New Hair

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I decided to try the leather pants in the winter. I was worried that I would be freezing.
It's not too bad, although I do have a pair of North Face leggings on underneath them. I defiantly wouldn't have survived without those leggings. I get cold just sitting on my leather couches. 

Got my hair done! FINALLY! It was much needed, I mean my bangs were clear down past my nose. My hairdresser was laughing and making fun of me. Doesn't getting your hair done just make you feel like a new woman? It's the greatest thing ever!

Have a great day!

They are coming to get me lol

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Holla folks!
Let me tell you a small story about these pictures. 
I had to go on a little journey to a scary part of SLC to look at more tile.
It's a more industrial part of the city.
When I have to go out somewhere I like to try and take my pictures in different places. 
So naturally I found a place against this wall. 
I got my camera out, grabbed the tripod and started to set up.
My biggest, absolute biggest fear is someone running up and grabbing my camera and running off with it.
That is why I never take pictures on cool busy streets. 
So in this sketchy part of town my guard is up, I'm looking all around, and trying to hurry.
I saw this car drive up the road, slow down, look at me, then continue up the road.
Then a little up the road the car stopped and started to turn around.
My brain automatically thought 'hurry up, they are coming to get me' 
That is what I did, hurried
And I'm sure they were turning around to turn into the Taco Bell and get tacos, which was right next door.
But me and my brain didn't see that and just rushed through my pics
Well my rushing caused me to miss my cool boots in my pictures.

That's my story about my crazy imagination, fear I'm going to be taken or my camera, and missing my cool boots.

Have a great day! 

Current Wants

Hey my fellow blog readers, 
I'm sorry that I got so lost and forgot my way back here.
My life has been ran over by sickness, :(
work, :(
and just straight laziness.

But I'm here now, so lets put it all behind us and move forward.
How about lets start with the things I'm 'crushing' on (ps I hate that saying....)

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What are your current wants? 

Friday Confessions

Today's Friday Confessions comes from the inspiration of me wearing this Carhartt beanie. 

Friday Confessions:
I'm a girly girly on the outside but at heart I'm a big tom boy!

(ps these are really old pics)
This doesn't mean that I don't love dressing up, I don't love wearing heels, and I don't love shopping! This just means that I also really really enjoy things that men do. Like fixing cars, shooting guns, fishing, camping, and mowing the lawn. Yep you read right, I enjoy mowing the lawn (My husband is one lucky duck!)

(that's me at the top)

So are you a girly-girl or a tom boy @ heart?

CabinWear 2013

 / Pants-Champion / Shirt-Nordstrom Rack / Beanie-World Market / Boots & Jacket-North Face /

 (Dang Telephone poles...)
 / Pants-North Face / Sweater-Nordstrom Rack / Scarf-Chic Style / Socks-gift /

I'm calling this collection:
CabinWear 2013

Hope you had a great Monday. Back to work tomorrow for me!


Waffle are my absolute most favorite breakfast food EVER!! So when Gentri and I finally found a good time to get together I knew I wanted to try Bruges Waffles & Frites. If you haven't heard of them it's a small little place right across from Pioneer Park (they also have a location in Sugar House), and their waffles are A-mazing!

We ate some yummy waffles, tried some yummy graham cracker stuff, and talked a whole lot! This is Gentri's waffle because by the time I remembered to take the pic mine was all mangled and half eaten! 

 After having waffles we ventured to Pictureline and found some new goodies! Not big ones, but great small ones! 

 I had a blast and I'm so glad we finally got together! 
If you don't know of Gentri and her blog yet, you should head on over there. Not to mention she's a frequent tv star! 

My Winter Essentials

We have had arctic weather here in Utah this past week, I'm not kidding it's been in single digits and below zero at night. Crazy huh! 
I've heard a lot of people are hating it, but it hasn't bugged me at all because I'm always warm.

Here are my tricks to staying warm in this freezing arctic weather.

Beanies- I've heard that you loose the most heat out of your head, well I don't know if thats true but wearing a beanie always seems to make the biggest difference on staying warm. It gives you some nasty hair, but then you feel like a ski bum or a hipster so it makes it ok.

Thermal- I wear a thermal under everything! I mean everything! 

 Thick Leggings- I wear leggings under all my jeans just to add another layer, and if it's the thick workout ones or the base layer for boarding it works amazing. You'd be surprised on how well it keeps your legs warm.

North Face Jacket- Best Christmas gift EVER! I got the 700 down Nuptse 2! It's the warmest jacket I've ever owned. Best $220 spent (by my parents) lol

The thick socks and gloves are pretty self explanatory.

Well those are the 5 Winter Essentials according to me. Hope they help out those cold toes out there.

7 DAYS!!

Why didn't anyone tell me it had been almost 7 DAYS since I posted an outfit post! That is straight-up ridiculous! I can't believe of what a horrible blogger I've been....actually I just realized why I haven't posted anything. Because I've been living in leggings/long johns, a beanie, and some sort of sweatshirt, all weekend long. Kinda doesn't make good blogging when its the same outfit all 3 days. 

Today is you're day, it's an outfit! 
/ Pants-Kohls / Sweater-Q Clothing / Shoes-Forever Young Shoes / Watch-Kate Spade / 
/ Rings-Jacobs Lake, AZ and gift /  Bracelet-Stella & Dot /

Check out and see if you won the Firmoo giveaway, here!

Friday Confessions

This Fridays Confessions comes from the inspiration of this massive snow storm that just happened here in SLC. I think outside my house we have shoveled twice, been around the block 4 times doing donuts, and have received about a foot of snow. This snow means...AMAZING POWDER ON THE SLOPES!!

Friday Confession...
I'd be a snow bunny if I could afford it!
I've been on the slopes ever since I was 4 years old, whether it was on ski's or on a snowboard. I love love love the snow and I'm so excited that I have this weekend off! Kind of wish I had tomorrow off, but I don't, instead I'll be stuck in the hospital :(

Until next time my dear loving mountains!!