Happy Monday

Wow it's Monday can you believe it? I can't, this weekend went by sooo fast! Not to mention it's June! JUNE! What happened to May? It went by soo fast!

 Skirt-Target, Shirt-Target, Vest-Urbanwear, Shoes-Forever Young Shoes, Sunnies-Nine West found @ TJ Max, 
Bracelet-designhypeinc from Fab.com,  Purse-Juicy Couture

Today I actually got ready, that is after I went and planted at the garden. I had to buy a few pepper plants because our seeds didn't grow. I'm kinda a newbie when it comes to this gardening stuff but I think it's turned out really well so far. I do have SOO much to learn, every time I go to Smiths Marketplace I always talk to Jeff (sales associate) and I learn so much from this gardening expert. Thank goodness they hired actual people who know their stuff.

 Here is my outfit for the day and guess what? I included my purse, amazing huh? I promise I do own purses I just forget about them when I take pictures! Well I'm off to Anthropologie because I'm working on a craft project, I'll take pictures and show it to you shortly.
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