Yep I did it...

| Pants-Express | Shirt-H&M | Shoes-Famous Footwear | Watch-MK | Bracelets-Target & Salvage West |

I took advantage of the last day you could wear white pants....well according to the saying. I don't really follow that saying though so I guess I should really be saying...Yep I did it...Finally wore white pants! hahaha (ps my camera was hating me today...sorry for the half blurry pictures)

 Notice that black bracelet? Isn't it cute? Well would you believe me if I told you it was made from an old cowboy boot?? amazing huh! Well there is this local Utah company called Salvage West that takes old cowboy boots and makes super cute accessories! Anything from bracelets, decorative hair elastics, headbands, and wallets. After you fall in love with their product and place an order your order comes wrapped in a super cute burlap sac(depending on size of item) and attached to the item is a picture of the boot that your item was made from. I love the idea of reusing old loved stuff into new loved stuff. Great product, check it out! 
This weekend was a nice relaxing one. We didn't get the boat out because of a huge thunderstorm with lightening and being the smart thinker that I am decided that electricity and water don't match. So we hangout and enjoyed each others company. Then painted the garage haha 

Well hope you guys have a great Labor Day and I want to know what you did so tell me all about it!!