Pumpkin Patch

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I can't wait until I have kids to start the tradition where you take them to the local pumpkin patch and pick out that little pumpkin, to see them running around looking at all of the pumpkins on the ground and can't decide which one to get. Then to take cute family pictures while sitting on the bale of straw they have just aligned perfectly for it. Yep that is one memory I can't wait to start making when I finally have my own little ones. But until then, I'll continue to go out to the pumpkin patch by myself to take pictures of myself haha

One thing I just noticed as I was pulling my Amys Pizza out of the oven, I am so much better at everything a man does. For example yesterday I was using a hammer, drill, and a circular saw but every time I open that dang oven and pull something out I burn my dang hand! GRR haha It's a good think my husband loves to cook and do the man stuff! We make an amazing couple!

I'm going up to the lake for the last time this year, time to close the cabin :(