I'm Going Shopping...Tile Shopping

| Pants-H&M | Shirt-Old Navy & Kohls | Shoes-Famous Footwear | Purse & Watch-Marc by Marc Jacobs | 

Today I'm going tile shopping. I'm excited and really hoping it's going to be simple in and out type of a thing (but lets not joke here, it's going to be the complete opposite of that). The only thing I'm thinking that might make this process a little easier is the fact that I've searched high and low and found some great examples of what I want my tile to look like. 

Today I also repainted the table...but this time I took out my new sander that I bought last week and made a huge mess in my carport and all over my car, sanded about 5 layers of paint off. This time the color is fantastic, I actually went and bought paint from Ace Hardware instead of using left over paint. I think it will turn out well. Check out my instagram @nikki1156 for pictures.

Well guys have a great weekend, I really don't have much to say today. Oh if anyone is interested in swapping buttons I'm your gal, email me!