Silly pictures, Silly Me!

This post is full of silly pictures. You have exhibit A (above) pic not too bad, but don't worry they get better!
 Exhibit B- This shirt is super cute, I personally think. But it wears funny, it's printed slightly crooked so makes it awkward to wear sometimes. As pictured above.

/ Pants-Target / Shirt-Target / Shoes-Madden Girl / Bag-Coach / Watch-Kate Spade /

and Exhibit C- the Deer in the headlight stare! haha I love this post! 
It's awkward and silly 
Just like myself!

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Florida Trip

This is what I wore to the wedding.
/ Skirt-eShakti / Shirt-old / Necklace-Target / Purse-Juicy Couture /

Went to Orlando for a wedding.
Got the whole Vietnamese fam together
& got fried by the sun!
 (I know can't see it in this picture, but its soo embarrassing I couldn't share lol)

 Cheesin with my styling husband in his Seersucker suit & Alden shoes

 The happy couple! Congrats

 Just some rides that were across from our hotel.

I wasn't too excited about going to Florida. Reason being
 I've been to Fl 3 times in the past year. I know poor me huh? 
I always feel it takes 5 million years to get to Fl
I hate all the toll roads!!

BUT this trip turned out perfect and exactly what I needed!
I spent my time sunbathing by the pool
and hanging out at the beach=perfect!

PS congrats to Peggy for winning the Apricot Lane giveaway!
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 / Pants-Nordstrom / Shirt-Madewell / Jacket-H&M / Shoes-Vans / Sunnies-Rayban /

Can I tell you that I've been obsessed with the movie Pitch Perfect lately
I've watched it at least twice a week 
since I've been home from Europe.
This makes me a complete NERD! 
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Emme's Hand Soap

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Emme's Hand Soap Giveaway

Today I'm so excited to share this amazing local product! This is Emme's Hand Soap and it is my new favorite hand soap ever. Why?
Because its' 
1. Organic- which is great for my sensitive skin,
2. Preservative Free- which means they will last for 8 months to a year
3. Non-Toxic- no chemicals means they don't lather as normal soap so you don't have to use as much
 4. they smell so good-made with Doterra Essential Oils which means they can also be used as body wash 
5. Because Emme's is simply amazing!
Emme is a local musician here who writes her own music, plays the guitar, and performs it all. Her voice and talent is fabulous but recently she hasn't been able to play or record due to medical issues so she took up a new talent of soap making. I love to support my local artists and to hear that one isn't able to do something she loves anymore just breaks my heart. 
So today in support of my local Davis County artist I'm giving away a bottle of Lemon Mint hand soap.
 Here is how to enter:

1. Follow Emme Packer on Facebook
2. Follow Fashions on the Fly on Bloglovin (link below)
3. Follow Fashions on the Fly on Instagram @nikkihep
Leave a comment below saying you completed all 3 things above.
(Must complete all 3 to be eligible to win)
Giveaway ends Tues April 30th, Winner will be announced May 1st. 

If any of you are interested in just purchasing a bottle or 2 of Emme's Hand Soap to help raise money for medical expenses please Facebook message her.
You can read her story more here.
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Europe Part 3-Brugge

Welcome to Brugge! 
I loved this little town, here is why...
 *Amazing streets
 *The architecture is awesome and
 the cobble stone roads
 *The Canals

 *The Chocolate...oh the chocolate!
 *The Waffles
 *and for the other tourist who actually knew how to use my camera! 

Next stop, Amsterdam! 
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Happy Monday!

 / Pants-Zara / Shirt-F21 / Jacket-F21 / Shoes-Madden Girl / Bracelet-Target / Watch-MK /

Some kind of joy comes from watching Jeff shine his leather shoes
I think it has something to do to the fact that he cares to look good
and loves high quality things
some other news
house is 99% done :)
I'm breaking out the Louboutins tomorrow :)

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