My Fav of 2013

Oh hey guys, do you remember me? I'm the person who runs this blog...Ya it's been awhile since I've been on here. This break from the bloggity blog has been a good thing. I've decide to come back and blog but probably not to the extent I was blogging before. I'll still do the usual outfit posts but I also want to include more of the artistic side of me (now that I've got this damn camera and its stupid focus problems figured out lol) 

Moving on. 

It's New Years Eve day...whoa! I can't believe we will be writing 2014 in less than 24 hrs.  2013 was a great year, I've learned a lot about myself and have completed a ton of items on my bucket list. Crazy crazy. Can't wait to make my bucket list for 2014, I'll share it with you once I have it all down. 

My fav post of the year is below! It's the recap of my fav outfits of 2013. It's amazing how I feel my style has transformed over the year, some good some bad.  So here it is! Enjoy!!

| Shirt-Kohls Similar or Similar | Cardigan-old Similar | Pants-H&M similar | Boots-Buccos Similar | Hat-San Diego Hat Company Similar |

| Pants-Forever 21Similar | Sweater-Zara similar| Boots-Forever Young Shoes Similar or similar | Sunglasses-Ray Bans | Watch-Marc by Marc Jacobs |

| Skirt-Forever 21 similar | Shirt-Target | Tights-old similar | Jacket-UrbanWear similar or similar | Scarf-Chic Boutique similar | Sunglasses-Ray Bans | Boots-Forever Young Shoes Similar or similar |

| Pants-Zara similar or similar | Shoes-Zara similar or similar | Shirt-H&M | Jacket-Ace Hardware similar | Watch-Kate Spade |
| Jacket-UrbanWear similar | Jeans-Free People | Shirt-Forever 21 store website | Shoes-Steve Madden similar | Sunglasses-Ray Bans | Watch-Michael Kors |

| Pants-Urban Outfitters similar | Shirt-Forever 21 similar | Hat-San Diego Hat Company similar | Shoes-Steve Madden |

| Skirt-Forever 21 similar | Shirt-Forever 21 similar | Cardigan-Target similar | Shoes-Converse | Sunglasses-Ray Bans | Watch-Kate Spade |

| Pants-H&M similar or Similar | Shirt-Forever 21 similar | Watch-Kate Spade | Shoes-Steve Madden |

| Dress-Forever 21 similar  or similar | Cardigan-Nordstrom | Watch-Kate Spade |

| Pants-Target similar | Shirt-Target | Sunglasses-Ray Bans | Shoes-Steve Madden |

| Pants-Forever 21 similar | Shirt-Target | Vest-Forever 21 | Shoes-Forever Young Shoes | Sunglasses-Ray Bans | Watch-Kate Spade |

| Pants-Target | Shoes-Report similar | Shirt-MadewellWatch-Kate Spade |

| Skirt-UrbanWear similar | Shirt-Target | Jacket-Forever 21 | Shoes-Converse | Watch-Michael Kors |

| Pants-H&M similar | Shirt-Madewell | Shoes-Target similar | Cardigan-Target similarWatch-Kate Spade |

| Pants-Target | Shirt-Nordstrom Rack | Cardigan-Forever 21 similar | Shoes-Naughty Monkey similar or similar | Watch-Kate Spade |

| Pants-Hudson Jeans Similar | Shirt-Kohls similar | Boots-Old similar | Hat-San Diego Hat Company Similar |

| Skirt-Forever 21 similar | Shirt-Target Similar or Similar | Shoes-Forever 21 | Watch-Michael Kors |

| Skirt-Recycled Consign & Design similar | Shoes-Dolce Vita similar | Shirt-Madewell | Sunglasses-Ray Bans |

| Pants-Zara | Jacket-Printemps similar | Shirt-Kohls Similar or Similar | Shoes-Forever 21 |
| Pants-Hudson Jeans Similar | Shirt-Target Similar or Similar | Cardigan-Forever 21 similar |

There you have it, wasn't that fun?
See you shortly, I'll have something fun and pretty for you.

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Mountains of glory

There is something I've been wanting to do for the past month
and with support from my husband and friends 
I've decide to take a break from blogging to enjoy the snowy mountains this season
Thanks to all you loyal readers out there
Without you I wouldn't have all the opportunities that I've had
You will still be able to follow me on Instagram @nikkihep
I hope you see you all there
Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy New Years, & last but not least enjoy the slopes!

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Sweata & Cap

 Pants-J Brand | Sweater-Recycled Consign & Design c/o | Shoes-Target | Hat-San Diego Hat Co similar similar but in leopard | Necklace-F21 similar

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Dead to the Horse Point

Went and ran the Adventure Run 5k this last weekend. It was fun and my first paid run I've ever done. It was even more fun to run with my mom and finish together. 

 The next day we drove past and had fun at Dead Horse Point. We kind of had too much fun with the camera...if you couldn't tell.

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Pants-Hudson Jeans | Shirt-Target | Cardigan-Forever 21 | Shoes-Forever Young Shoes | 

Lets not try and hide the obvious, I haven't been around. I've had this weird feeling that...I just don't want to do this anymore...I need a break....I want to just do absolutely that's what I did! I did spend 2 days watching a ridiculous amount of Greys Anatomy, planted almost 300 tulip bulbs in my yard, and finished a lot of projects. I can't wait to see how the tulips turn out this spring. 
Today you get an outfit post, enjoy it! lol

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