It doesn't matter if your (wearing) black or white {Fun Little Outfit}

Here is your outfit post for the week. So it's kinda a bitter sweet outfit post because 1. I don't get a lot of time to take pictures of myself and post them and 2. I start school on Monday which means I really wont have time to post outfit. But I'm going to give it my all to keep you guys informed on my outfits. Guess you  might get scrubs every once in awhile.

Here is my outfit, I'm wearing black jeggings which yes I do realize it's going to be 11 degrees today(yes i did say 11 degrees) but who care. I'm going to be indoor tonight and eating homemade Vietnamese food! Oh did you also notice that I'm wearing my new shoes i purchased at Nordstrom. I love them! They are perfect for the reason i purchased them, but not perfect for the snow i was standing on. They have absolutely no tread on them at all. Good thing i have a loving husband to hold my hand and make sure i don't fall.

This was when Jeff was telling me to act like a model, umm I'm horrible at this modeling thing. Plus did i mention my neighbors were outside when we were taking pictures so they probably thought i was some self-centered girl modeling in her front yard.

I love this fun shirt! It was $6 at Kohl's!!

Jeggings: Nordstrom, Shoes: Dolce Vita from Nordstrom, Shirt: Khols and Jacket: I think Wet Seal

Killer Deal!

OK everyone knows that after Christmas there are great deals, and hopefully everyone has read about New Years resolution and knows those two don't go together. But thankfully New Years resolutions don't take effect until New Years day!

2 days ago there was a cute little girl wearing a Triumph Motorcycle shirt. Well I asked her mom where she got that cute shirt. In the long run I found out that it was from the Lucky store and that they were having 40% off there sale items.

So I went and ventured off to the Lucky store down at the Gateway yesterday thinking I'd go buy a shirt for my hubby. I got down there and they didn't have any shirts his size (which always happens) so i wandered off to the women's section. Which my brain was telling me to put myself in park and reverse my steps right out the door. Of coarse i didn't listen because hello 40% of sale items! Well I found 2 great things! I found a denim jacket that is originally $100 and only cost me $18. Then I found my Triumph shirt for $11 which originally cost $50.

Yippee new clothes...for the last time in 2 months. I surely enjoyed it!

Happy New Years Eve!!


Closet Cleaning {How To} from Kendi Everyday

OK today's How To post I thought was perfect for right after Christmas! I usually go through my closets right after Christmas to make room for my new clothes.

I mean look at my closet, ridiculous! How do I even know what is in there...there isn't even anymore room for clothes


Here is a great link to Kendi Everyday with steps to help you decided what to keep and what to throw. I am finding it really helpful in my messy closets.

Kendi Everyday: Create a Working Closet, Part 1: Purge

Thanks Kendi!

Let me know how your purging goes!


Christmas is over already...let's roll in 2011!!

Didn't time just fly by? 

Wow Jeff and I had a great Christmas, we got completely spoiled by each other and our parents! I can't believe Christmas is already over I swear it was just yesterday that I was thinking dang I have a lot of things to look forward to in 2010. Guess now I can say man a lot of stuff happened in 2010 that was totally awesome!! Here is my list of totally awesome things that happened to Jeff &am I in 2010!

1. We celebrated our 4 year anniversary by staying with my aunt in San Diego! She took us to the zoo, La Jolla to go kayaking, and had the best time eating at all her favorite restaurants. Oh man I got the worst sunburn ever at the beach! We also went and visited my grandparents and had AMAZING Vietnamese cooking by Grandma! YUMM

We got to visit my grandparents which was a totally awesome moment since I don't get to see them much!

2. I turned freakin 25 years old! I can't believe I turned a quarter of a century old. I do have to mention even though I still look like I'm 18 this was the hardest birthday for me to celebrate. Sorry no birthday picture I was busy working on #4. LOL

3. Jeff got his first 4.0 GPA taking college courses! To me that's awesome because it takes soo much work! Congrats babe!

4. I finished my first year of nursing school and passed my LPN boards and got a promotion at work (lets not forget about the great pay increase that came along with that)
I wont miss waking up at 3:30 for clinicals, but my group made it totally fun!

5. We had a fun little adventure and rode the train from SLC to San Fran. with Jeff's parents. It was definitely an experience I will never forget.

This is classic me, rolled out of bed and already have some form of carbonated caffeine in my hands

6. My bro got home from his mission he was serving in FL, then the weekend after he got home we went to Moab and went Jeepin! I drove one of the trails most of the way! Its so much fun to have him back!
I love this picture!
Yep that's me...totally awesome in my mind!

7. I found out that I was going to be starting my RN completion program in Jan and graduate in August! Oh my goodness I can't tell you what a relief it is to actually have a graduation date!

I think that's about it! I'm sure there are plenty of other great things that happened in 2010 that's not coming to mind but why would I want to make this post any longer. I hope that more great things come in 2011, guess time will tell!

Have a great New Years



Tonight is CHRISTMAS EVE! I'm way excited, I got even more excited with a Free People bag was shipped to my house yesterday! I do have to admit that Christmas morning is still very exciting to me! I love the suspense of wondering if Jeff is going to like his gifts I bought for him, and the suspense of wondering what I got from him! Jeff is an amazing shopper, I think since we first met 6 years ago I've only taken back 1 thing that he's bought me!

Well everyone have a great Christmas and I'll be back later on in the week because i have to work mon-wed!

Merry Christmas

Skirt Follow Up {How To}

Skirt... follow up(HA medical terminology used for fashion)

I know I've been a slacker with showing you my skirts I made last week. Oops...I guess. It's Christmas time and wow everyone knows how crazy it can get. But today I finally have some pictures of the skirts I made. Now they still need to be hemmed, but one is complete and I wore the other day. Pictures here they come....

Horrible picture yes I know but look at how many skirts I made. I know I went slightly overboard but oh well. It makes me happy!!

This purple one is a heavier fabric which also makes me super happy. Same with the orange and green one too.

I think the blue pattern one is my favorite! Plus it's got orange pockets :)

Well there you have it my six skirts that are exactly the same in style but dang they are awesome!!

Ding Ding Ding...

OK I know today is my {How To} series day which I do intend on showing you my skirts I made last week but I've had an 'AWW' moment this week. 

While I was out with my mother-in-law shopping I bought some clothes for myself. I got home and my husband just pulled the 'Do you realize how many clothing pieces you have bought in the past could of weeks? Half of them you haven't even worn yet..' Well honestly I hadn't noticed how many pieces I'd bought. I know I have a lot of clothes but it didn't really register in my head, I mean I have 4 closets full to be exact! With those 4 closets full I should be able to find an outfit without any problem. So from there I CAME UP WITH MY NEW YEARS RESOLUTION!!

My New Years Resolution will be to not buy more than 1 clothing piece every 2 months, with exception of my birthday and to truly enjoy the clothes I have.

HOLY COW this will be tough, don't get me wrong! I'm hoping that from this experience I will be able to see the clothing I have in a new creative way and also will be able to learn to save money better. I'm actually extremely nervous about this goal. I've never been more serious about a New Year resolution before, it's kind of exciting.

Let me know what your New Years resolution for 2011 is? And tell me why you chose it?


Monday Blues...

Did you guys have any Monday blues yesterday? 

I did, I know I shouldn't have them because Christmas is seriously around the corner and I still need to buy the finishing touches, but man alive I could NOT get going yesterday. So I just went with it all day long! It was a good Monday, woke up at 10:15 and had a nice solid sleep. From there watched my show that I watch every morning, then moved onto The View. I got sick of The View so then I got in the shower. Took my good ol' time in there and washed my hair. From there I went straight back to my bed after putting an some articles of clothing. I seriously stayed in bed for another hr and then decided to go blow dry my hair then guess what I did from there?? Yep totally went back to bed! Sat in there with my computer, phone, and great TV shows(not really, day time TV shows aren't wonderful) until 5 pm!! woot woot! Hubby came home and made me get out of bed and help him with dinner. 

So you are probably wondering why I didn't do a post yesterday? Well yes I was lazy but I was fixed at watching funny YouTube videos.  I watched this one like 10 times and was dying of laughter. Now let me clarify it wasn't these peoples situation they were put in that I was laughing at, it was just the brother and the remix they made of him. I had to show it to you guys if you haven't seen it already...enjoy!

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday and hopefully I'll get those small Christmas things done!


Oh PS I started a Facebook page for my blog, go Like it :) Thanks

Thrifter I am...{Fun Little Outfit}

I DID IT!! I am wearing my first official thrifted piece ever!! Funny story about this piece to is that I bought it 6 years ago at our local DI for my mobster Halloween costume. I'm not sure the reason I decided to keep it but I'm sooo glad I did! I've been wanting a boyfriend blazer for forever and none of the ones I've found at the stores fit me right and it just so happens that this one was very well priced, and the fit is worth the money! I'm very excited about it. So here is my outfit with my very first thrifted piece.

Pants-H&M, Boots-Nordstrom, Sweater-F21, Jacket-THRIFTED!!

Oh PS I made the skirts last night...well actually I made 6 skirts last night! I'll show them to you later on today! I'm off to a early afternoon Christmas party so peace out!


...skirts...{How To}

OK I'm going to be completely honest here, I am not a huge fan of skirts! Actually I really despise wearing skirts. That never happened until I got married and started wearing new 'attire' (we'll just leave it at that). I guess I just have a hard time finding skirts that are long enough, that don't stick to my 'attire', and that I don't have to wear fifteen layers underneath. I miss the days where I could just pick a skirt out and not have to worry about the static and any thing sticking out or showing. So I came up some simple(I thought) solutions to this predicament.
           Solution #1
                   Buy every knee length skirt I found that I actually liked.
           Problem with solution #1
                  Ok bad solution! First off you can't find enough knee length skirts let alone them being super cute, so this solution led to a closet full of skirts that I ended up not really liking when it came down to actually wear them.
           Solution #2
                  Just deal with it and wear 4 layers. Layer 1=attire, layer 2=tights, layer 3=slip, and layer 4=actual skirt.
           Problem with solution #2
                  Man that got old and occasionally extremely warm. Oh not to mention I felt like a snowman with so many layers.

             Solution #3
                  Make my own skirt. I never would have thought I could actually do this by myself, so I enlisted my best friend Angelee to help me out. PS Angelee has her bachelors degree in costume design! OK I know it's not rocket science but why not have the best of the best to help me out...right?
             Potential problems with solution #3
                   So far I don't see many potential problems, I mean if I get really good at this task then I should be able to make one really fast. Fabric isn't expensive. I already have my own sewing machine. OH WAIT...I hate elastics! OK that could be a very big potential problem, but I'm going to think very positively and pretend it doesn't exist.

I have 2 great tutorials to help me out with solution #3. This first one comes from the blog Freshly Picked. and the other tutorial comes from What Would a Nerd Wear. They both are pretty much the same pattern since the original one I think came from Freshly Picked, just a slight change with the elastic in the 2nd one. Which is good for me and my elastic issues. 

I will be attempting to make my skirt tonight. Wish me luck and hopefully I'll have a Fun Little Outfit post wearing my new skirt. 


Weekend Festivities

Hubby and I had a fun little Saturday! We went to dinner with my family and some of my cousins and then went and saw the Ogden city Christmas lights. I had never been to those lights before although my mom said I had when I was younger but I don't remember. For dinner we went to Mcgraths Fish House, that was another first for me that night. I had a freakin way good salad with pasta and salmon on it. Wow let me just say one of the best salads I have ever had, I'm craving it right now as I type this! Jeff had the GF Alder Plank Salmon, it looked pretty good but not as good as mine! I forgot to plug in my camera so it was dead but I'm glad my mom brought hers. Here are some picture from the night.

Jeff and I were laughing bc with his nasty mustache he has decided to grow he looked like that little guy playing the guitar in there.

My mom and I


Family. You can't really tell but I'm wearing like 12 million layers. I'm wearing a thermal shirt, then a sweater over that, then leggings under my jeans, with knee high socks under those, then gloves, beanie, legwarmers tucked in my boots and then my coat. Can i just say you would think i was warm but i was still freezing!! Oh and yes that is my real dad, he's Vietnamese even though with his facial hair which he was talked into growing with Jeff he looks Mexican.

More family added

Hubby and I

A slight remodel...

Slight...OK maybe under exaggerated but let me just say this all started off with trying to add fonts to my i guess i went a little overboard but I like all the changes. I'm still trying to figure out how to fix some of the small things that will bug me (like the massive picture of me being off center...) and since i don't do html I'll have to spend some time reading the code. I did learn a little html but that was forever ago.

Hope you like the changes.


Its about time {Fun Little Outfit}

Wow, It's been awhile I know but I finally have an outfit post for you guys!

Shirt-Nordstrom, Jeggings-Khols, Jacket-JMR, Boots-Macys

I was so excited to try out this new shirt I got in the mail the other day, I just love the bows and the shear fabric. One of my pet peeves is that I have a hard time wearing black and brown together. I think that's just because I grew up that way. I grew up learning you can't put black and brown together, black and blue together and can't mix fabric or patterns. So I'm trying to break those rules, slowly I'll over come the little voice in my head that says 'umm no no no I don't think so'. I think I just have to train my brain to see black as just another color and not as a 'base' color(does that even make sense?). Well in a small(and I mean VERY VERY small) way this outfit breaks one of my rules.

Anyway I'm up way earlier than I usually am because I had a meeting for work. Meeting was good found out that a one of my coworkers is pregnant, one of my coworkers daughters got Sterling Scholar, and that I won an award that came along with $50 in my next paycheck!! Can I get a woot woot! Totally made my morning especially since my hair wasn't liking me, my skin was being itchy, and I couldn't figure out what to wear. Thanks Marty for the nomination!

I have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister-in-law Holly, her birthday is Sunday and she's just one of the greatest people i know. I probably don't tell her enough but she ALWAYS looks amazing in everything she wears. She has one of the best fashion sense out there! Love you Holly and hope you get your 'list' lol !

Have a great Friday and a great weekend!!


AGH help!

alright all you fashionistas i need your help, tomorrow i have my brother in laws graduation. what do you wear? do i wear a dress, not a fancy one but like a sweater dress. do i wear slacks with a cardi? do i wear just jeans? im not down with the jeans so dont say that lol 

i need your opinions.

oh ps dont mind the lower caps and the lack of punctuation im currently at work bloggin from my phone and eating my food for dinner.

thanks for your help

Twisty Belt By Elaine @ Clothed Much {How to...}

Thursdays How to series comes from one of my favorite bloggers!

 Elaine from Clothed Much.

She is always so awesome with turning old pieces into great new outfits and reinventing them over and over. This link is to the video of how she twisted her belt to clasp a new way and i ABSOLUTELY love it!! I've used it a few times and have had compliments every time. Here is what i wore the other night after getting out of my boxy scrubs.

I wouldn't usually put these 2 colors shirts together but I'm trying to be out of my ordinary lately and i love this fun little belt with a flower print on it. Now all i need is Elaine to come to my house and look at my closet and show me how to revamp it! ;)

Here is what i did yesterday night....

Oh Light Where Were You!!!

Well yesterday i pulled out my camera and took some pictures of my cousins for their Christmas card. Too bad the lighting was HORRIBLE and almost non-existent so i did what i could without my external flash(which decided to break on me!) I hope they don't hate them too much, i did offer to retake them! Oh well enjoy them!