Labor Day Weekend....I am SOO excited!

OH Boomer decided to make an entrance in these pics and say hi...or at least the backside of him. 

It's not that I have anything planned or that my job gets that extra day off for the weekend but because it's another weekend and one of the last weekends of summer. Yes I said my mind this is the turning point of when summer starts to come to an end(I can just see the Hubs right now as he reads this...screaming no and giving me the evil eye...he hates winter LOL. PS yes the Hubs reads my blog what a good husband!). 
Why do I say it's when summer starts to come to an end? Kids start to go back to school (yes no more teenagers hanging out at my favorite locations), leaves start to change(and yes they already have started here in Utah) and FALL CLOTHES!! But lets not get too excited for those yet because todays outfit is a cute little summer outfit. Got to live it up until summer actually dies, especially since it's still 90 degrees outside. 
 Oh shoot I forgot to take a picture of the back of this's really cute and all lacy like the shoulders. Sorry :(

| Pants-Rock & Republic | Shirt-DownEast | Cardi-Free People | Shoes-Forever Young Shoes | 
| Bracelet -Apricot Lane Boutique and Fab | Watch-Michael Kors | Necklace- Sister-in-law made it |

One more thing I'm soo excited about. Danielle from Blissful and Domestic finally made the announcement. I'm going to be a monthly contributor on her amazing blog, so you better go on over there and start following. She's amazing, one of the things I'm loving over there right now is the fact that she has taught me(or i'm working on it) to only grocery shop once a month and plan all my meals out for that month. It's a huge savings and it seems to be working(that is if the Hubs sticks to the you! haha)

Well everyone have a fun and safe Labor Day weekend...I know I'll be boating again :)

I know I've been gone for a bit

 | Pants-Volcom | Shirt-H&M | Belt-Old Navy |  Shoes- My mind is drawing a blank...|

I've been working graves and when I work graves I don't get ready for the day...I mean would you if you woke up at 3 in the afternoon and had to be to work by 7 pm? I have tons to do today so gotta run...but I WILL see you tomorrow!

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just a quick note...

Im sitting in my pj's only because I've been working graves...I promise I haven't abandoned you my sweet friends. I'll be back tomorrow :)

See you soon!
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Today has been a good day...

  • Went to lunch with a bunch of fun girls today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABBY!!
  • Found a fun place to take pictures
  • Went and looked at the lot we are going to be building at and the Hubs brought the plans and we went through the whole house with right down to the last foot
  • Got excited about the house so went to Home Depot and wondered around looking at tile, floors, paint colors, and everything else that goes along with that place
  • Get to go pick up Boomer in about 10 minutes from getting his teeth cleaned, I felt so bad because he had to get a tooth extracted it was infected (his breathed smelled so bad :( Poor Pup!

  • | Pants-UO | Tanktop-Old Navy | Shirt-Nordstrom | Shoes-Old Navy | Sunnies-Ray Bans | Watch-Michael Kors | 
    | Bracelets-F21 & Fab | 

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    Road Trip *Part 3*

    First off I'd like to all welcome the Grown Up Dress Up visitors! For all of you new visitors I want to say as this very moment I'm probably sleeping, yep I know it's the middle of the afternoon but I worked a grave shift last night. So due to that no outfit post until tomorrow! But don't worry I have part 3 of my road trip, part 3 will be the last part of the vaca review. With that said...on to the show!

    Welcome to Banff!
    Banff is kinda similar to Park City, mountain town with a main street 'drag' that has tons of shops. Everyone walks around in their North Face jackets and black thick leggings, so funny but I fit in great haha 

    This is one of the view near or camping spot.
    Lake Louise...gorgeous!

     Lake Moraine (below)

    My Mom(No pic), Dad and Jeff all decided they wanted to take the risk of falling into the freezing cold glacier water by walking on the logs...Lets just say my mom totally kicked butt! No one fell in the water, thank goodness!

    Next stop we drove to Jasper. For some reason I didn't take any pictures while I was there...It wasn't as picturesque as Banff was, but the drive there was amazing and well worth it!

     In the background is a huge glacier, at one time this glacier was as deep as the Eiffel tower is high. CRAZY!

    On our way home we stopped in Coeur D'Alene and saw my best friend Sarah! I love you Smalls!!

    Well that's all for the vaca to Canada! It was super fun and I was so happy to share the experience with my parents and show the Hubs these amazing places!

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    I had a much needed break!

    | Pants- H&M | Shirt-Express | Shoes-Forever Young Shoes | Sunnies-Free People | Watch-Michael Kors | 
    | Necklace-Q Clothing |

    This weekend was P.E.R.F.E.C.T.
    Just got away from life in the city
    Ran away to my favorite place in the whole world
    Played in the boat
    Wakeboarded and sunbathed
    Hungout with the Hubs
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    It's the WEEKEND!!

    Shirt-Apricot Lane Boutique, Pants-J Brand, Shoes-DVF, Watch-MK, Bracelet-Apricot Lane Boutique, Necklace-Target, Earrings-Target
    I'm so excited for it to be the weekend! I just can't wait to go boating, lay in the sun, and wakeboard! It's my heaven and I haven't been in like 3 weeks...that's WAY too long! Before we go I have soo much to do, and I wanted to stop by my good ol' blog and say hi and post an outfit :) Doesn't that sound like a good plan to you? Me too!

    So here is my Hi to all of you out there on the web. All of you working people taking a break to search the web for something, all of you stay at home moms getting a break while you kids take their naps, and everyone else enjoying their days off!
     I also wanted to update everyone on the Apricot Lane Boutique 50% off code NIKKI50...I guess their Facebook Store is currently down so if you live in Utah all you have to do is print this post out and take it into their store and you can get 50% off an entire in-store purchase! Not too shabby! If you do go down there you can get this shirt too!

    Well it's been fun! And If you want more of me you can catch me over at All Things New doing a guest post on my August Fashion Picks! Go check it out Denise is a doll!
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    Road Trip*Part 2*

    Since I'm working today and I only own about 10 pair of scrubs and no one wants to see scrubs over and over I decided to do the second post of my recent road trip. 

    So we left off from part 1 when we arrived in Glacier National Park. This is in Glacier National Park Going to the Sun Road. It's GORGEOUS! Lots of waterfalls, lots of great views, and lots of pull offs for amazing pictures! 

    When you get to the top there are actual glaciers! It was fun playing in the snow in July. I was going to lay down and do a snow angel but believe it or not the glacier was really soft and I would have gotten soaking wet. I imagined the glacier to be hard compact almost ice...nope not at all!

    My cute parents soaking their feet in the freezing water!

     Because we didn't have a shower, but we had a HUGE beautiful lake next to our camp spot we all decided to jump in for a nice refreshing dip. The water temperature was surprisingly warm for Montana. I'm being dead serious, I hate cold water and it usually takes me like 20minutes to get into a pool because I believe they are all cold. 

     The next day we packed up and headed out to the next destination, Banff Canada. Here are some shots on our way there. 

    I think someone was sick of driving...haha

    This was on the Canadian side of Glacier National Park and it was so windy that I seriously could be held up by the wind. It was one of the best times every, reminded me of being a kid playing in a huge wind storm.

    The Prince of Wales house that was turned into a hotel.

    There is part 2, hope you enjoyed it. Part 3 of the road trip to come soon!

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    I have asian eyes...

    Pants-Target, Shirt-H&M, Shoes-Steve Madden, Watch-Marc by Marc Jacobs, Bracelets-old
     Which by the way is ok for me to say because...I'm half asian! I'm actually half vietnamese...what is that you are way...I know I don't look asian at all. But now I bet you are thinking...Oh I can see it now. Just laugh at me if I got your thought process right. Can you tell I've heard it a few times in my 27 years of life.(We won't go into the...your 27 years old thought process...)
     Ok moving on past my really squinty eyes to how amazing this shirt is! In the dressing room of H&M I went back and forth on whether or not to buy it...well I'm so glad I did. I can only imagine how many things I can wear it with. Just plan on seeing this piece a lot in the future...I'll try and space it out for you so you don't get sick of it.
    PS I've been kind of a jerk lately and haven't welcomed all my new readers. So welcome and thanks for reading! I want to hear from all of you so email me to say hi and introduce yourself. I am being dead serious, I want to know all of you so we can have real conversations instead of the normal 'blogger' to 'blogger' conversation (I understand though if you just want the blogger to blogger conversation though) at least just say hi!

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