjoy...So this post is to let you, the reader understand and get to know me, the blogger better.

Silly picture but it's me!

I chose about 10 things that I thought describes me the best, so here is your invite to my personal bubble!

1. I am half Vietnamese. I know I know, I don't look at all Asian. Believe me I hear about it ALL THE TIME! But being half Asian has benefited me in a few ways, like giving me an extra point on my application for nursing and letting me eat McDonald's as much as I want and not showing it on my hips or thighs. Oh ya!!

2. In high school I only wore Dickie's pants, skater shoes, and band t-shirts. I use to think I skateboarded and longboarded, but I could do an ollie and shove-it. I use to hang out with all the skaters and my boyfriend was in a punk rock band.

3. I love being active! But not in an exercise kind of way, actually I really hate the gym! I love playing volleyball and have played since I was a sophomore in high school. I love snowboarding, down hill mountain biking, four-wheeling and wakeboarding.

4. I grew up around a bunch of mechanics and it kind of has worn off on me. I enjoy fixing and working on my own car. In fact I love cars all together! I consider myself pretty knowledgeable about the 4 wheeled vehicles and enjoy talking about, constantly looking at, fixing and riding in cars. Jeffie and I both share this love and lets just say 4 cars for 2 drivers is just slightly insane!!

5. I will soon ride a motorcycle! Yippee Skippee! I love winter but I'm super excited for summer so I can get my fun little bike out on the road for its maiden voyage! Jeff has his Harley and it will be cool to have both of us cruise down the road on our own bikes!  (Mom don't be mad and I ALWAYS wear a helmet..Love you!)

Your half way there....are you bored yet?

6. Every morning when I get dressed and look in the mirror I have to ask Jeff if he likes the outfit. Why guys don't know anything about fashion....WRONG! My husband has an amazing fashion sense, you might not be able to tell behind his Levi's, Vans, and motorcycle t-shirts but he grew up at his parents clothing store and went on buying trips with them. Now if my hubby doesn't like the outfit do I change? Wrong again, I might just change one thing in the outfit but never the whole outfit!

7. I hate cooking! In fact Jeffie does 99% of it. I feel horrible about this, but lets be honest about it I don't even like making a sandwich for myself. I would much rather just run down the street and grab McDonald's than to make anything. (Thank goodness I'm half Asian once again!) I hope one day that I will grow a love for it though. Maybe when there are little Jeff and Nikki's running around...

8. It drives me absolutely nuts when you meet someone new and you shake their hand and they give you the weak floppy fish handshake! Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean you're going to break my hand if you give it a proper handshake! Honestly! I actually find it kind of disrespectful because it says to me 'oh you're a girl, all girls are sweet, fragile, and soft-talkers' NOT this girl! I can be sweet if I want too, I am definitely not fragile, might be small but I can hold my own and believe me after you read the definition to my own made up adjective 'soft-talker' than you'll figure out I'm not one real fast!

Soft-talker: A female who always portrays that their life is perfect, never shows any emotion than calm, sweet, and angelic. Someone who you purposely want to make mad just so you can see 'the real' person come out!

9. I love drinking Coca cola classic!! I could live off that stuff! I have gotten A LOT better recently only because I had a realization of how much of an addict I was. Once I stopped drinking that glorious drink I had a headache for 4 days straight! Now I drink it less but find myself thinking about drinking it daily and feel the cravings with those thoughts. Its a daily battle!

Oh my gosh we made it to the last one!!

10. I saved the best for last, how Jeff and I met! Jeff and I met in the World Religions class at the University of Utah. I saw him after the first day of class and had spoke to him on my walk back to my car. 4 days later Jeff sat next to me in class and started speaking with me, well I didn't remember who he was and that continued for about a week(I have a bad short term memory at times). But thank goodness he was persistent with me. The first time we hung out was after class one time and we went to lunch. On our way to lunch Jeff wasn't paying attention(because he had better things to look at lol) and decided to run a red light. Not just a red light that went through 2 lanes of traffic but a red light that went through 6 lanes of traffic and over 2 rail lines. We made it though that and after that lunch and not getting injured I figured everything would be great for the rest of our lives, which it has been. Best decision I ever made! Love you Jeffie!

Holy macro, we made it! Talk about long freakin post! I'm sure you have better things to do than sit here and waste your time with me. But I appreciate you, the reader and maybe will understand me slightly more. OK I'm going to get out of here. If you've read my blog multiple times and you haven't followed me yet maybe you'll follow me now that you know a little more about me. Thanks it's just motivations for future posts, have a great day!



Back to School, Back to School....

(This picture was taken on the 1st day of nursing school, I made Jeff take one of me just like I was starting kindergarten lol, man my hair was short.)

Woot Woot wish me luck, school starts today. I hope that everything goes well and I meet some pretty cool people in this class. I feel kind of nervous because I am joining in this class that has already been together for a year. So everyone has their study group, everyone has there 'best friend', everyone has their place. Lets just hope everything goes well. I get to learn how to place IV's...again!

Hopefully I found something stunning to wear!