Monday Monday Monday...

It's a new week...a new week to have fun and make more memories. I have fun plans this week, I can't wait to share them at the end. But before we do that, this outfit is what I wore yesterday, because right now as you are reading this I'm catching some zzz's after I worked a grave last night. I would have posted it yesterday but then I won't have anything to read for here is your fun little outfit post!

 Do you want to hear my favorite part of this whole outfit...this skirt I'm wearing is really a dress. I finally tried the 'turn the dress into a skirt' trick and I can give myself a little bit of credit for being creative, which I feel I'm never very creative with my outfits. One more thing I love about my outfit is my cuff I'm' wearing has a map of NYC subway on it, I freakin love it!

Dress- Forever 21, Jacket-Lucky, Shoes-Forever Young Shoes, Shirt-old, possibly Wet Seal, Cuff- but bought off me know if you want an invite, coolest site around!)
Alright here is my weekly schedule!
Monday-Sleep then go back to work
Tuesday-Sleep then eat dinner @ my parents YUM
Wednesday-no plans but later that night take a drive to see Golden Spike National Historic Site(State monument where the railroads met from east to west...which I'm way excited about!!) This place has kinda been one of those places I just want to check off my To See in UT checklist, that's why I'm excited about it!
Thursday- Bachlorette Party that night!!
Friday- On call so maybe work
Saturday- Work a grave

So If i'm not to groggy on tues I'll see you then...if not I'll see you for sure on Wednesday.
Have a great Monday!

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Weekends are GREAT for...

Taking Boom for walks
Finishing projects
Hanging out with Hubs
NO other plans at all!!!
Hope you're having a great Saturday!

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Happy Friday!!

Man the past 3 days at work have been pretty good. Had a couple of hiccups but not enough to ruin the awesome patient I had and her family.  Sometimes you get a patient that doesn't appreciate anything you do for them or anything you try for them; you simply can't make them happy. Those patients are frustrating only because you know you've tried all your options and nothing has worked.  But then you get those families that are friendly, understanding, and just enjoyable to be around. Those families remind you of why you wanted to be a nurse in the first place and how much you love your job. I had a family and patient like that the past 3 days and I will never forget them, they made my last 3 days wonderful.

Today I got to hangout with my awesome nephew for a few hours while his mom went on a field trip with his brother! He is so cute, I taught him to say 'beep beep I'm a jeep' and it was so stinkin adorable! Makes me want to have a few of my own.

 Pants-Rock & Republic, Shirt- Forever 21, Belt-Old Navy, Shoes- Sam Edelman, Watch-Michael Kors

Anyways Boomer is going to the vet shortly so I'm just going to finish with my outfit. Here is my outfit today, can I just say that I love my shirt and belt! This shirt was kinda an exchange that was rushed and I really didn't look at it much, just grabbed it and went. I didn't even notice it was a pull-over until I got him and went to put it on lol! Belt is from Old Navy, does anyone else feel like they've stepped up the game? Everything there is awesome!

Ok off to the vet, poor Booms got to go get some shots :(

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Sorry no outfit post, I just didn't have time today. Today has been spent running errand after errand after all know what that feels like, exhausting!! A couple of highlights from my day though

* Listed a school book on amazon and sold it in 4 hours! Woot Woot 
* Found a new restaurant downtown that I decided to stop at and have a bite to eat, Su Casa so yummy!
* Bought new Danskos for my poor feet, no more 12 hours shifts and my feet crying for help
* Cleaned the house :)
* Made dinner for the 2nd time in 3 days, I'm on a roll and the Hubs loves me even more now!

I did want to ask the few people that contacted me about the lunch if we could do a weekday? Tell me what you think??

Weekly Schedule
Tuesday: Work
Wednesday: Work
Thursday: Work
Friday: Day off!
Saturday: Day off!

See you guys on Friday!
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Happy Sunday

Right now I'm sitting on my back porch enjoying some blueberries covered with lime and sugar, BEST way to eat blueberries by far! My aunt introduced me to eating them this way and I've been addicted since then! 

Here is my sunday best! 
Skirt-H&M, Cardigan-Nordstrom, Tanktop- Old Navy, Shoes- Forever Young Shoes, Watch-Vestal, Bracelets-Juicy Couture and thrifted

Have a great Sunday afternoon, it's beautiful here in Utah today!

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Of Coarse...Its Sunny Outside...

and I'm stuck inside doing homework! A 6-8 page paper to be exact! GRRR curse you school! I did manage to take a break from my paper and take some outfit pics for you! Enjoy!

Pants-UO, Shirt-Old Navy, Belt-Forever 21(close), Sunnies- Nordstrom, Shoes-idk gift

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Changin' it up!

My title is referring to my hair, I never do my hair parted down the middle. I've just never been a huge fan of it on myself really, love it on other people. But this morning I decided to switch it up a little, not to mention I also followed Sydney from The Daybook hair tutorial she posted today. Her hair still looks way better than my turned out, guess I'll have to go buy some dry shampoo.

Shirt-Forever 21, Pants- Kohls (old), Cardigan- UO, Shoes- Steve Madden(close)

I finished my 3 days of work and had pretty good days. They were super busy. My first day was simply crazy(without going into too much detail and getting in trouble I'll just leave it at those words!) My second day was much better until the end of the shift when I got a new admit which was a Code Blue called from another floor. All I have to say is I have the best coworkers around to help me out when I need it! My third day wasn't too bad but it was busy full of Rapid Responses and another Code Blue which ended up being a false alarm(which I'm glad about!).  All and all a pretty good couple of days at work, learned a lot, built a little more confidence in myself, and had a good time with my coworkers.

Here is my outfit today, sorry it's so late I've been attempting to do homework all day. Attempting meaning I've been having really long and great phone conversations with some awesome people (long as an hour and a half total between 2 calls, thanks Amber loved it!) and then explaining to my nephew all his questions he has to answer to get his first aid merit badge for scouts (I realized I have no clue on what to do for frost bite). After all that I finally started my homework which I thought was going to take maybe 3 hours, nope try again how about 6 hours! I'm glad I'm done with this class(class=not so much fun!)

Well one assignment done, one to go which will be tomorrows project which is a 6-8 pg paper :( Agenda now...nice long bath while listening to soothing tunes in my new bath tub! Ekk I'm so excited!
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Nurse Nikki

Here is my life yesterday, today, and tomorrow...see you on Thursday!

Pink pants Pink pants Pink pants!!

I'm slightly nervous about these pink pants, but we are going for it! 

 Hope everyone is having a great Saturday, I'm celebrating my birthday with some amazing people that I rarely get to see so I'm excited!!!

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Congrats bro!

Congrats to my bro who got married to this gorgeous girl Megan! They are such a cute couple and I'm excited for them! They got married yesterday in the Salt Lake Temple, the sealing was amazing!
Love you guys!

People say we could be sisters...

Anyone recognize this girl? This is Megan's sister Paige, she has a blog here and just won a lovely trip to Coachella to be the 'Instagrapher' for H&M! Congrats Paige!
 And last but not least my amazing parents! Love these two for everything they do!
(PS this is post number 200!! Woot Woot!!!)

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My Birthday Wish list

Since I was traveling over my birthday I didn't get the chance to share my Birthday Wish list, so here goes!

Unfortunately I can't get all these awesome things, but I'm leaning towards the Nikon body or the Marc Jacobs bag and the Free People wedges or the Citizens of Humanity pants...whats your opinion??
Happy Birthday to myself :)
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'Tell Me About Yourself' Award

Thanks Sarah from Simply Sarah for this award, I love feeling apart of a blogging community with these awards! I'm excited to share with you 7 random facts about myself. Thanks again Sarah!

There are rules with this award, they are:

         1. Link back to the person who awarded you
         2. Write 7 random facts about myself
         3. Share the award with 15 other bloggers

So here we go with the 7 random facts about myself!

1.  I could live off fruit or aka be a fruititarian! I can eat it anytime and anywhere! I pretty much like ever single type except papaya. My favorite fruits are apples, watermelon, strawberries, and raspberries! My joke is I eat an apple a day and I still see doctors at least 3 days a week. :)

2. I swear I'm going to be a college student for forever. I've been going to college since I graduated high school in 2003. Not ever semester has been full time credits but there is just so much to learn and lets not forget that the nursing program here in Utah is so competitive to get into. I'm still in school now getting my BSN and will graduate in the Fall. Even after that I still want to take some graphic design classes and maybe some photography classes...told you perma-student.

3. My favorite candy is Sour Punch Straws in the green apple flavor! I absolutely could eat these every day, really I could eat anything sour every day! Just talking about it makes my mouth water...YUM!

4. When I was 8 years old my mom let me watch the show Aliens with her and my dad and to this day I am still deathly afraid of that show and those creatures! If it's on tv and I accidentally stop on the channel my heart starts racing, my palms get sweaty, and my hands start shaking. Call me ridiculous but I'm too scared to face this fear and there is no way that I'm going to google a picture of these things to put on here, no way, no way at all!!

5. I love wearing sweats but I hate not getting ready for the day. If I get up and shower, do my makeup and my hair then put sweats back on I feel like the biggest laziest butt every and I won't go anywhere or accomplish anything productive. But if I'm up at my cabin up at Bear Lake, shoot I could care less if I shower, do my make up, my hair, most of the time up there I live in my swimming suit and swim clothes. (ps I have about 4 pairs of this pair, Victoria Secret Boyfriend Pant)

6. I hate steak/prim rib! I can't explain it, I just do!

7. I can play the piano, flute, a little of the guitar, and the drums. I have played the piano ever since I was 6 or 7 and still love it. I started playing the flute when I was in middle school in the band(yes I was a band nerd), I don't really play this anymore only because I let my cousin use my flute so she could learn. My friend in high school taught me a little bit of guitar and I think it would be awesome to take lessons(Emme Packer!!) and in high school my boyfriend bought me a drum kit because he played and so I took lessons then. When I got married to the Hubs I plays too so we had 2 sets in our basement.

Well there you go, 7 facts about myself you might have not known! Now for the 15 bloggers that I'm passing this award on too.

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Yellow and Green

Birthday gift from the Hubs...aren't they wonderful!!
Wow sorry for the lack of outfit posts lately, it's kinda been a busy week. We flew to Florida to go to my brothers salt ceremony there and it was a very quick weekend trip but super busy. Our flights were kinda horrible, the day we left I was checking in online and found out our plane was leaving and hour earlier than planned, so we rushed to the airport and checked our bags, through security, and to the gate within 30 minutes! AMAZING!! We then had a 5 hour layover in Houston(boo!), but thank goodness for the wonderful Mexican place they have there we ate good food! Made it to Florida then had to drive to our hotel which was an hour and a half away, don't worry we got there around midnight!

PS the bobcat rocks!!
(Any ideas of getting rid of the reflection of the sign??)
Once we were there we had a good time, went and visited a few spots where my brother served his mission and then saw Panama City Beach. Went to the reception. Then drove to Alabama which was 20 minutes away. Then the next day went home. Flight home was horrible too, we had 2 layovers in Houston and Denver but the one from Houston we almost missed. Lets just saw we were happy to get home around 1am and go to bed.

Since then my bathroom has been taken apart, my tub removed, and I'm still living out of my packed bathroom supplies, not to mention my brothers temple wedding is tomorrow and I'm not quite sure of what I'm wearing.

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Today I painted my nails this you think it's too fall-ish? I just love that dark green color!