| Pants-Target | Shirt-Apricot Lane | Jacket-F21 | Shoes-Hip and Humble | Purse-Juicy Couture | Scarf-Kohls |

It finally feels like fall and I'm LOVING it! The leaves are all red and yellow, the weather has cooled down, and I'm pulling out my sweaters and jackets. If you don't already know I'm the jacket queen, I absolutely love jackets! They are my favorite clothing item ever!! (Not joking, my whole hallway closet is over flowing with them.) I'm just excited!

Last week was crazy crazy! I worked, worked, and worked. Thanks for all of you who stuck around, it really means a lot to me! And WELCOME new visitors, I think most of you are from Creamy! Thanks for following and holy cow I'm almost to 100 followers I can't believe it. If I get to 100 it will be a major milestone in my blogging, only because I never thought it would happen haha

Well guys I'm off to do more house planning, going to pick out some exterior paints. Take a look at my Pinterest and see what colors I'm planning. Also feel free to give me any suggestions, I'm always looking for new ideas!