Road Trip*Part 2*

Since I'm working today and I only own about 10 pair of scrubs and no one wants to see scrubs over and over I decided to do the second post of my recent road trip. 

So we left off from part 1 when we arrived in Glacier National Park. This is in Glacier National Park Going to the Sun Road. It's GORGEOUS! Lots of waterfalls, lots of great views, and lots of pull offs for amazing pictures! 

When you get to the top there are actual glaciers! It was fun playing in the snow in July. I was going to lay down and do a snow angel but believe it or not the glacier was really soft and I would have gotten soaking wet. I imagined the glacier to be hard compact almost ice...nope not at all!

My cute parents soaking their feet in the freezing water!

 Because we didn't have a shower, but we had a HUGE beautiful lake next to our camp spot we all decided to jump in for a nice refreshing dip. The water temperature was surprisingly warm for Montana. I'm being dead serious, I hate cold water and it usually takes me like 20minutes to get into a pool because I believe they are all cold. 

 The next day we packed up and headed out to the next destination, Banff Canada. Here are some shots on our way there. 

I think someone was sick of driving...haha

This was on the Canadian side of Glacier National Park and it was so windy that I seriously could be held up by the wind. It was one of the best times every, reminded me of being a kid playing in a huge wind storm.

The Prince of Wales house that was turned into a hotel.

There is part 2, hope you enjoyed it. Part 3 of the road trip to come soon!

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