Red Red Skirt....

I pulled this whole outfit from the depths of my closet, actually I bought the skirt recently before the shopping ban and totally forgot I had bought it, shirt was from the outlet that my mommy bought me for forever ago, and the jacket I wear maybe 4 times a year. So the skirt and shirt still had the tags on it and had the new clothes feeling(love that feeling!) My hubby really likes the skirt because how it makes my butt looks, and I would have to agree with him. LOL Not really sure if I loved the shoe choice but it worked.

Shopping ban update....WOW WEAK MOMENT!! Got out of my ICU class today and it's right down the street from Nordstrom...and started heading down there thinking I could just window shop, but then knew deep down I wouldn't be able to do that soooo turned the car around and headed home!

Shopping ban day # 19 over halfway there!! If anyone has any ideas to help me out...please fill me in! :)