They are coming to get me lol

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Holla folks!
Let me tell you a small story about these pictures. 
I had to go on a little journey to a scary part of SLC to look at more tile.
It's a more industrial part of the city.
When I have to go out somewhere I like to try and take my pictures in different places. 
So naturally I found a place against this wall. 
I got my camera out, grabbed the tripod and started to set up.
My biggest, absolute biggest fear is someone running up and grabbing my camera and running off with it.
That is why I never take pictures on cool busy streets. 
So in this sketchy part of town my guard is up, I'm looking all around, and trying to hurry.
I saw this car drive up the road, slow down, look at me, then continue up the road.
Then a little up the road the car stopped and started to turn around.
My brain automatically thought 'hurry up, they are coming to get me' 
That is what I did, hurried
And I'm sure they were turning around to turn into the Taco Bell and get tacos, which was right next door.
But me and my brain didn't see that and just rushed through my pics
Well my rushing caused me to miss my cool boots in my pictures.

That's my story about my crazy imagination, fear I'm going to be taken or my camera, and missing my cool boots.

Have a great day!