Road trip *Part 1*

Wow are you surprised that I have pictures and stories from my long road trip already? I am considering what's been going on since I got home! Here's a little run down of the vacation and why we went on it.

(yes that is me in my over-size sweatshirt, black high-tops, travel souvenir hat, and awesome backpack!)

When I was a kid my parents took my brother and I in our camper up to Glacier National Park, Calgary, and Banff. Mind you I was about 10 years old and remember most of it, and remember how amazingly beautiful it was. So now that I'm married I wanted to share those places with the Hubs. My parents love Montana and both of them could live there, so asking them if they wanted to come along was a no-brainer.

We left on Friday and drove 9 hours to Missoula, Montana from Salt Lake City, Utah. You would think we would have left early in the morning, ha nope that's not how this posse rolls, we left at 3 pm. Here are some pictures from that portion of the drive.  

Of coarse boys being boys HAD to pull over to go into the Army Surplus Warehouse. Notice how Hubs has a bag full of goodies...yes he bought stuff. They were both in heaven!

Lots of hay growing in Idaho. Who would have thought Idaho was so flat.

Look how happy my dad is, he's so excited to be driving to his favorite place every, Montana!!

Largest coke products ever! My whole family could drink this thing in probably one month, we keep coke in business haha

Once we got to Missoula we stayed in a hotel and slept. The next day we headed off to Glacier National Park. We found a camp spot (which was super lucky), last one in the campground we wanted to stay in! We then unloaded and set up where we would be staying for 2 nights. What do you think of our camp?

So why did we pick this campground out of all the campgrounds in GNP?
 This is why!

Until part 2...peace out!

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I wasn't going to do an outfit posts with everything that's been on my mind lately. But just sitting here thinking about how I'm not doing anything productive I decided to do a short simple outfit post, and my outfit is just that...simple.
 Pants- UO, Shirt-Target, Shoes-some store in Canada I've never seen before...but they were a great price!

Other than watching Olympics today (like 4 hours of it), I've gone for 2 bike rides, bought new pillows for my living room, and finally uploaded my pictures from my trip to the computer. Doesn't sound like much be you have to remember the Olympics took up a lot of time...haha 

 I also tried to take more pictures as requested but this outfit is just so simple that there isn't more to take pictures of...sorry I'll try harder next time.

Ok well guess that's all. You guys are in a for a real picture treat tomorrow...part 1 of my trip! I'm excited to share!

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Liebster Award

Wow thanks Sara from Sincerely, SK for the nominations! This award is given to bloggers who have under 200 followers to help spread the knowledge of their blog throughout the blogger community. So with that said here are the questions!

1. Which blogger inspires you or you simply just love and cannot get enough of
Well when I first started looking at fashions blogs I looked at Clothedmuch and The Daybook religiously. Both those girls are so creative and inspirational with their outfits and to this day I still look at them everyday.
2. What is your horoscope sign?
    Aries...which I don't even know what that means      
3. What is two quotes you love?
    I've never been a quote person. Honestly I really don't do quotes. But I did find one that I really really liked, so here it is. Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. George Bernard Shaw4. What is one thing this summer you must do, no ifs or buts about it? 
     This summer...something I must do...I have NO idea only because I've done everything so far. I guess I have been wanting to visit the simple little things here in Utah that I wouldn't ever go check out. For example Golden Spike National Monument, Kennecott Cooper Mine, and go to Craft Lake City and buy some awesome art!       
5. What is 3 words your friends would use to describe you?
    Well I hope they would say I'm Driven, Optimistic, and Passionate
6. What is one dream you hope to achieve in your life journey?
     One dream I have is to have kids/house blah blah blah normal dream for everyone but one of my other dreams is to learn to surf. I know not as cool but living in Utah we don't get much surf and every time I go to an ocean state I don't even think about it. I think what I mean 'to surf' is more than just take lessons but feel comfortable and truly enjoy the beauty of the ocean and riding the waves. 
7. What is your favorite dish to eat?
    I really love pesto and anything to do with pesto!
8. Who is one person that inspires you in your life? husband. Sounds cheesy but he has opened my mind to new ideas from clothing to food. My husbands family owns a mens clothing business and ever since the hubs was small he would go on buying trips with his parents, so he sometimes knows more than me about fashion and looks. He's always been an inspiration to me and he's just an all around awesome husband. I Love you babe!
9. What is one thing you are looking forward to this fall?
    It's hard to be exact about this fall. Fall is amazing for tons of reasons not only the clothes but the weather becomes nice and cool, the colors in the mountains become amazing, BOOTS and LAYERING! My favorites!
10. Favorite television shows that start up in the fall or now summer?
      Bones and New Girl! Oh man I love the Deschanel sisters haha  
11. What are the top 5 places you want to travel?
      London, Paris, Vietnam, Peru, and Australia

Bloggers I nominate are: 

K girls it's your turn now!
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2600 miles

picture via google

That's how far our 'little' road trip ended up being. It was a lot of driving, a lot of camping, and a lot of public bathrooms(which I HATE!). Overall it was a great trip and we saw some amazing sights. I'd do it all over again if I could. Can't wait to share pictures soon.

On another note today I'm guest posting over at this blog. Sarah went on vacation, that lucky girl and I hope she went somewhere amazing and is having a blast! Head on over to her blog and check it out, it's addicting!

Alright I'm off to get ready to go to my cousins farewell, he's leaving on his mission to Germany in a week. I'm so excited for him to start his journey but will miss him a lot!
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{Guest Post} Sara from Sincerely, SK

Todays guest post is from one of my new blogging friends Sara from Sincerely,SK. She is so cute and I'm sure you will notice that in her post. Make sure and go and visit her cute blog! Thanks Sara!!   

 Hi y’all, I’m Sara! I am a blogger over on Sincerely, SK. I graduated from college back in early May, moved back home to do my student teaching in the fall, and needed something to do in my spare time until the school year started. My friends had been telling me for the last few years to start my own style blog (since I looked at other girls blogs everyday for hours!), and I always refused. Although, after moving back I thought that it would be a good, fun idea!
       I would love for you to come and check out my blog! I am so excited to share this part of my life with you and hope to continue to be blogging for a long time…when I’m not surrounded by 3rd graders that is!

{top: Gap | jeans: Gap Kids (similar) | necklaces: JCrew  (similarsimilar) | shoes: (similar)}
I would also like to say a big thank you to Nikki for allowing me to have a guest post on her blog!!

{Guest Post}Doranda from Watch Out for the Woestmans

Well guys while I'm roughin it this week you get guest posts from some of my favorite blogs and some new friends. Today I'm excited for you to meet Doranda from Watch out for the Woestmans. She is a doll and so are her kids! Make sure to check out her blog! Thanks Doranda!

Hi Guys, it's Doranda from Watch out for the Woestmans, I was thrilled when Nikki asked me to write a guest post for her while she is away.  I love seeing her outfits and reading her blog.  

I made this really cute skirt out of a $2.50 tee shirt I bought at JoAnn's!  It was much easier than the last skirt and I probably like it better because it actually fits.  It is comfy and I like it because while wearing it I can relax instead of spending the day pulling at it.  This is pretty easy and I think any beginner can do it!

X-L tee shirt
(the more X's the better! I used and x-l and it was just enough fabric for me but if they had bigger I would have gotten it.)
Old skirt to model after
Sewing Machine

 1) Take the skirt you want to model this after and fold it in half.  Lay it onto of your folded in half tee shirt.  Make sure to lay it just below the neckline because we will use the bottom of the shirt for the ruffle.

Cut the tee shirt around the skirt giving yourself a half inch extra on the sides and 1 full extra inch on top.

Also make sure the top of your skirt goes in about an inch widthwise for your waistband.

Below you can see my pieces.

 2) Cut the bottom of the shirt off and make it about 2-4 inches wide (depending on what  you have left and how wide you want the ruffle).  Then cut 2-4 inches off the end of each sleeve.  You should now have three loops all the same width.

Cut each loop one time down the middle so you now have three strips.

3) Pin the strips ends together making sure right sides are touching.  You should now have one long loop.  Sew them together.

You are almost done with the ruffle.

4) Now back to the skirt.  Pin right sides together and sew down both sides leaving a 1/2 seam.
5) Fold the top hem down two times and fold it over.  Sew it.

6) Back to the ruffle (giant loop).  Make it into a ruffle by sewing your widest stitch along 1/4" down from the top or unhemmed side.  Make sure not to back stitch at the beginning or end.  Once that is done grab and end piece of thread and gently pull on it while bunching the fabric.  Keep doing this and working with it until the loop is the same length as the bottom of your skirt.

Pin it to the bottom of the skirt, putting right sides together and sew it on.
Now you have your own custom made $2.50 ruffle skirt!  I got the original idea here so check it out, although keep in mind that I changed it a little bit.

'Fire Red' Pants

Pants-Volcom, Shirt-Nordstrom, Shoes-Tory Burch, Watch-MK, Belt-F21

That is what the description online for the pants I'm wearing in these pictures. Let me just say who ever wrote that description needs to see if they are color blind because...hello they are ORANGE!!! There is nothing wrong with the color because I've wanted to orange pants for along time,  I just wasn't expecting the color.

Tonight we went to my nieces birthday, she turned 7 and man she got tons of nail polish, some clothes, and a stuffed animal of a squirrel (yes I said a squirrel). The hubs and I wanted to buy her a fish but then we got to Walmart and they stopped selling them, those jerks! haha JK! Seems like she had a great birthday, what 7 year old doesn't' enjoy gifts and all the attention. Happy Birthday, love you!

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Strips & Sunnies

I love this dress, its from the company Sugarlips!! When I saw it online I knew instantly I had to have it. I loved the cut of the top of the dress and the back of it too. It's perfect for wearing it out and about or on the beach! Once I got the dress I found more reasons why it was perfect.

 Dress- c/o Sugarlips, Shirt-Old Navy, Watch-Marc by Marc Jacobs, Shoes-Forever Young Shoes, Sunnies-Free People

 Here are my top 3 reasons...

1. Fabric
The fabric is lightweight and perfect for these warm summer months. Warm is an understatement I should say 'burning hot' summer months.

 2. Strips
i LOVE strips! Not only that but these strips are my favorite colors! I also like how these strips are different widths. How else can I explain to you why I love these strips...

3. Length
Have you ever been extremely hot and then you thought to yourself that the whole reason you bought the Maxi dress you are wearing was to keep cool and it just wasn't cutting it. Well that is why this length is perfect. 

Check out Sugarlips, they rock!
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Capital Hill

 Pants-BKE, Shirt-H&M, Belt-F21, Sunnies-Ray Bans

Last night I hardly got 4 hours of sleep...lets just say that isn't the greatest scenario for working a grave tonight. Then after my lack of sleep I had to get up early and go to work for training. My unit is getting new monitors, again and we had to do some extra training to use them. Man no one told me how much continuing education or training is involved in being a nurse. Oh well it's extra pay, can't complain I have a job. Anyways after that training I drive past this view on my way home, so I decided to do my outfit post here. Purdy ain't it!

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White T is No More

Today I decided to do a little different outfit post. I decided to post some alternative ideas to wearing the tank top in a modest and fashionable way. I know that this has been something I have had a hard time with, such a hard time that I avoided fun tank tops altogether for a very very long time. With that said here it is
Pants-J Brand, Shirt-Target, Tanktop-Old Navy, Shoes-Tory Burch
Below I posted 4 alternatives to the look above, the white t-shirt under the tank top look. 

Cardigan-Nordstrom Belt-F21
Look #1
 The easy go-to cardigan! 
Cardigans are the greatest cover-ups and it also makes it so you aren't wearing that many layers. My closet is FULL of cardigans like this one, couldn't live without them!

Shirt-Walmart Belt-H&M
Look #2 
The Chambray shirt! 
Chambray=A-MAZING! That's all needs to be said about it!

Jacket-Levis, Shirt-Urbanwear
Look #3
 The Jacket
 I mixed it up with this one slightly. Not only did I put  the jacket over the tank top but I also did a button down underneath. It added some spice, not to mention I loved the dots and strips mixing (if you can even tell that the orange shirt has dots on it)

Shirt-Levis, Belt-F21
Look #4
Button-Down Beauty
The button-down underneath anything makes everything look fancier, at least I think so. I chose a white button-down but you can do any color and most patterns. The more the colors and patterns the more fun the outfit!

Well there you have it, hope you enjoyed it. It was fun to make and I even came up with new ideas for my own outfits! Have a great day!

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My current wants!!

Guess what I'm NOT doing right now...NOT WORKING! Yep got called off again! Not really sure how I exactly feel about this, half of me is jumping up and down while yelling with excitement and the other half of me keeps checking me wallet and shaking me head. Oh well I guess that's what PTO is for right! I'll be working tomorrow night no matter what and I'd much rather get called off at the beginning of my 3 in a row or at the end. 
So I didn't get ready today...literally I mowed the lawn this morning before the sun could melt my skin off then showered then got right back into a clean pair of pjs! It's been so lovely sitting in sweats all day long! All this laziness though has led to me staring at things online that I wish I had. 
So here is my list!

1. Light Chambray Shirt
I have the dark one, but now I want the light one. Lets not forget to mention how amazing these shirts are...ok they are A-MAZING!!

2. Heart Sweater
Who doesn't want a sweater with a heart on it!

3. Storage Bench for the lake room
I need more storage for our room up at Bear Lake and I love love love this chevron pattern! 

4. Gold bracelets, gold bracelets, gold bracelets
Does anyone else get bugged when you wear silver and gold together...I'm trying to get over it but it's posing to be really difficult! Although the Hubs told me the other day he really liked it without me saying I didn't like it...that seemed to help a little!

(ok this one isn't really gold, whatcha gonna do about it??)

Well that's all my brain can think of...I'm sure once I finish this post I will be like 'duh, how could I forget about that, you've only been obsessing about it for weeks...' Time for bed just in case i get called in tonight.
*Night night*


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We went for a hike...

took Boom and the camera and went for a hike right above our house...its beautiful!
(ps no color correction used)

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