Check off list!

I think every girl has a check off list of clothing they would like to own in their closets, and every girl knows that that list just gets longer and longer way faster than it does shorten. Well on my list is a pair of cargo skinny jeans. I REALLY love the J brand pair but can't justify spending that much on a style i don't think will last as long. But it could prove me wrong. After that said my search continued for a pair that i liked and felt comfortable buying. Lets just say Forever 21 brings it home again!

Now that i found my pair I'm having a hard time deciding between the 2 colors they offer. I like the army green, but I've noticed that the clothes i have in that color i don't wear as much. Or maybe it's just my scare of wearing that color, learning to accessorize with that color, and trying to figure a top out that isn't just a white t-shirt.  Here are pictures of the 2 choices.

Choice #1
Here is the army green

Choice #2
Here is the brown color

What do you guys think? I think I'm leaning more toward the olive green color, but then i think what else can i wear with that color? Help me out here!!


New Hair!

Over the weekend I paid a visit to the amazing girl who does my hair, Kim Byrd. This time i finally did it, after talking about it for 6+ months with her i finally got hair extensions! I was so excited that i finally made the commitment, and I am so glad i did! Kim did such an amazing job!! But you'll just have to see for yourself.
(enjoy the mug shots!)

If you liked what you see and need a new hair dresser send me an email and I'll give you Kim's number!

Thanks Kim you did amazingly!


Oh thank you Diane Von Furstenberg!!

Guess who just bought their FIRST pair!!

I bought the Natalia Flat in Jade Turquoise which is featured above! I can't wait for them to ship and then you can bet your little butts that I'll be posting an outfit with me wearing them. I just hope they fit, yet they were reviewed to fit pretty true to size. I really really love this color and the detail in them. They are so classic looking with a little touch of spice!

This is the start to a great weekend, where me and my hubby just get to hangout (which doesn't happen as much since school started again.)

Have a great weekend everyone!


If you haven't figured out by now i am a huge shoe fan! I had to sale some of my shoes this last week so i could afford some parts for my motorcycle and man some of them were hard to get rid of. But once I'm out and riding my bike it will be evident of how worth it it was. So here is my new favorite pair of shoes. Thanks Urban Outfitters for selling such amazing works of art!


Lion King!

Saturday night my cute hubby, myself and my in laws went to the Lion King at the Capital Theater in SL of C. I've been waiting for forever to see this and it finally came to Utah. I had my father in law take some pictures with his iPhone because I forgot my camera.

My clothes. Pants-anthropologie, Shoes-Michael Kors, Shirt-UrbanWear, Jacket-Tulle
Jeff's clothes. Jeans-Levi, Shoes-Vans,  Shirt and sport coat- Johnstown Ltd

I just put both pictures on here because the top one I like the sign above our head then in the bottom one I'm not standing like an idiot and you can see my outfit slightly better.

Thanks John and Mary it was fun!!

A little hair change...

So here is my hair...

No i didn't cut my hair, yet that sounds like a fun adventure. I just folded the back of my hair under. Kinda fun and different which i learned from YouTube. I'll post the video shortly.

How to: Turn long-layered hair into a bob!

Fun Little Outfit

Shirt- Walmart (i know amazing) $4, Skirt- UrbanWear in St George $20, Shoes- Forever Young Shoes $6
Holy cow only $30 outfit, i didn't think that was possible my frugal friends would be so proud!

This is the outfit i wore earlier this week!  And to make it even more fun i took it by my new motorcycle which is coming along. I've ridden it a few times but it needs new tires now. 

My Love for FP

I want to apologize for my absence (once again). But i had quite the weekend between my husband and my brother in and out of drs. Don't fret though everything is fine with both of them, just my brother is going to take sometime to heal his broken bone.

So the reason for my post is because I want to share one reason why i love Free People. I think my reasoning for this is because when i was a teenager i never wanted to really follow the normal Brighton High School girl style. I feel Free People has clothes that just step outside the norm yet still super stylish. Well while searching the internet one day i found this YouTube video that shows how the hairstylist for Free People made the rainbow braid. I love the new info and can't wait to get my own set of extensions that are scheduled for 2 weeks, so i'll get to try this out (minus the bright colors) in a few weeks.

Hope you enjoy the new hair info!