Merry Christmas

Today we celebrated Christmas a day early, due to the fact I have to work tomorrow. It has been an awesome day, I feel very blessed to have such an amazing husband and family. I'll go into detail about the awesome gifts a little later, but here is a preview of my new clothes! Hope everyone has a great and wonderful Christmas, I feel so blessed to be able spend it with the people who have the unfortunate stay in the hospital.

Christmas tree!!!

Wow yes I excuses I just haven't had any motivation or style that I wanted blogged!! But look I have a picture of two wonderful pictures. One of my awesome tall Charlie Brown tree and second my outfit. I really like the outfit I'm wearing red sweater, denim s button-up under it and then awesome pin-stripped skinnies!!! I also want to say that my boots are rad, but I think I'm going to sell them. So one day I'll post a good picture of them. Hope everyone has a great day...see you tomorrow!


Crazy winds!!

This morning we had the crazy east winds that only occurs every once in awhile here in Davis County. The top speed of winds ended up being 102 in my city, it was like a f2 hurricane or tornado without the actual hurricane or tornado. There was tons of pine trees knocked over, semi trucks on their side, and power outages which are still out. We were one of the unlucky ones and had a power pole fall over on our jeep and smash it. Our city is in a state of emergency with crews working over night. I'm grateful that Hubs, Boomer, and myself are safe. Heres the damages and I probably will be Mia until life gets back together. Sorry.

Happy Thanksgiving

The Hubs and I wishin everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Wow Turkey day is already here...

Wow I can not believe that it is Thanksgiving tomorrow!! Seriously, this year has just flew by!! Today I've done some early Christmas shopping, Thanksgiving food shopping(if you consider Jello food), and went and got the Hubs his birthday gift he's been wanting. Which by the way his birthday was yesterday and I didn't get a post in because I was spending all my time with him, but Happy Birthday again babe! I love you tons!!

This is my outfit I threw on this morning. I was going for the comfy look again. I'm wearing this new sweatshirt thing, and the front pocket is lace and has sequence ALL OVER IT!! Happy moment, lol! I couldn't resist it when I went to Kohls! 

Did you guys notice something weird about this picture...its the end of November and there isn't any snow on the ground :( I've been waiting for that white fluffy stuff to cover the ground so it could feel more like Thanksgiving. But guess I'll just have to do without with snow. Oh ps I stepped in a Boomer Buddy aka dog poo and kinda was bummed lol

Well I'm off to go cut the flowers down before the snow falls. I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanks everyone for your input!

Today I wore the dress I had asked everyone's opinion on how to wear it. I think the outfit turned out awesome, and after trying half my closet on with the dress I think the white jacket looks the best. I do have to say that this is the first time I have felt comfortable wearing this dress, which makes me feel super happy!
Thanks again everyone!!

A little lunch and a little shopping

Today I went to lunch with a couple of friends. The whole goal was to go to the new H&M here in Salt Lake City, but holy moly it was ridiculously busy. You couldn't even walk around, so me and a friend left and went to Nordstrom and I bought a new phone cover. There was a Marc by Marc Jacobs purse there but I couldn't decide.

Thanks Anne for having a birthday lets do it again soon!!!

New purchases!!

Hi there,

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"The new purchases!! "

Camera Phone Special

I only say that because I don't have a super rad my pictures aren't as good quality. Anyways, I know I promised some fashion this week but then I woke up this morning and thought to myself...why should I get ready when I just have to go back to bed at 2pm? I work a graveyard tonight and I always try to get at least 3 hrs of sleep before I go in at 7. Ps its noon right now. So I hurried and put some clothes on and took a quick camera phone picture! Enjoy!

I'm wearing a awesome button up from Kohls and a black sweater from Eddie Bauers. Can't see my jeans but just imagine some dark boot cut True Religions lol

And yes I'm wearing glasses...and yes they are prescription, but its not strong enough for me to get contacts.

Ps I wasn't a procrastinator and wrote a paper and turned it in 5 days early...go me! Lol

Bridal Shower Decor

This is what I have been working on all day today. I know its another decor thing and has nothing to do with fashion but I promise Ill come back to fashion. I made the table runner, the soup tags, and did the simple decorations. The colors of the wedding are obviously yellow and gray, and at first I hated them. But after looking at Pinterest all day long I have learned to love it.
Tomorrow is a work day, so a post is less likely. But ill be back on Thursday for sure.
Thanks for reading and sorry about the bummer post yesterday.


Wow I would have to say that this post might be a downer, so if you're lookin' for an upbeat happy post you might want to push the back button.

Well this past week was kinda a huge bummer. It started off with Monday(way to start the week right...)

Monday we found out that we weren't going to be able to build our duplex on the lot we were planning on. The reason being was because the people in the neighborhood we were going to be building in were already complaining about it.  Feeling were hurt, I'm not going to lie! It felt as if they didn't want me in their community, they didn't want me to grow up and have a family, they didn't want to start my investment. I know I'm probably taking this more personal than I should be seriously thats how I felt.  Plus one thing I don't understand is there are 13 duplexes within a 3 block radius of the property, how is one more going to change the neighborhood? So guess we will have to find another property...

Then Thursday I went to lunch with some coworkers then we went shopping at Forever21 which I haven't been to for months and was super excited to do some shopping. Well during shopping I got really sick and had to run home. Big bummer, no shopping, no enjoying coworkers, and no going anywhere after that. Which means I missed my moms birthday dinner :( I felt horrible.

Friday I felt much better, I think it might have been the food I ate. But then I started getting a cold. And let me tell you, this cold has been kicking my butt since Friday. I'm currently sitting in bed sick with nasal congestion that is the worst I've ever experienced. So I called in sick today from I HATE doing that! I feel so irresponsible, but I really need to get better before I continue on with my week.

Ok that's it. I'm done complaining. And I'm sorry that I haven't been a very blog friendly person, hopefully I'll feel better so I will get ready in the morning and get back to normal life.

DIY Ideas

First of all I'd like to say Happy Birthday to my mom! I hope she has an awesome day today and I love you!

Sorry for the lack of outfit posts this week, I have been super busy and now feel like I'm coming down with a cold :( So today I figured I'd show you one of my DIY ideas I found on Pinterest! And can't wait to try it out. I'll let you know how it goes!


Tonights project!

This is tonights project. I'm making a table runner for the bridal shower I'm involved in on Tues. So far its super cute and I wish I didn't have to give it away! Lol

Blogged from my phone, have a good night! I'm off to bed, I have a headache :(

Take a real long look...

The reason why I say that is because I'M WEARING A SKIRT!! I usually don't wear a skirt, and its even more rare for me to wear a skirt when it's cold outside! Its not that I don't have any skirts to wear, believe me I have a whole closet full. So here it is...

Do you know what made me want to wear a skirt today??? My green tights! I love them soo much, they make me happy lol!

The last 2 days I worked and they were fun. I really like my new co-workers and can't wait to get to know them more over the time. The doctors are finally more friendly and warming up to me, Dr Pearl was so intimidating to me. Every time I would be around him I'd get all shy and it was driving me nuts. Now I'm to the point where I can joke around with him and I can see him being one of my fav docs at work as time goes on. At work right now everyone is going through a hard time and moral is slightly down, so I took it upon myself to try and make things slightly better by writing at least 3 'high fives' a shift. A high five is when you recognize someone for doing something outstanding or something you really appreciated. I know at my other job I personally felt more appreciated every time I got a high five on the board and it made me have more pride in the work that I did.  So I'm going to try it out and see if it makes a difference. 

That's what I did over the weekend, what did you guys do??

Saturday Morning Seen It

Look what I woke up to today! This is the picture outside my window in my front door. I love when the snow just lightly coats the ground and trees, especially when I still need to clean up the yard and make it winter ready!

Well everyone have an awesome Saturday. My agenda goes as planned, my cousins baby shower at noon, then climbin at 6 or 7 (I better check on that lol)

(Ps hope this post turns out I'm trying the email from my phone thing)

Happy Friday!

Oh how long I've waited for you Friday, Fridays bring joy to my face! lol I find myself laughing inside at the moment. Anyways let me think here what makes this Friday so great and why am I kinda bummed about this Friday at the same time....
Thought process is as such...
   Today is payday-EVERYONE loves that day!
   Today is my day off- another thing I think everyone loves
   Today is my list checkin off day-kinda goes along with my day off

 I'm kinda bummed though because
   I woke up with a horrible neck pain, my neck slightly hurt yesterday but it hurts more this morning. I took 3 ibuprofen and put a heating pad on it the Hubs said I look like one of my patients with a C-collar on. (Thanks Hubs..,.NOT!) lol
   I have a lot to do today so I can't really stay in my pjs as long as I wanted too

Other than those things I think today is a good Friday! Todays my mother-in-laws birthday so Happy Birthday Mary. Can't wait to go to dinner tonight at Granny Annies! Yummm!! Here is what I'm wearing right now.

Look at these amazing earrings I picked up at a local craft show called Craft Lake City. I had saved the business card of the lady who made them but now that I really need it I can't find it (of coarse). But they are made from eucalyptus leaves and they rock!

My pup Boomer wanted to make and appearance here today, he is 6 years old and needs a haircut super bad! lol love that dog!

Have a great weekend everyone, I'm a climbin tomorrow!!

Je m'appelle Nikki!

Today is kinda going to be a post about myself and things that I wouldn't really share or would not usually come up. Here are 5 new facts about myself that maybe you don't already know.

1. I can sometimes be a risk taker/thrill seeker. I have been skydiving and scuba diving. Scuba diving isn't too bad but when your biggest fear is drowning then its petty scary. I've been scuba diving in NV, Key West, Grand Cayman, and Belize. Honestly, everything looks the same down there. Ok well lakes are different but all the ocean dives I've been on have all been very similar.

2. I love to travel. My usual internet routine is to look at my email, then facebook, blogger, then travel websites. I'm always looking for great deals and comparing prices. Hubs probably gets sick of saying 'We are already going on a trip that month.' Its true though, I usually plan at least 1 weekend a month to be out of town whether its a big trip or just a small get away to the cabin. I love traveling!

3. Hubs got a handgun this past year and I finally got the guts up to shoot it a couple of weeks ago. They scare the crap out of me for some reason, I'm fine with shooting a shotgun though. I know doesn't make much sense, anyways we went to the range and I got 2 bulls eyes!

4. I absolutely hate oatmeal! I have tried so hard to like it but man I can't handle the texture. Its just a big bowl of mush, yogurt and bananas get to me to at times.

5. I just wrote the best assignment for school every. I had to write a letter to my body apologizing for every horrible thing i have said or done to it.  It sure makes me appreciate my health and how well my body works. Ya I know this one isn't really a fun fact about me, but i really enjoyed the assignment. I think everyone should really try it out.

Welcome November...FLO=Fun Little Outfit...

November has finally come which means snow is on it's way! And guess what folks...IT SNOWED!! Man the only thing was I was watching it fall from the inside of a hospital room. I think my patient was getting sick of me saying a few things yesterday. 1. "Take a deep breath and cough for me, thank you" and 2. "I love the snow, it's so pretty. I can't wait to bundle up and go snowboarding." Every time I would go into her room she would pretend to fall asleep so she wouldn't have to talk to me, at least it seemed like it. Oh well, luckily for her most people don't remember their ICU stay and she wont even remember my annoying comments about the awesome snow. lol!

Highlight # 2 of the week(and it's only wed, this is an awesome week so far!) Tomorrow is my last ICU class!! Woot Woot! Don't get me wrong I love learning, but I'm just not sure I'm learning much in this class. I can't wait to just going back to working 3 days a week. I would never make it in the normal workville working 5 days a week.

Highlight #3-Pay day is Friday! Enough said lol

Highlight #4-I took a Fun Little Outfit picture today or I'm now going to abbreviate it to FLO lol a FLO what a silly abbreviation! I really like my outfit today. I think I've only worn this jacket which I got from Target once and I felt as if it was too fancy for my style. But I really like how it looks with this plaid shirt underneath it with jeans. PS the plaid shirt is from Khols and if you go right now it's 50% off, I bought it last night! lol

That's it folks! I'm off to go to Harmons to buy some tuna steaks...Hubs says I really need to try those for dinner tonight. So we are goin for it!

October Famine..Last Day..

WOW I did it! I made it the whole month without buying any clothes or accessories! It actually wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, but maybe because I was sooo busy that I just didn't have time to shop. Although I am the type of person who hates rules and if they are there, they need to be broken. But I can honestly say I did not buy anything this past month.

I wanted to thank Lilly from Lilly's Style for putting the challenge out there, it was nice to have people to actually support you in the challenge. I feel like those of you who took part in the challenge with us we all need to get together and celebrate! Dinner? (lol too bad we don't live close)

Next on the agenda...

I am honestly a boring person this Halloween, I didn't plan for a costume, I had to work from 0700-1900 today, and I'll probably just jump in my comfy clothes after work and hangout at my house, my parents house, or my in laws house. But for all of you party people out there, be safe and have fun! Then come tell me what you did! LOL

If I was going to dress up I think Hubs and I should have done this. Love it!!

Have a fun night!!

Hubs thermal to my Cargi {How To}

Well one day while I was browsing Pinterest I came across this picture and then noticed Hubs just cleaned out his drawers and was throwing away 2 thermals.Whoa! Its a sign I'm suppose to give my sewing skills a shot.

At first I tried forever to find where this picture came from, and no luck. So I can't give credit where credit is earned. And I couldn't find any tutorials from any amazing sewing ladies, so I ventured off on my own.  I knew that I wasn't going to be able to make my cardigans as detailed as the above picture. Heck all I can do is sew a straight line(literally). So no cute shoulder details, which is okay. I was going for a comfy, lazy day cardigan, or one I could wear to the climbing gym. Here are a couple of pictures from what I did.

I laid the thermal out on the floor.

I cut up the middle of the shirt. I found the middle by just following the natural pattern in the shirt.

After putting the thermal on and noticing how big it was on the sides, I went to the sewing machine, turned the thermal inside out and sewed up the sides to my fit. 

After both sides were done, I sewed a hem down the front where I made the cut. 

And BAM you're done! Easy right!

And I made a red one too (even though this picture you can't tell at all)

I really liked how they turned out and they are sooo comfy from the Hubs wearing them. Easy little task to take something that was going to be thrown away into something that I know I will wear all the time!

Try it out this weekend and let me know how it goes! 

JCrew Sale! {AWW Moment}

AWW MOMENT of the week!! {New series I'm starting}

Yesterday I was looking at JCrew and saw that there was a 30% off their sale items and was drooling over the items. But instead I think I'll just share with you this sale and you can enjoy it for me!

Buy something great! Happy spending!

PS Shopping Ban day # 27!! Whoa I think this is a new record!

I Need Your Help...

Just look at this dress...I love it! I seem to always find it hidden in my closet around fall time, but I have a few problems with it...

I think it's great by itself, but I'm not the by itself kinda girl. 
My problems are 
I don't know how to spruce it up,
What shoes to wear with it, 
if I can wear a cardi with it, 
or what necklace/scarf to wear. 

Any ideas?? I really want to feel stunning in it!

80's Flashback

Sorry about no post yesterday, I had to work and my camera was out of batteries and I couldn't find the charger until today.  Which means no early planning for a post to be done. But I'm playing catch up right now!

This past weekend was full of pumpkin carving, crazy hair, and projects getting finished! Hubs and I went to 2 parties and carved our pumpkins. The first party we went to was with my cousins and we took a small little pumpkin which I pulled the boring decorator and just carved an H in it for our last name. But the cool part was that the party was called the 'Fun-Do' party where we had chocolate fondue and did your hair crazy instead of dressing up. So I must say our hair rocked!! Don't you think? I tried to pull the 80's hair, then I went crazy and did the light blue eye shadow, the bright red lipstick, and the denim jacket. Hubs hair we made it stick completely straight out like he stuck his finger in a light socket! It was lots of fun.

Now I've been dying to share my finished projects!! I finished a few of them but wont completely share all the details of them today. Here is a list...
* Painted the coffee table lime green
* Made a cardigan from an old thermal of Hubs

but I want to share with everyone this project and I'll save those for later on in the week

* The old worktable. Does anyone remember my old worktable I bought from the DI? If not read about it here. But IT'S COMPLETE and in the kitchen doin' it's thing. After it got completed I couldn't sell it(which I knew was going to happen) but now our kitchen is slightly tight with all the furniture in it. But it functionally works great!

(don't mind the dishes in the sink, we are going for the lived in look)

I like how it turned out! Oh here is a little update on the October Famine...I'm still goin! Haven't bought a single clothing item or accessory the WHOLE month!! Only a few more days to go!!

Shopping Ban Day #25
 Well have a great day I'm going to hangout in my PJs for awhile today :) 

Thursday night activities!

Celebration dinners with friends are always fun! Celebration dinners to celebrate that we all passed the NCLEX is even better! These are all my nursing school friends(minus one). I'm so proud of all of us and I'm so excited to see us grow and learn as nurses. We had to all push our husbands to the end of the table so we could talk nursing and our new jobs.  We laughed about stupid silly mistakes that are non-threatening to the patients life and nursing situations we have learned on the job! I love these girls and I'm so excited to be taking our journeys together!

Becoming a nurse has always been a life long goal of mine and when I say life long I said I wanted to be a nurse during my Kindergarten graduation! I'm so happy to see that I've checked something off my list and know that I am capable of completing anything. There was times when I felt hopeless about getting into nursing school and searched for other majors, but I kept up with it and 3 years later I finally got to start my journey.  I'm grateful that I stuck with it and can tell my future kids to never give up!

PS our dinner was at a mall and I had to go walk around good thing everything in that place is slightly pricey, BUT I made it out there with nothing in my hands! Only 10 more day until there are no more rules!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Red Red Skirt....

I pulled this whole outfit from the depths of my closet, actually I bought the skirt recently before the shopping ban and totally forgot I had bought it, shirt was from the outlet that my mommy bought me for forever ago, and the jacket I wear maybe 4 times a year. So the skirt and shirt still had the tags on it and had the new clothes feeling(love that feeling!) My hubby really likes the skirt because how it makes my butt looks, and I would have to agree with him. LOL Not really sure if I loved the shoe choice but it worked.

Shopping ban update....WOW WEAK MOMENT!! Got out of my ICU class today and it's right down the street from Nordstrom...and started heading down there thinking I could just window shop, but then knew deep down I wouldn't be able to do that soooo turned the car around and headed home!

Shopping ban day # 19 over halfway there!! If anyone has any ideas to help me out...please fill me in! :)

My vintage window decoration

Well here is my vintage window decor.  Its I love how it turned out! I like to know that all of this was my own idea and I didn't see it online anywhere. I'm sure there are similar designs out there because there are plenty of amazing interior designers. 

Hubby thinks I need to hang some fabric from the curtain rod, I'm not closed off to the idea but what do you guys think??

Have you looked on my pinterest at the painted piano? I kinda want to do that to mine but worried it will change the sound. Any thoughts about that one??

Fall Leaves

Hubby and I went for alittle drive up to Monte Cristo and it was gorgeous!! It was great to get out of the city and take deep breaths of nice fresh air.  It was perfect weather for just a thermal and my yummy yellow scarf (and pants too silly!).

I work a grave tonight so I hope everyone who isn't working has a wonderful weekend!
Tomorrow maybe rock climbing after I get up!?! What about your weekend plans??

Fun Little Outfit

Here is my outfit I'm wearing right now, right this moment(ok well I do have my shoes and jacket off but I was eating fish and I didn't want to spill anything smelly on the jacket)

These Naughty Monkey boots are super comfy but I've had them for about 2 years now and I think its time to get a new pair. They have lasted for a good time and gone through a lot of snow and rain and still look amazing!

When I got this jacket I was kinda worried about wearing it because it wasn't form fitting.  But now I love it. It's not very thick so it's defiantly an early fall coat. 

PS I'm having a weak moment with this no shopping thing. Its pretty hard when Nordstrom sends you a $20 note and you know a few things you want to buy from there. Not to mention all the cute jackets and coats out right now, and I LOVE jackets and coats.  It was the hardest thing in the world to see the trench coats at Target hanging there, I didn't even try them on or touch them. I went there the other day and all of them were gone, it made my heart hurt knowing I missed that awesome deal. Oh well, shopping ban day #13 and havin' a weak moment!

Whoa I was blown away...

...when I came across this designer, I love the use of patterns and vintage style that Lauren Moffatt puts into her clothes. I fell in love and now will be saving my money to buy one of her lovely pieces(after the shopping ban of coarse).

{pictures via}

Wow, amazing!!