Labor Day Weekend....I am SOO excited!

OH Boomer decided to make an entrance in these pics and say hi...or at least the backside of him. 

It's not that I have anything planned or that my job gets that extra day off for the weekend but because it's another weekend and one of the last weekends of summer. Yes I said my mind this is the turning point of when summer starts to come to an end(I can just see the Hubs right now as he reads this...screaming no and giving me the evil eye...he hates winter LOL. PS yes the Hubs reads my blog what a good husband!). 
Why do I say it's when summer starts to come to an end? Kids start to go back to school (yes no more teenagers hanging out at my favorite locations), leaves start to change(and yes they already have started here in Utah) and FALL CLOTHES!! But lets not get too excited for those yet because todays outfit is a cute little summer outfit. Got to live it up until summer actually dies, especially since it's still 90 degrees outside. 
 Oh shoot I forgot to take a picture of the back of this's really cute and all lacy like the shoulders. Sorry :(

| Pants-Rock & Republic | Shirt-DownEast | Cardi-Free People | Shoes-Forever Young Shoes | 
| Bracelet -Apricot Lane Boutique and Fab | Watch-Michael Kors | Necklace- Sister-in-law made it |

One more thing I'm soo excited about. Danielle from Blissful and Domestic finally made the announcement. I'm going to be a monthly contributor on her amazing blog, so you better go on over there and start following. She's amazing, one of the things I'm loving over there right now is the fact that she has taught me(or i'm working on it) to only grocery shop once a month and plan all my meals out for that month. It's a huge savings and it seems to be working(that is if the Hubs sticks to the you! haha)

Well everyone have a fun and safe Labor Day weekend...I know I'll be boating again :)