I have asian eyes...

Pants-Target, Shirt-H&M, Shoes-Steve Madden, Watch-Marc by Marc Jacobs, Bracelets-old
 Which by the way is ok for me to say because...I'm half asian! I'm actually half vietnamese...what is that you are thinking...no way...I know I don't look asian at all. But now I bet you are thinking...Oh I can see it now. Just laugh at me if I got your thought process right. Can you tell I've heard it a few times in my 27 years of life.(We won't go into the...your 27 years old thought process...)
 Ok moving on past my really squinty eyes to how amazing this shirt is! In the dressing room of H&M I went back and forth on whether or not to buy it...well I'm so glad I did. I can only imagine how many things I can wear it with. Just plan on seeing this piece a lot in the future...I'll try and space it out for you so you don't get sick of it.
PS I've been kind of a jerk lately and haven't welcomed all my new readers. So welcome and thanks for reading! I want to hear from all of you so email me to say hi and introduce yourself. I am being dead serious, I want to know all of you so we can have real conversations instead of the normal 'blogger' to 'blogger' conversation (I understand though if you just want the blogger to blogger conversation though) at least just say hi!

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