Lilly from Lilly's Style {Guest post}

I wanted to say I'm so excited to have Lilly guest post for me today. You guys are in for a treat, she is an amazing and stylish lady and you have to stop on over at her blog Lilly's Style! Thanks Lilly! 

 Hi, I'm Lilly from Lilly's Style I'm excited to be guest posting for Nikki while she is soaking up some sun. Sounds like a well deserved vacation, so enjoy every minute of it girl! :) Since Nikki's vacation involves warm weather it would only be appropriate to show you some cute beach vacation outfits. When Islands hopping back in October I wanted to look cute but also be comfortable. I packed lots of short, tees, tank tops, dresses. And my fedora was on my head every single day while on the beach. A hat is a must, at least for me. Here are three different outfits that are cute and comfortable at the same time, and which girls doesn't like that!?! You can click on each item for info on it.
What are some of your warm weather vacation must-haves?

Swim Wear with style!

Right about now I'm hanging out on the beach, lounging with my sunnies and a nice cold drink. Check out these super cute beach outfits I've found!

  • Sanctuary Mesa Caftan
  • M Missoni Psychedelic Print Cover Up
    M Missoni
  • Mara Hoffman Long Chiffon Cocoon Cover Up
    Mara Hoffman
  • Jen's Pirate Booty Stevie Top Dress
    Jen's Pirate Booty
  • Diane Von Furstenberg Beaded Melli Coverup
    Diane Von Furstenberg

  • Diane Von Furstenberg Diane Von Furstenberg Dress
    Diane Von Furstenberg
  • Tory Burch Lester Tunic
    Tory Burch
  • Juicy Couture Borderline Tunic
    Juicy Couture

Denise from AllThingsNew {Guest Post}

I'm so excited to have Denise from AllThingsNew guest post for me today! You all are in for a great treat, make sure and stop by her blog because it simply rocks! Thanks Denise!

Hello Fashions On The Fly readers!
My name is Denise and I am from the blog AllThingsNew! Nikki asked me to do a guest post while she is on vacation and I was honored to do so!
I decided to do a post on how to dress comfortable yet still remain chic! Here are a few tips that help me on those days that I just want to dress comfortably!
  • Wear leggings but pair them with a sheer top. This makes them more dressy.
  • Wear wedges! They are a lot more comforatble than heels and easier to walk in.
  • Opt for a blazer. Whenever I am  not sure what to wear I resort to a blazer. You can never go wrong.
  • Wear a watch or other accessories. In this case I wore my rose gold watch to add a little more to the outfit
  • Wear a bag that can be carried or worn over the shoulder. I feel like my bag is more chic when I carry it and more casual when I put it over my shoulder.
Blazer: Aritzia Shirt dress: Free People Purse: Vince Camuto Shoes: Luxury Rebel Watch: Kenneth Cole Leggings: H&M
I hope you have a wonderful trip Nikki! Make sure to take lots of pictures and soak up lots of sun!
<3 Denise


We are cattle!!!


I think I was an astronaut in a past life because my husband said I got gitty like a little school girl when we pulled up to Kennedy Space Center. I do have to admit I think just the possibility of going into space is amazing, then knowing how much further we have gotten just blows my mind! Man space rocks!! Ps this wasnt my first time seeing Kennedy Space Center, yes I love it so much I wanted to come back to do the same tour. Guess you can call me a space nerd, the Hubs is!

Was sporting the red pants and new Ray-bans!

Travel outfits!

Here are both mine and the Hubs travel outfits. Ps I look like I might have just woken up...

And some added other travel outfits

Tomorrow I'm leavin on a jet plane...

Tomorrow is the big day! I hope I thought of everything, cleaned everything, and my sweet dog Boomer is good for my sister-in-law and brother-in-law.

I think I packed everything and then some, hopefully my luggage isn't over weight. I always seem to overpack, if I don't though then I stress. Well I had to pack for 10 days...that includes a pair of tennis shoe, 2 pairs of flats (my DVF and my leopard ones), flip flops, Michael Khors heels, and my vans. Do you think that many is an over kill?? Then I have 2 sun dresses and 2 formal dresses. Red pants, black pants, blue pants, and 2 pairs of jeans (my Hudson's and my Free People). Man am I boring you with my packing list? Ok well I better go vacuum the house.

This is my outfit today...ya horrible picture but my other camera is packed away. But I love how it turned out. Ps also got my hair cut, brought the bangs back but this time I can also swoop them to the side! Love that fact about them. Anyways have a great night!

Whoa I've been busy...

Sorry I've been gone for a like a week, I've been trying to get a lot of busy stuff done before I leave on friday! I've also been working like a mad lady like 6 days in a row...thats 6 days every shift is 12 hours long....shooooot me!! Tonight is my last night then I'm off for 13 days and off to FL, I can't wait!! Promise I'll be around tomorrow after I wake up.

Thanks for sticking around, see you soon!

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Happy Valentines Day!

How is it going so far?? Mine is great considering I'm sick with a cold :( Last night I got home from work and took one Sinex at 10pm(which I was suppose to take 2) then slept until 11 am today! That's what happens when I take antihistamine I'm out like a light bulb!

Then today got ready ran some errands because im pressed for time with work and getting ready for the trip. I had to cancel my nail appointment too :( I just didn't see how I could get my nails done when I'm blowing my nose and sneezing every five seconds. Ran out to the Vietnamese store and bought some stuff for Jeff's first round of making Pho, by the way was AMAZING!! Went and saw my parents, brought them some Vietnamese sandwiches and treats! Now I'm back in pjs and going to settle down for a movie with the man I love! Hope you guys have a great and fun night! Tell me what ya did!!

Jcp Wow!

I'm way impressed with this months Jcp catalog! Take a look at some of my favorites!

Little Hearts!

Hey guys! How is your Thursday doing? Mine is going okay, I tried to find a dress for my cruise but was unsuccessful :( I went to like 5 stores and didn't find one dang thing I liked, it's just such a bummer. I kinda knew that the search would be hard but man there is nothing out there. I want to try and find something that is lacy or has sparkles! I guess I'll keep looking.

This is my outfit today. I mainly wanted to wear the tights, they have little hearts everywhere. I guess I need to wear them on Valentines day! I was kinda worried that it would be too cold for this skirt but it wasn't! I went outdoor shopping and everything and wasn't cold! 

Well everyone have a great night. Talk to you tomorrow!

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I'm back and still alive!!

Hey guys I survived my 3 grave shifts in a row and have a couple pictures to show you. I took a few iPhone/mirror pictures of my outfit today. It's really not that exciting but I do love the simplicity and motorcycle shirt I'm wearing! I tried to dress it up with curly hair and red lips. Other than that nice and comfy was the key!

My other picture is of the orange chair I bought from the DI for $10. Do you guys remember it? Well I went to the reupholster guy and picked up some other chairs and saw it. It was 99% done but I beat the girl who was to sew the cushion on. So I'll have to bring it home another day :( it turned out so awesome and I'm so excited that it did. It's going to look amazing in my living room!

Ok I'm off to bed because guess what...I work another grave tonight! The rest of the week is as follows...

Wednesday- sleep and then homework
Thursday- no plans :)
Friday- I work a grave
Saturday- sleep then no plans!

I'll possibly post tomorrow but most of the time after a grave I dont get ready. No point it's always 3 or 4 in the afternoon. Lol, but plan on a post on Thursday with better than iPhone quality pictures. And I'll show you my new kitchen table and chairs!!

Casual Friday

It was really hard getting ready today knowing that I'll be putting my pj's back on in 30 min to take a nap then go to work for the night. With that said I pulled the casual Friday outfit, ran a few errands, went and visited Hubs at work, and now am back and ready for a nap. So with that said, night!

PS have a great weekend and enjoy The Superbowl for me...mostly the treats ;)
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Happy February!!

Welcome February 1st!! Yippee I'm so excited for a few things this month. One being Valentines Day of coarse and the other going on the cruise in like 3 weeks!! For Valentines Day my house has been getting a splash of pink here and there. That's right I've been crafty lol! It's been a ton of fun!

Going back to the cruise I will be gone for a whole week and will be needing a few people who would like to guest post for me. If you are interested send me an email.

Well tomorrow is my complete day off and so excited to do....homework lol! Actually I'll probably catch up on my episode of Jane by Design and sit in my pjs for awhile and just relax! Sounds great can't wait! Hope you guys have a great night!