Bling Bling

| Pants-Target | Shirt-Old Navy | Jacket-H&M | Shoes-MK | Bracelet-FAB & F21 | Watch-Marc by Marc Jacobs |
 | Necklace-Q Clothing |

I titled this post Bling Bling because I feel like everything I'm wearing is so shiny! PS I like shiny things!! 

Other than my shiny blinging self I'm standing in front of the lot that will hold my new house! Last night the Hubs and I were pre-approved to build our house! Now just a few more things to do before the hole gets dug! I can't wait to move into our new house! It's been a long process and I feel so lucky to have this opportunity! 

One thing special about our future home is the Hubs drew the plans, and that in itself was one of my bucket list items. We've completed a lot of our bucket list items this year and it just feels amazing to be moving forward into a new chapter of life. 
So with that news I probably should also share that my Pinterest account has been taken over by house design stuff and not fashion. Sorry about that. Well guys I work graves this weekend so I'm going to be sleeping during the day and most likely won't get ready. Until next week then, have a great weekend!