{Guest Post}Doranda from Watch Out for the Woestmans

Well guys while I'm roughin it this week you get guest posts from some of my favorite blogs and some new friends. Today I'm excited for you to meet Doranda from Watch out for the Woestmans. She is a doll and so are her kids! Make sure to check out her blog! Thanks Doranda!

Hi Guys, it's Doranda from Watch out for the Woestmans, I was thrilled when Nikki asked me to write a guest post for her while she is away.  I love seeing her outfits and reading her blog.  

I made this really cute skirt out of a $2.50 tee shirt I bought at JoAnn's!  It was much easier than the last skirt and I probably like it better because it actually fits.  It is comfy and I like it because while wearing it I can relax instead of spending the day pulling at it.  This is pretty easy and I think any beginner can do it!

X-L tee shirt
(the more X's the better! I used and x-l and it was just enough fabric for me but if they had bigger I would have gotten it.)
Old skirt to model after
Sewing Machine

 1) Take the skirt you want to model this after and fold it in half.  Lay it onto of your folded in half tee shirt.  Make sure to lay it just below the neckline because we will use the bottom of the shirt for the ruffle.

Cut the tee shirt around the skirt giving yourself a half inch extra on the sides and 1 full extra inch on top.

Also make sure the top of your skirt goes in about an inch widthwise for your waistband.

Below you can see my pieces.

 2) Cut the bottom of the shirt off and make it about 2-4 inches wide (depending on what  you have left and how wide you want the ruffle).  Then cut 2-4 inches off the end of each sleeve.  You should now have three loops all the same width.

Cut each loop one time down the middle so you now have three strips.

3) Pin the strips ends together making sure right sides are touching.  You should now have one long loop.  Sew them together.

You are almost done with the ruffle.

4) Now back to the skirt.  Pin right sides together and sew down both sides leaving a 1/2 seam.
5) Fold the top hem down two times and fold it over.  Sew it.

6) Back to the ruffle (giant loop).  Make it into a ruffle by sewing your widest stitch along 1/4" down from the top or unhemmed side.  Make sure not to back stitch at the beginning or end.  Once that is done grab and end piece of thread and gently pull on it while bunching the fabric.  Keep doing this and working with it until the loop is the same length as the bottom of your skirt.

Pin it to the bottom of the skirt, putting right sides together and sew it on.
Now you have your own custom made $2.50 ruffle skirt!  I got the original idea here so check it out, although keep in mind that I changed it a little bit.