Check off list!

I think every girl has a check off list of clothing they would like to own in their closets, and every girl knows that that list just gets longer and longer way faster than it does shorten. Well on my list is a pair of cargo skinny jeans. I REALLY love the J brand pair but can't justify spending that much on a style i don't think will last as long. But it could prove me wrong. After that said my search continued for a pair that i liked and felt comfortable buying. Lets just say Forever 21 brings it home again!

Now that i found my pair I'm having a hard time deciding between the 2 colors they offer. I like the army green, but I've noticed that the clothes i have in that color i don't wear as much. Or maybe it's just my scare of wearing that color, learning to accessorize with that color, and trying to figure a top out that isn't just a white t-shirt.  Here are pictures of the 2 choices.

Choice #1
Here is the army green

Choice #2
Here is the brown color

What do you guys think? I think I'm leaning more toward the olive green color, but then i think what else can i wear with that color? Help me out here!!