I'm Home

Finally home. The trip home was super fun, especially when you run into a snow storm :( It is good to get back to normal life routines, like coming home to working 3 graves.

There are a few things that were excited to see, we got to pick up the little doggy, Boomer. He was so happy to see us and we were equally excited to see him. Ahh puppy love! The other thing we were excited about seeing was our house and the paint on the walls and trim. It by the way looks amazing! Next step is flooring, man we are rolling right along.

This is my outfit for the day that I have to work that night. Super comfy and low maintenance. Sometimes I find myself trying too hard to be fancy, all the time. Believe it or not, sometimes I feel its harder to dress slouchy and cute than dressing up and professional. Im probably just over thinking it lol.

Well guys have a great day. See you tomorra.

Vegas Day Four

This day was amazing...We did whatever we felt like. So I went shopping at the Fashion Show Mall. I LOVE this mall. Jeff skated more because it was warm weather.

That's about it I believe. Shopped, hung out, and skated.

/ Pants-Kohls / Button down-Kohls / Sweater-H&M / Boots-Steve Madden / Watch-Kate Spade / Necklace-Q Boutique / Bracelet-Stella & Dot /

Vegas Day Three

Day three was the first day of Magic Market Week and I had full intentions of taking advantage of all the fun, until mother nature kicked in and decided to make me suffer from lovely lady cramps. WHY must this always happen during things I'm most excited about aka vacations, Magic, and vacation! GRR to mother nature!

With that said, I went to Magic for about 45 minutes then couldn't handle it anymore. But while at Magic I learned something, its way more fun to go to actually buy for a store. I went to Mrket to buy for a mens store, had a blast. Went to Magic with intentions of seeing one mens clothing company but couldn't even get to the Mandalay Bay Convention Center because parking was so ridiculous so we decided to go to the LVCC and look around.

Maybe I missed the memo but I couldn't go into a trade show and sell that I have a company to get some free goodies, when in fact I don't have a company that sales woman's clothes. Its just not me. I did though have a goal to find a good shoe line for my mother-in-law and I love the ones I did find. Didn't order anything because I was just hunting for her so she could ponder the thought of a store. All of this Magic browsing though did make me want to open a store of my own and I'm sure if I really wanted to it could be possible, I'm just not sure I want too. I want to have weekends off to go boating and wakeboarding(if you don't know me at all, just know that I seriously do these activities EVERY weekend in the summer) I also don't want to have to give up nursing. I enjoy it and owning your own store means that you are married to it, aka all of your time devoted to it. Not sure if i'm ready for that commitment.

Anyway that was my Magic experience. I know tons of people went in and left with the swag, I went in, didn't leave with swag, but learned a lot about myself. Will I go back to Magic? Probably, but with a purpose. Either when I decide to open a store(if it's possible) or if it's for another family buying event.

I do want to thank my in laws for giving me the opportunity to enjoy these shows.

Oh ps here is my outfit lol

/ Skirt-H&M / Shirt-Nordstrom Rack / Necklace-?(sorry) / Tights-Nordstrom Rack / Shoes-TB / Watch-MK / Bracelet-F21 /

Friday Confessions

Welcome to my Friday confessions post. Todays post is not really a confession but more a description if how cool this place it I'm sitting at.  A little history first...

Jeff has always wants to find a barber shop that fits the old time barber shop description. Stripped walls, old Belmont chairs, old time music playing In the background and the older guy who has been cutting hair for years and years. We have never been able to find this type of barber in Utah but we might have found him in Las Vegas.

When you walk in the Barber Shop you see the hunter green stripped walls, the old Belmont chairs and the sound of a six piece trombone band jammin lightly in the background. You notice the old silver haired barber cutting with the loud shears and making small talk to the customer in the chair. This brings a smile to Jeff and my face just to be sitting waiting with the other customers. Wondering what small talk the barber is going to make with you, old people always have the best stories.

As we wait all of a sudden I hear the music come to an end, the barber turns off his shears and sets them down. Walks to the tape player, presses the eject button, flips the tape over and closes the door. The music starts to play again and just at that moment I realize he's living the American dream. Doing what he loves for a living.

I thought for sure I had found a career I would feel the same about, but I can't really consider lifting 300 lbs patients and cleaning up grown adults as living the dream. Thank goodness that there are so many aspects of nursing to explore. I have wanted to be a nurse ever since my kindergarten graduation, at times I felt it was never going to come true. To all those people who are trying to live their dream and it seems impossible, don't give up! Don't stop chasing it, you will regret it! I tried multiple times to change my major and I'm so glad I didn't. Nursing may not be a very glamourous career or at least ICU nursing isn't glamorous, but it was my dream and guess what, I completed it.

Living the dream just means you're happy! Do what makes you happy!

Have an awesome weekend!

Vegas Day Two

Day two started the fun! We went to Mrket and shopped for new lines for Johnstown LTD. what a blast! I had so much fun learning the tricks from my husband who had been on multiple buying trips when he was younger. Man finding out these new things about my husband is sexy! Lol Anyways We had appointments with some great companies such as Bills Khakis, Barbour, and talked to the reps for Trafalgar, The British Belt Company, and H. Freeman. My father-in-law already carries most of these lines so it was just mainly to pick out the new stuff for fall. Let me tell you I'm so excited about the new Barbour Fall collection, even if it was all men's clothing they have some great stuff.

Because we were representing Johnstown LTD we had to dress just as fancy as the clothes we sell, so with that said I would have to say we looked pretty dang good!

Vegas Day One!!

Yep look how amazing I am, I'm blogging as I'm on vaca!! Actually it's a trial run for blogging while I'm in Europe next month. Anyway, the hubs and I came down to las Vegas to go to Magic Tradeshow and Mrket show to be buyers for Jeff's dads fine men's clothing store, Johnstown Ltd. I'm kinda exciting for these shows but also have no idea what to wear to them. So these future posts will be the outfits I wore to the shows. Then I'll let you know if I over or under dressed, I'm planning on overdressing more than under.

Day one:
We spent day one spent shopping for bedding at West Elm, watching Jeff skate at the park, eating Whole Foods, and trying to find a decent swap meet to go too(never found one!) Here are the pics.

Silly faces, Silly pose

 / Pants-Kohls / Shirt-Nordstrom Rack / Necklace-Target / Shoes-Famous Footwear / Sunnies-Raybans /

Sometimes I act like a dork, it just shows I'm human. 
Peace out homies!

Winter Fashion{Lauren of Mintgem}

You guys are in luck today, Lauren from Mintgem is here to share her winter staples. I find that we have a lot in common in what we love to wear during winter. Enjoy this sweet ladies post then make sure and run over to her blog. 
Thanks Lauren.
Hello! My name is Lauren from Mintgem
First, I need to thank Nikki for asking me to guest post!
Winter can sometimes make it tricky for dressing in anything other than a huge bulky coat, snow boots and gloves. Today Im going to give you some of my tips on how to still look fashionable during the snowy season! 

I am a huge fan of hats! Beanies specifically for the super cold days! 

Another must is scarves! Scarves that have a fun pattern,
 or bright colors always add a little extra flare to any boring, old winter outfit.
Plus, keeps you extra warm!

And last, the absolute must for me, is a black leather jacket! Throwing it on with any outfit adds a little edge! For extra warm, layer it with a sweater or basic zip hoodie underneath!

So those are a few of my absolute musts for winter fashion! 
I hope you enjoyed reading! Come stop by my blog and say hello!

Friday Confession

Did you guys have an amazing Valentines week? Mine was pretty good, worked a bunch and now I'm leaving for vaca today. It's a much needed vacation too. I worked about 7 days in a row and can I just say I'm BURNT OUT!! Woot woot!!

On with my confession.

This one is about how my parents influenced my picky appetite. My dad use to feed me full of crap (not literally!) by telling me that chocolate would give me zits. Since I was such a good little girl and always believed my parents (actually I believe pretty much anything, and still) I stayed away from eating a lot of chocolate.

Let's fast forward like 10 years to when I met Jeff. After dating and knowing that we were going to get married we took a little trip with his parent to where he served his LDS mission, South Carolina. As we were there we had to go eat at Jeff's favorite place. While there I experienced real southern cooking and I also tried...

Fridays confession.

I tried my first piece of chocolate cake. Yep that's right I hadn't tried or ever had a piece of chocolate cake until I was 19 years old. Completely crazy, I know. I do like chocolate cake but LOVE funfetti cake the most!

Is there any types of food that you held off trying for forever but totally love now??

I'm off to Vegas this weekend, I can't wait for the sun, shopping, and relaxing!