Happy Halloween!!

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Hope everyone has a fun and safe night! 
Happy Halloween!

Are you interested??

Email if you are coming!!


I've been told MULTIPLE times that I look like these lovely ladies.
Audrina Patridge
Farrah from 16 & Pregnant

So what do you think?? Who is your celebrity look-a-like??

I'm off to a weekend of working graves and will be back on monday or tuesday. Have a great one!!

:D my face this morning when I looked out the window!

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Messy fishtails are my new favorites! I love that it doesn't have to be perfect and it still looks cute.

Have a great day!

Finally it's starting to get cold!

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I just love cold weather, call me crazy (just like my hubby does) but I love the snow! I guess I live in the right state! So, with that said...Bring on the SNOW!!!

Hi ya everyone!

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Went to the gym this morning, got my butt kicked by the trainer. Came home and put this comfy number on and rented 3 red box movies. Going to be a movie nerd today! 

Have a great day!

PS got hair extensions...again, I missed them!

Thoughts on Blogging

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I've had some interesting thoughts on blogging lately. I think this thought process was sparked because holy moly I'm almost at 100 followers. So here are my thoughts...

*I really love blogging because it's difficult to me. I never thought I'd say blogging is difficult but being a more math/science brained person that can't write worth a darn makes it hard. Writing interesting content or actually being able to turn my feelings into writing is way difficult for me, not to mention I have a very small case of dyslexia. Put all those things together and wham bam you get me!  

*Blogging gives me something to do daily.  Pictures everyday, (unless you decide to do like 4 outfit pictures in a day, not my style) photoshop everyday, and writing the post which equals your computer attached at your hip and constantly looking at your iPhone to see if things posted that were scheduled. Not to mention you get the opportunity to meet new people in a casual yet fun way.  Man I sound like a geek!

*Blogging gives you new ideas with clothes you already have. It's always helpful to see how others style a piece that you have in your closet. 

*I use to think that in order to get more followers you have to do the whole giveaway thing. Well now I've decided if a company wants to give me something or willing to give me something it's more just a chance to give back to my amazing readers who visit frequently! 

and my last thought on blogging

*Every blogger does it differently and thats ok! One blogger can be totally casual while the next is proper as proper can be. One blogger will always have their toenails painted (obviously not me lol) and the next just doesn't get around to it ;) But the fact that your able to show who you are and enjoy doing it makes blogging fun and unique!

Ps thanks for reading and I'll be back on tuesday(working graves all weekend)

I Finally Had a Day Off!

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And this is what I did...
*Shopping with Aubry

*hike with the Hubs

Thanks Aubry for taking pictures, I had a blast!!
She blogs over here, check it out!

I think I got myself in deeper than I expected...

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what am I talking about...well after learning the rest about this new sim doll yesterday for 8 hours I found out I am the one who gets the privilege of writing the scenarios for people to go through. Can I just say each scenario takes A LOT of time to write and I am not able to take the laptop home to write them. BORING! I'd much rather hangout at home on my couch writing scenarios then hangout at the hospital. Oh well, maybe I'll get super fast and it will fly by.

One thing that totally rocked about yesterday was the fact I got to hangout with 2 of the coolest docs out there. After we learned how to create the scenarios and ran through a few of them the docs taught me and a coworker how to use the bronchoscope and how to intubate. I thought it was completely awesome being able to spend the time with these 2 guys and learn from them. 

Overall pretty good day!

Long day of training...

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Today I went to an 8 hour training to learn how to use a new simulation doll my hospital bought, since I'm on the code blue team I was kind of interested on what this simulation doll could do. WHOA, this doll can do everything! It can speak, cry, you can change breath sounds, heart sounds, bowel sounds, place a chest tube, IO, IV, intubate and actually shock the doll. It was impressive! 

After the training I am on call from 7pm-7am tomorrow, I'm soooo happy that the unit is down on the census and that I haven't been called in yet! It would make for a long day, especially since I have to be to work tomorrow at 6am anyways to train the charge nurses on being a first responder...man it's a busy couple of day!
Other than work, I thought I'd like my outfit... but umm its alright. I didn't want to wear stilettos since I might be doing chest compressions in a scenario and so I wore these wedges...well wedges and straight legged jeans don't go together. The rest of the outfit is good, just wish I would have picked some different jeans. Oh well we live and learn! 

I can't believe I'm almost to 100 followers...amazing! Thank you all for reading, it really means a lot! 
Well I'm going to watch the debate now, then make it to the gym...hopefully!

Ready to laugh at me?

So I've had a few people ask me how I tied my scarf in this pictures...

So I thought It would be a great time to try out the new camera and it's video mode! Well remember this is a trial and error thing and I'm still figuring out my camera. So with that said, I have made you a out-of-focus-funny-laugh-at-myself video on how to tie a scarf as such.

Tie the scarf from Nikki Hepworth on Vimeo.
Love the screen shot above haha
Hope you enjoy, I know I'll regret this later on haha

It really felt like fall today :)

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/ Ring-Made by Sister-in-law Holly / Necklase-South Caroline Street Market  / Coat-H&M / 

Hello all! It's Saturday and today is a busy day for me! Jeff and I have tons to do...

1. Make 2 desserts for Family Ethnic Food night @ my Grams
2. Go to my nephews and brother-in-laws Birthday Party
3. Go to Family Ethnic Food night
4. Jeff & family work at putting old Jeep parts onto new Jeep

Probably doesn't look like much, but these things take time. Or at least the Jeep stuff and the baking.

These pictures were taken after I went to lunch with this cute lady!
Aubry is so freaking cute and blogs over here
I'm so excited to have a new friend, can't wait to get to know her more!