Thrifter I am...{Fun Little Outfit}

I DID IT!! I am wearing my first official thrifted piece ever!! Funny story about this piece to is that I bought it 6 years ago at our local DI for my mobster Halloween costume. I'm not sure the reason I decided to keep it but I'm sooo glad I did! I've been wanting a boyfriend blazer for forever and none of the ones I've found at the stores fit me right and it just so happens that this one was very well priced, and the fit is worth the money! I'm very excited about it. So here is my outfit with my very first thrifted piece.

Pants-H&M, Boots-Nordstrom, Sweater-F21, Jacket-THRIFTED!!

Oh PS I made the skirts last night...well actually I made 6 skirts last night! I'll show them to you later on today! I'm off to a early afternoon Christmas party so peace out!