Off to the lake. Again:)

More wake boarding!! Later :)

Im Baaaaccck!

Man I've been gone for a bit, went to the lake this weekend and left my hubby at home(well really he wanted me to go and wanted to stay home, so we did just that) then came home and worked 3 graves. Its been busy, I've been sleepy and a slacker on my BSN homework :( But here I am with a few pictures of my outfit.

Did you guys do anything fun this past weekend or have anything fun planned this coming weekend?
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Love from Bear Lake

My cousin Addie and I lovin the sun!

Quick Birchbox review

Hey guys...I wanted to go over a couple of the products that were sent out in the Birchbox that just was sent out.
 Product #1...Stainiac...I was nervous about this thing. Maybe because I've never used a stain before.

 But I LOVE IT!! It's perfect for a casual day(which is my everyday!) or even good for work!

 Product #2 Stila bronzer...I NEVER EVER use bronzer because I'm scared of looking like I'm wearing a mask, and then I pumped this little product onto my finger and it looked like my worse nightmare. Well Birchbox you did it again...I love this one too!!
 Here is the only shot you will ever get of me online with absolutely no makeup on, just a little left over eyeliner that I can never get off.
Can't tell very well in this picture but there is a bit of shimmer to this bronzer and it really does even out the tone of your face.

 PS Here is my outfit today.

I haven't really tried the spray yet, because I haven't needed too. But I will try it at the end of my little road trip that my mom is waiting for me as I type. 

I tried the perfume today, it was good. The Hubs even liked it, I'm not much of a perfume girl so only time will tell.

I'm out! Have a great weekend, off to do a little wake boarding :)
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Do you ever have this kind of a day...

You wake up to cramps
Which leads you to not showering until 2 in the afternoon
Which then leads you to standing in front of your closet trying on every gosh dang thing you have and none of it feels right
Which then leads you to just putting on the only thing that seems comfy and stylish
Which then leads you to not wanting to do a dang thing to your hair, so you slightly blow dry it then let it air dry the rest of the way
Then you can't decide what to eat for dinner and nothing out of the 3 cookbooks looks or sounds good
So you go to the store and buy the first thing that looks good (chicken kabobs)
You leave happy and then let the Hubs do the rest...

This was my day...but hey I did take a few pictures since I've been MIA because of work.Tomorrow I'm going to post my reviews about my Birchbox {So of my best friends, not me...don't read if you didn't get yours yet, I don't want to spoil the surprise :)

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Last day of the week for me! All I have to say is....on the road again, I just can't wait to get on the road again....

Later, holla!!

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Late Night Photo Session...

I wanted to go try out my camera and this is what I came up with...

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Stuck on the side of the road

Yesterday on our bike ride my friend passed me and asked if I was ok, I said im great and he pedaled on. That exact moment of his passing I get a flat tire :( got off my bike called my hubby who was ahead of me who then processed forward in the MASSIVE head wind to get the car. Finally made it to the side street and waited. While waiting I had 3 nice people pull over to offer help, its nice to know those people still exist. I respectfully declined and thanked them for the thought, after the third person I decided to continue walking the road. The hubs showed up and we went back to the cabin. It was an eventful day, the night proceeded with dinner, movies, and games with friends! It was a blast thanks G and Ang for joining us up at the Eden house!

Here are some pictures of me waiting on the side street for the hubs! Hope you all had a great weekend!

Whoa it's windy!

I went out to the garden to water it, then for some reason the water stopped flowing from the hose...which then lead to me being done watering the garden. So instead of finishing watering I decided to take pictures. I had kinda a little bit of issue getting myself in that's why in some of the pictures my brow is furrowed(I think that's what it's called...)

 Pants-Target, Shirt-Lucky, Jacket-Free People, Shoes-Forever Young Shoes, Sunnies-Ray Bans, 
Bangle watch-Marc by Marc Jacobs

This outfit reminds me of my old punk rock days, it's a little bit more rough than I usual have been sporting lately but none-the-less love the look. I hope you have a great night, we're going out to eat!!

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My time has FINALLY come...

to get my BIRCHBOX!!

I'm super excited that I got that email to subscribe, I thought it would never come.

For those of you who don't know what Birchbox is let me copy/paste their description,
        "Birchbox delivers the best products and the best insider secrets, without any fuss. Every month Birchbox members will receive a curated box of luxe beauty samples. Each box will span beauty categories and deliver exciting products that fit into both your day-to-day routine, and into those days when you want to turn up the drama a notch."

Yep that means you pay $10/month or $110/year and they send you a box full of new beauty toys to play with in front of the bathroom mirror. I can't wait to spend those hours sitting on my bathroom counter playing with new makeup! 

What's that? What did you say?? You want in! Well you're in luck! Here is your ticket into the lovely box joy. Sign up and ENJOY!

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Happy Monday

Wow it's Monday can you believe it? I can't, this weekend went by sooo fast! Not to mention it's June! JUNE! What happened to May? It went by soo fast!

 Skirt-Target, Shirt-Target, Vest-Urbanwear, Shoes-Forever Young Shoes, Sunnies-Nine West found @ TJ Max, 
Bracelet-designhypeinc from,  Purse-Juicy Couture

Today I actually got ready, that is after I went and planted at the garden. I had to buy a few pepper plants because our seeds didn't grow. I'm kinda a newbie when it comes to this gardening stuff but I think it's turned out really well so far. I do have SOO much to learn, every time I go to Smiths Marketplace I always talk to Jeff (sales associate) and I learn so much from this gardening expert. Thank goodness they hired actual people who know their stuff.

 Here is my outfit for the day and guess what? I included my purse, amazing huh? I promise I do own purses I just forget about them when I take pictures! Well I'm off to Anthropologie because I'm working on a craft project, I'll take pictures and show it to you shortly.
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Casual Sunday

(not my favorite picture)
Tanktop- H&M, Shirt- Walmart, Leggings-Walmart, Sunnies-Raybans, Shoes-Forever Young Shoes, Hat-the Caribbean

Yesterday initially after the ride my legs were great, later that night...not so great! I was walking like an old grandma, it was a sad sight!  I had to pull out my old volleyball tricks for these sore legs of mine, 15 minutes in ice cold bath. Holy was freezing! But man it helped so much!

Sundays are usually my jump into my church clothes, come home jump into comfy clothes. Well I couldn't walk so we just went straight to the comfy clothes and stayed that way. The only place I went was the garden to water it, then back to watching my movies.

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My butt hurts...

Shorts-Fox, Jersery-LRRH, Bike-Soma, Sunnies-Ray Bans

I knew it would after my ride yesterday! Riding the Little Red Riding Hood was such a fun experience that I can't wait to do again! Not only was the whole experience memorable but the ride itself was beautiful! We originally signed up for the 50 miler but then we decided we only wanted to do the 36, which I was ok with because I had only ridden my bike twice before this adventure!

Ashleigh, Nikki, Me
I rode with the funnest girls, one I just met that day! Memories of allergy induced facial swelling and itchy eyes, Nikki (not me, but my good friend) taking off for the hills, Benadryl, shoulder pain, and 'I can't, I'll fall over'!  All I can say is thanks for the great memories and lets do it again!

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Hello I'm Nikki

Pants-UO, Tank top-Nordstrom, Cardigan- Nordstrom Rack, Shoes-Forever Young Shoes, Watch-Michael Kors,

Haha I've kinda disappeared, not on purpose though. I just got done working 3 twelve hour shifts, they were the craziest shifts ever. I'm glad they are done :)

This weekend we are on our way up to Logan, Utah! Why you ask? Because I'm riding the Little Red Riding Hood. This bike ride is to raise money for cancer in women and let me tell you it sold out in like 2 hours. I feel so lucky to be able to ride it! I'll be riding the 50 miler, I hope I can make it especially since I've only ridden my bike 2 times! My butt is going to kill on sunday :(

Ok well have a great weekend, I'll take pictures of the ride and let you know how it goes!

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