Utah Art Festival 2010

On Saturday Jeff and I went to the Utah Art Festival in downtown Salt Lake! We had a blast, saw a lot of amazing local artists and a few from nearby states. I took pictures of some things, but wasn't able to take pictures of everything with respect to the artists who asked 'no pictures taken'.

This year the festival was packed! It was great to see all the locals come out and support local art!

Here are a few pictures of my favorites!

These first 2 pictures were an artist who made statues out of old stuff. I loved the creativity of the artist!

These 2 pictures were a booth with messenger bags made out of old billboards! They were soo cool and i would have bought one if i didn't already have 2 Timbuk 2 bags. I did want to buy the bag made out of burlap, but it was way too big for my smaller body. One cool thing they had at this booth was you could put your own messenger bag together. It was a pattern cut out of the billboard and you weaved the handle throughout the bag. They were simple yet cute bags!

This statue was beautiful! I loved how accurate the back looked and how the metal looked as smooth as skin. This must have taken along time because each piece was tacked welded together. I was impressed with the skill of this artist!

I apologize for not giving the artist the credit they deserve, i totally spaced it and forgot to grab the artists names! But each artist there was truly amazing and unique! Thanks for sharing your art!

A small update...

I just found out i passed my Licensed Practical Nursing boards and just had to scream it to the few who check my blog out! I was stressing beyond belief...as you know from my previous post. Now i finally feel like summer can begin, no school stress, no work stress, just me and the boat and the lake waiting for me to enjoy it's time! Can't wait! Thanks for everyone who expressed their support to me!

Even babies get their fashion on...

I love the Huggies Jean Diaper commercial! I think it's soo funny, i hope to see a kid come to my work with one on! That will make my day!!

Fun Little Outfit

Here is one of my outfits this week. This week Utah's weather has shot up to the 90's...whoa a huge change from last week. Lets just say i love the hot weather!!

Cargo pants are back with a twist!

I love the new style and design of the cargo pant, It's so fun and flattering! I thought I'd share a my 2 favorite pairs of them and hopefully I'll be wearing them soon!

Picture via Jbrandjeans.com

J Brand makes this cute little pair, i LOVE the color. I recently tried them on while i was in San Fran and   i was very sad i didn't walk out with them in a bag around my arm. Lets just say my wallet didn't want to agree with me.

Picture via Freepeople.com

Aren't these Free People cargo pants simply amazing! I love how these ones fit slightly looser than the J Brand cargo pants and look at the awesome color.

Simply love them both!


A little stressed...

I don't usually express my feelings of anything other than my love for fashion and traveling on here but i need somewhere to get my stress out. I thought this would be a perfect place to do it. Hope i don't sound too retarded but I'm super stressed about this whole NCLEX boards!! This has been the hardest thing for me to prepare for and it's been an emotional roller coaster since April.

It all started with the fact that i didn't get accepted into the RN Completion program. That was a huge disappointment and i was actually extremely biter and didn't want to pick up a single book, i didn't even want to look at anything to do with nursing. I felt kinda betrayed by my school and everyone who said 'You'll be fine' 'You'll get in' 'Ogden campus students get first priority so you're an automatic in'. Well to everyone who said that Its not your fault, i should have expected the worse then maybe i wouldn't have been so disappointed because i know i did the best i could in class and all my tests.

From there It took a whole month to tell my classmates that i wasn't going to be joining them in the fall and pick up a book that was related to school and not feel sad about it. So after that month off i guess i started buckling back down and now I'm trying to get back in the groove of it all. Remembering all the maneuvers, procedures, and equipment would be a lot harder if i didn't have the job i have now.

My next stress with this test is that it freaking costs $300 to take! With that said i don't want to waste that money on a failing grade, if that was the case i could have used that money to buy some really great shoes or an amazing handbag.

Stress number 3: Everyone i have talked to that has taken this test has said it's harder than they thought it was and they all have gotten the least amount of questions 85.  I feel like there is a expectation for me to get the least amount of questions. I know i shouldn't think that, only for the fact that if i do get over 85 questions it's going to frustrate me that i might not be doing very good.

I think the last stress is that if and when i pass this test i get a promotion at work which also includes a raise! So there is another added pressure to this test.

Well thanks for letting me get that stress out. I'm going back to studying now! Have a great night!!

Guest Blogging

This week I am lucky enough to be apart of an amazing blog I read daily, Style Obsession. I'm very excited to be guest blogging and hope everyone will check it out. Check daily for the moment on Style Obsession!

Thanks Jessica and have a safe trip to Cali!



Hey guys well this week is going to be super busy for me as i prepare to take my Licensed Practical Nursing Boards (NCLEX-PN) this Sat so if there is a lack of posts I apologies. I'm nervous but can't wait to actually have a license under my belt. I'll let you know how things go. Thanks for the understanding.

Fun Little Outfit

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I have decided I'm going to start a weekly post called Fun Little Outfit where I post an outfit I wore from that week. Since today is Friday here is my Fun Little Outfit. What's your favorite outfit this week, tell me all about it in a comment!

Shirt and bracelets by H&M $12.95 and $5.95, Shorts by Dickies $19.99,  Sandals by Breckelle's $22.95

Happy Friday!!!

Yippee Skippee for Friday and days off from work.  I hope everyone has a great weekend. Mine could be better, I'll be working a 12 hour shift tomorrow so it's not the ideal thing to do on Saturdays but when you work in the medical field it kind of comes with the territory.

Sunday is Fathers Day i hope everyone is ready to celebrate our great dads. My dad is still a teenager at heart and I'd have to say he's probably one of the most American acting as any Asian can get. He loves to go off-roading in Jeeps and is all about cars. Well i guess the fact that an Asian loves cars isn't different but maybe it's the fact the cars are Jeep's and not Honda's. So for Fathers Day we got him a little something to go along with his Jeep. It's nothing big but important, a small fire extinguisher to mount in his Jeep. Hopefully he'll never have to use it.  Happy Fathers Day to all those dads.

Happy Fathers Day Dad Love you!!


My new obsession has been flat tennis shoes like Vans, Sperry Top-Siders, and Toms. But Toms came out with a new obsession, their wedge shoe! When i first saw these i fell in love with them. The colors they chose were great, the patterns were perfect and I'm going to have to add them to my shoe collection. Toms are so comfortable and affordable if you haven't owned a pair they are the best, not to mention you are also helping a child out for each pair you buy. So in the end it's a win win situation! Can't wait to get my pair!!


Picture via Tom.com

San Francisco

I had a wonderful trip to northern California, the journey was long there yet extremely beautiful. Once there we settled down in our 5 star hotel, The Mandarin Oriental. Being located in the Financial District in the heart of San Francisco It had some of the most amazing views of the city I have ever seen. From the 43rd floor I could see the Golden Gate Bridge to the North and AT &T field to the South.

When I arrived there on Saturday in the Financial District there wasn't any suits walking around, there wasn't any black slacks and jackets with fancy heels, there actually wasn't much of anyone walking around. I was kinda disappointed that I didn't see any amazing business attire worn by the ladies of San Fran, but a little walk to Union Square and I saw great fashion ideas everywhere. Black leggings, fedoras, and Ray Ban sunglasses. Gave me new ideas for my own fashion.

I had super fun on this little vacation, can't wait for the next one!!


Back from San Fran..

Wow i had quite the trip with the train ride, amazing 5 star hotel, super good restaurants and walking all over the city. Shopping was good, didn't make it to the vintage consignment store i wanted to go to but I'll have to go their next time. Vaca was fun I'll have to share more info with everyone tomorrow.

Picture of Jeff on train


Vintage Pictures

I was doing my normal computer routine and came across Saks Fifth Avenue Facebook had posted some vintage photos. Let me just say they are amazing! I always wish we could go back in time and enjoy the classic styles they had. I'm just in love with anything classic looking. So I thought I'd share a few of my favorite pictures from their Facebook page here so more people can appreciate them.

Simply amazing, thanks SFA for posting these great moments!
Pictures via Saks Fifth Avenue

Simple and Stunning

During one of my late nights that i couldn't fall asleep i came across Built by Wendy. Maybe you folks that live on the east coast has heard about her but I'm not sure I've seen her stuff here in Utah. I love the spring 2010 collection, although i always get worried about how the line fits or the quality of the clothing. So if any of you have previously tried Built by Wendy on leave me a comment or email me about your opinion. Until then I'll continue to watch her line for future collections or until i fall madly in love with a piece and have to order it.

Pictures via Built by Wendy

Going on a small vaca...

This Friday night we will be leaving on a train (yep i said a train!) to go to San Francisco. I'm very excited about returning to that wonderful city, especially since my hubby has never been there before.  Even though i have been to San Francisco i have never really explored the local areas and hotspots. That's where you my few readers might be able to help me out with. If you know of any small boutiques, eating establishments, and great sites to visit leave me a comment. Thanks

Fantasy Garden House

I stumbled upon this little garden house and absolutely think it's so wonderful. It's so whimsical and yet modern i wish it was part of my garden. It would be fun to open those doors and enjoy a little lunch with girlfriends or have a small party with close friends with the light from the chandelier twinkling in the background. Absolutely stunning that's all i can say!

Pictures via Desire to Inspire

Bicycle Heaven

After going on a 2 hour hike above my house on this beautiful Saturday we came home to a huge package on our door step. I love packages, they are always fun. Well the package was Jeff's bike trailer he's been wanting so we can ride our bikes to the grocery store. Great idea i thought and it was a great price. He put it together and thought we'd try and get our dog Boomer to enjoy the ride. It took a little scratching and some snacks but Boom now will be able to go on rides with us. I'm sure it will take a little bit more practice with him on there but that wasn't a bad start. I'll keep you informed about our grocery runs and on how Boomer handles the new ride. 

Picture via Nashbar

Little me on a 350 cc bike...one day

I'm very excited about the progress my husband has made on my little motorcycle in the past month. Its not much, but just enough to let me know he's still thinking about it. About 8 months ago we bought me a 1973 Honda cl 350 that didn't run and was a project for Jeff. Jeff was all for it, he started right on taking the engine apart and buying new parts for it once him and Andy Carter from Pangea Speed brought it home. But then he hit a speed bump and needed a little help. Well this last week he took the engine to a Honda shop to have them split the case (aka split the engine apart). Yesterday we picked up the engine and I'm hoping from there Jeff will get excited about the project again. Its no where near being close to done and I'm fine with the wait. I was just planning on riding next summer, so Jeffie don't forget about it :)

Here's a picture of my little cl 350.

Riding motorcycles is a little more on my dangerous side, but its just so much fun and I got the coolest gloves to wear once i start riding :) Let me know one of the hobbies on your more dangerous side.


Fantastic Watches!

I never use to like watches until i was required to wear one for work. I just wasn't a watch person, i felt that i always had my cell phone on me so i always had the time. Not to mention my phone was 90% of the time in my hands. At work I had to get one with a second hand to count respiration, so I guess you can say work opened me up to a new world of accessories.

Since that I've fallen in love with watches that are functional nurse watches. Here are a few examples.
Baby G Shock


Marc By Marc Jacobs (My favorite)
All these watches can be found at Nordstrom

Let me know what's your new favorite watch for the season!

Feathery Earrings

I stumbled across these awesome earrings from a company called Owlita. I fell instantly in love with them. They are different yet stunning. Let me know what you think about these.