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Boring Saturday, hope yours was better than mine!

I'm Going Shopping...Tile Shopping

| Pants-H&M | Shirt-Old Navy & Kohls | Shoes-Famous Footwear | Purse & Watch-Marc by Marc Jacobs | 

Today I'm going tile shopping. I'm excited and really hoping it's going to be simple in and out type of a thing (but lets not joke here, it's going to be the complete opposite of that). The only thing I'm thinking that might make this process a little easier is the fact that I've searched high and low and found some great examples of what I want my tile to look like. 

Today I also repainted the table...but this time I took out my new sander that I bought last week and made a huge mess in my carport and all over my car, sanded about 5 layers of paint off. This time the color is fantastic, I actually went and bought paint from Ace Hardware instead of using left over paint. I think it will turn out well. Check out my instagram @nikki1156 for pictures.

Well guys have a great weekend, I really don't have much to say today. Oh if anyone is interested in swapping buttons I'm your gal, email me!


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It finally feels like fall and I'm LOVING it! The leaves are all red and yellow, the weather has cooled down, and I'm pulling out my sweaters and jackets. If you don't already know I'm the jacket queen, I absolutely love jackets! They are my favorite clothing item ever!! (Not joking, my whole hallway closet is over flowing with them.) I'm just excited!

Last week was crazy crazy! I worked, worked, and worked. Thanks for all of you who stuck around, it really means a lot to me! And WELCOME new visitors, I think most of you are from Creamy! Thanks for following and holy cow I'm almost to 100 followers I can't believe it. If I get to 100 it will be a major milestone in my blogging, only because I never thought it would happen haha

Well guys I'm off to do more house planning, going to pick out some exterior paints. Take a look at my Pinterest and see what colors I'm planning. Also feel free to give me any suggestions, I'm always looking for new ideas!

I'm Out

I'm going to be MIA for a few more days because of work. Can I just say that I had a busy day the other day on STICU and I never said it was a bad day. For some reason everyone on the unit keeps saying I had a bad day...never bad day...just BUSY! Today I worked 14 hours...I'm tired. Tomorrow possibly back at STICU so guess we'll see. Then oncall lots of work! But then after that I'm off to the lake for possibly the last good boating weekend until it gets cold. But while I'm MIA here I need you all to check out my guest post here
Peace out I'm off to bed!

Monday Monday Monday

Can you just hear that announcers voice when I say that? Yep it's Monday, and yep I'm not happy about it. Why can't we have a whole week of Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. If only! But today is PROJECT DAY!!! I've recently acquired some amazing old wood pallets and I can't wait to get this project going. I'm going to make a sign for the room at the lake like this

With this saying...
Source: via Nikki on

It's going to be sooo cute! 
Moving onto my nerd outfit today.
| Pants-True Religion | Shirt-F21 | Shoes-Famous Footwear | Belt-F21 | Glasses-unknown sorry :( | Watch-MK |

 I had a hard time putting this outfit together today, but after everything and the closet vomit it turned out pretty cool. I really wanted to wear these pants and it went from heels to these oxfords, and from stripped shirts to this blouse, then belt issues and wham bam a nerd was born. I think this outfit also speaks of fall with all the brown touches. Let me just say one thing though...the belt being crooked is really pissing me off haha 

Well I'm going to start working on my project...which means a trip to Home Depot because my manly husband broke both of our hammers we had. Hope you guys have a great day! Oh I've recently received an email from a reader and I absolutely loved it, so thanks Jackie for making my day!!

This weekends festivities

*Painted my table...didn't work out very well :(

*Went to Price is Right. But didn't get called up

*Went shooting. Super fun!

*Went to the Weber State football game, had to leave at half time to gi watch the U of U vs BYU football game! Go UTES!!
(Still drying with painters tape on it...)

Went for a very short ride...

 | Pants-Kohls | Shirt-Target | Shoes-Forever Young Shoes | Gloves-Harley Davidson | Sunnies-Ray Bans |

then the bike died :( Blog I want you to meet my motorcycle. This is a 1972 Honda CL350 and I love it, but for some reason it doesn't really love me back. The more I love it (aka spend money on it) the more it will love me back though. So after today's ride it gets its own new pair of boots, carburetor boots haha. 

(I felt silly in this picture) 
So I've been at the hospital for 9 days straight and man they have been crazy. Thank goodness they weren't all 12 hr shifts because I think I would have had to check myself into the Psych unit. But I've meet some great family members and spend some sad times with them.
Floated down and worked in the ER and met some more friends.
and officially passed my year mark of being a nurse, THANK goodness that year is over!
On to the next year!
Hope you guys all have a great weekend, I'm going to the Price Is Right tonight at Kingsbury Hall! Hopefully I get called down! 

PS Always wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle please! 

And the winners are....

Here you go! Congrats Pamela Macdonald  and Abby Dawn!! Send me your email and I'll get your info!

Congrats again guys and thank you to everyone who participated! 

I Chopped It!

Yep I chopped 4 inches off of my hair today and didn't Kim do an amazing job! It's a huge change  and man it feels good to mix it up a little!  

 I've been working my butt off this week and man I'm sorry about yesterday and no outfit post. After waking up from sleeping around 1 I had intentions of doing an outfit post and posting it yesterday after my meeting around 7 but then my meeting went long and it was dark when I left so I went shopping and bought this shirt! It was super fun and much needed!
| Pants-J Brand | Shirt-F21 | Jacket-Target | Shoes-DVF | Necklace-Target | 

Well today is the day where I announce the winners to the giveaway! If you hadn't entered it click on the giveaway tab at the top and enter away. Just make sure that you comment on the post for each requirement, that means you can comment up to 3 times! So make sure you take full advantage of that!
Check back tonight for the winners!
Have a wonderful day I'm off to do homework now...can't wait until I'm done with this semester!

Good morning...

Just woke up what a great sleep...NOT! But I wanted to get on here and remind everyone to enter in the JunieBLAKE giveaway! Everyone has a really good chance of winning (and when I say really good chance I mean REALLY good chance!) and I'll be posting the winners on this coming Tuesday! Make sure to check back then to see if you won! You can find a link to the giveaway under the giveaway tab I've made up top so check it out!

Thanks again everyone for reading you guys are awesome!

Bling Bling

| Pants-Target | Shirt-Old Navy | Jacket-H&M | Shoes-MK | Bracelet-FAB & F21 | Watch-Marc by Marc Jacobs |
 | Necklace-Q Clothing |

I titled this post Bling Bling because I feel like everything I'm wearing is so shiny! PS I like shiny things!! 

Other than my shiny blinging self I'm standing in front of the lot that will hold my new house! Last night the Hubs and I were pre-approved to build our house! Now just a few more things to do before the hole gets dug! I can't wait to move into our new house! It's been a long process and I feel so lucky to have this opportunity! 

One thing special about our future home is the Hubs drew the plans, and that in itself was one of my bucket list items. We've completed a lot of our bucket list items this year and it just feels amazing to be moving forward into a new chapter of life. 
So with that news I probably should also share that my Pinterest account has been taken over by house design stuff and not fashion. Sorry about that. Well guys I work graves this weekend so I'm going to be sleeping during the day and most likely won't get ready. Until next week then, have a great weekend!

Just random DIY moment

So yesterday I went to the local DI and found 5 awesome vases I loved. All of them totaled of $4, which I was super excited about. I then went to Home Depot and bought a can of glossy white spray paint and worked my magic (which really isn't magic at all) This is how they turned my mind amazingly!