Went for a very short ride...

 | Pants-Kohls | Shirt-Target | Shoes-Forever Young Shoes | Gloves-Harley Davidson | Sunnies-Ray Bans |

then the bike died :( Blog I want you to meet my motorcycle. This is a 1972 Honda CL350 and I love it, but for some reason it doesn't really love me back. The more I love it (aka spend money on it) the more it will love me back though. So after today's ride it gets its own new pair of boots, carburetor boots haha. 

(I felt silly in this picture) 
So I've been at the hospital for 9 days straight and man they have been crazy. Thank goodness they weren't all 12 hr shifts because I think I would have had to check myself into the Psych unit. But I've meet some great family members and spend some sad times with them.
Floated down and worked in the ER and met some more friends.
and officially passed my year mark of being a nurse, THANK goodness that year is over!
On to the next year!
Hope you guys all have a great weekend, I'm going to the Price Is Right tonight at Kingsbury Hall! Hopefully I get called down! 

PS Always wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle please!