'No officer, I don't know how fast I was going'

Wow that week just flew by!! I'm not going to lie I feel like I worked my little butt off this week, and I feel like I need my sleep in day! But that isn't going to be today, because right as you probably are reading this I'm working a lovely 12 hour shift. So tomorrow will be my sleep in day, and I'll wake up and go out on the balcony of the lovely house up in Eden only to view the majestic scenery over Pineview lake and the Huntsville valley. I defiantly will take pictures so I can show you what I am talking about, but remember pictures NEVER do it justice!

On the other hand I'm taking a canvas and some acrylic paints so I can get started on my newest project for my living room. I'm going to paint...yes you heard it...Nikki's going to paint! lol my excuse for when it turns out weird is 'It's abstract!' lol I'm excited to try and pull out some creative juices from this over exhausted brain full of medical terms and disease processes, guess we will see how it turns out!

Oh a fun fact about me...I got out of my first speeding ticket today!! It was amazing! I didn't cry, I was completely honest, and was very considerate of the cops safety(I pulled down a small road off the main one) and followed all the rules like kept my hands on the steering wheel until he got to my window. Let me tell you 2 things though, I'm super lucky because 1. just yesterday I didn't have the current insurance card in my car and 2. I was going about 18 over the speed limit when I got pulled over.

Here are some pictures from the outfit I wore, man it was a great day yesterday! Have a rad weekend, tell me what you did?

What my outfit says about me....

This outfit is a prime example of who I am...

  *I LOVE comfy clothes
  *I love the color black
  *I find accessories kind of annoying
  *I really really love my vans
   * even though you can see my white socks sticking out of my vans...I DON'T CARE!! 

So that's a little bit more info on me than you probably needed. Oh and lets not lie...my hair looks soooo nasty and I need to get it done like yesterday! lol

Yellow shirt and bun!

Today was one of those days, I had a few things I had to do...
     *vacuum house
     *rearrange furniture
     *go to the doc(just for a normal check up)
     *do homework
Well I've done 3-4 of those things, the only thing left is to do my homework.  I'm am absolutely not motivated to do my 45 question quiz that is open book and open notes. So instead Jeff and I went to the park and took our dog and played some baseball. Boomer(our dog) loves the park, he just ran around lifting his leg on every little corner there was, then would run back to us and lay right at our feet so we couldn't move and catch the ball. it was fun. That's the reason my feet our cut off of these pictures because I'm wearing kinda nasty shoes lol

Well I better be responsible and do my quiz, since I wasn't responsible last night and ended up doing it at midnight.

My Michael Kors favs!

As I was wondering about on the internet I kept seeing ads for the new Michael Kors collection so I decided to take a look, and let me say I loved what I saw!! Here are a few of my favorites. 

Wont these be the cutest boots for Fall!

I can't wait for my new paycheck, one of these pieces might end up in my closet!

Its Friday...Friday...

We wont finish that song because I think it's absolutely ridiculous. And if you don't know what song I'm talking about you should be happy, because after you listen to it you become dumber(or grammatically correct way of saying that is more dumb...at least I think so)

...Moving on!

Took my first Basic ICU test and...drum roll please....got 29/30! Woot Woot!! All I can say is that I'm glad the first one is over, now I know what to expect for the next ones. Oh and I will never forget that patients with COPD have a really high lung compliance ;)

OK lets analyze this outfit. This is what I wore yesterday. Yes I'm wearing a long sleeve jacket...why you ask? Well although I am super excited for fall but the main purpose of me wearing this long sleeve jacket when it's still mid-80's is because my ICU class is a freakin freezer! I seriously have seen people dress in a turtle-neck, snow pants and a thick jacket during the summer in the building we meet in. I'm not going to go that far, only because I know the moment I walk through my door at home my husband will bust up laughing at me. I think I'll try and keep it classy. My pants...Forever 21, love them. Shirt...TJMax...yes I am was a Maxxinista!

Tell me one thing...Do you think this outfit would have benefited from a necklace today? I couldn't decide and then I ran out of time...

Well until Mon you awesome blog readers! (I know you are out there...even though you aren't leaving comments, or at least I have to tell myself that lol)

North Face...oh winter please come soon!

Some people think I'm absolutely crazy for saying that, but I have a great reason to say that! Let me break it down for you...
1. You get to layer!! I love bundling up in multiple layers, it makes you feel soo cozy and loved by your clothing!

2. You get to pull out all those beanies and thick scarfs that have been hanging in the closet. I do have to say I love beanies but I have a problem with actually using them. It's not because I don't like them, but it's the problem with the hair. I have this complex that when I wear a hat I look like a boy. This year, I'm going to break that thought and pull them out in full force!!

3. How can you not get excited after you just bought this jacket in black!!

Yippee Skippee that's all I have to say!

Today is...

*My first test in my Basic ICU class I have to take since I've gotten my new job in the ICU. 
I'm super excited about my new job, but man this class is rough. We sit in this room for 6 hr for 2 days a week for 8 weeks straight going over each system of the body(pulmonary, cardio, GI/GU) Then we have to take tests on them and pass with 80%. I don't think I'm bugged by the tests but more the time it takes up in my week. I find it hard to pay attention for that long. But at least I'm getting paid to sit there instead of me paying.

* Is the day I play volleyball on the new league I joined. I have enjoyed it and it makes Wed way better! I met this girl in school and she plays in a league and she called me to join. So far I've loved playing on an all girl team again. I do have to say though that I'm way way out of shape and haven't played in like a year. Last week was my first game and at least I can still get the ball over the net!

* My 2nd outfit post

I'm wearing my new Bp shoes from Nordstrom. After I took my Rn Boards I went on a little shopping trip to get my mind off what had just happened. For those of you who don't know anything about the NCLEX, when you take the test and you can get anywhere from 75-265 questions based on your response on the last question you just answered. So if you get 75 questions it usually means that you passed, or it could mean that  you failed horribly and they don't want to give you more chances to pass. To make matters even more nerve wrecking you can be picked randomly to take all 265 questions. Then after your questions you don't get your results for a couple of days and you are left to stir and think about your answers. So after my 75 questions I needed alittle retail therapy and bought these and some other Steve Maddens. These are tied with ribbons, I love that feature! My jeans are from UO and at first I was nervous to wear white but now...if they get dirty...oh well, jeans are made to be worn and used, not sit in the closet. This lovely shirt and watch are from the good ol' Walmart and for dirt cheap! I can't remember the amount but if you really are wondering I know I've posted it before. 

There you have it. My 2nd outfit and let me tell you somethin my 2nd picture is Nikki model worthy(I only say this because I am NOT model material and can't do the serious face, but this one looks semi ok, that could be to the fact you can't see the rest of my face! LOL)

Have an amazing wed everyone!

New Project!

Ok so I'm kinda excited about this awesome project I picked up last week. Every once in a while when I'm bored and don't want to spend money but want to go shopping I make a trip to my local DI.  Now those of you who don't live in Utah probably don't know what a DI is.  It's a place where you can go and drop off your used clothing and household items then they turn around a sell them. I guess its like the Salvation Army place(which i've never been to so I could totally be wrong). 

I went there last week just to browse their furniture and came across this awesome workbench. 

I was immediately drawn to the colors, the simplicity, and the fact that it was all metal. I thought to myself...that piece is really awesome but i'm not sure what I'd do with it...So I walked away from it. As I was walking away from it I saw this other girl standing over it looking at it with deep thought. In my mind I was sad to know that it was going home with her, so I just walked further away and didn't look back.  I went home and couldn't stop thinking about how amazing it would look with a butcher block top on it and used as an island in a kitchen.  So I told my hubby Jeff to call his parents and meet me at the DI with their truck so I can pick it up. Went back and lo and behold it was still there. 

Since then I've cleaned it up took that sticker off and went and bought the butcher block top for it yesterday. I can't wait for it to be done it's going to look simply amazing! I'll post pictures once it is complete with the top and everything. 

  There is a sad part to this story, you see I have absolutely no room in my kitchen for it.  I guess if your interested in this bad boy and live in SLC let me know and maybe we can make an arrangement.


Hey everyone!!

 I'm back from the nursing school death with a new title behind my name and a little bit more cash in my pocket. It was a long road, but i'm so glad I did it. Now that I've completed that portion of my life I can get back to enjoying blogging again.

With my come back I've changed things up slightly, I decided that yes I'm going to blog about fashion, but I'm also going to blog about my job, other things I come across that I love, and anything else I feel like. I'm going try to be more myself. I'm not going to try and be that normal fashion blogger, I'm done conforming.

So without keeping you waiting any longer here is my first outfit.

Huh 2nd picture is slightly blurry...oh well. We are keeping it simple here. Today has been one of those days where you clean up that to-do list that has been in the back of your mind for forever. So I'm wearing my super duper comfy Hudson Jeans, Jeffrey Campbell flats and a comfy 3-quarter half sweatshirt from Khols. Since my outfit is so casual  I decided to dress it up with this awesome necklace I picked up from a local store called Q Clothing (if you haven't been there yet you need to go!)

Well I'm off to mark another thing off my list. I can't wait to show you guys my project I'm working on, it rocks!