Merry Christmas

Today we celebrated Christmas a day early, due to the fact I have to work tomorrow. It has been an awesome day, I feel very blessed to have such an amazing husband and family. I'll go into detail about the awesome gifts a little later, but here is a preview of my new clothes! Hope everyone has a great and wonderful Christmas, I feel so blessed to be able spend it with the people who have the unfortunate stay in the hospital.

Christmas tree!!!

Wow yes I excuses I just haven't had any motivation or style that I wanted blogged!! But look I have a picture of two wonderful pictures. One of my awesome tall Charlie Brown tree and second my outfit. I really like the outfit I'm wearing red sweater, denim s button-up under it and then awesome pin-stripped skinnies!!! I also want to say that my boots are rad, but I think I'm going to sell them. So one day I'll post a good picture of them. Hope everyone has a great day...see you tomorrow!


Crazy winds!!

This morning we had the crazy east winds that only occurs every once in awhile here in Davis County. The top speed of winds ended up being 102 in my city, it was like a f2 hurricane or tornado without the actual hurricane or tornado. There was tons of pine trees knocked over, semi trucks on their side, and power outages which are still out. We were one of the unlucky ones and had a power pole fall over on our jeep and smash it. Our city is in a state of emergency with crews working over night. I'm grateful that Hubs, Boomer, and myself are safe. Heres the damages and I probably will be Mia until life gets back together. Sorry.