80's Flashback

Sorry about no post yesterday, I had to work and my camera was out of batteries and I couldn't find the charger until today.  Which means no early planning for a post to be done. But I'm playing catch up right now!

This past weekend was full of pumpkin carving, crazy hair, and projects getting finished! Hubs and I went to 2 parties and carved our pumpkins. The first party we went to was with my cousins and we took a small little pumpkin which I pulled the boring decorator and just carved an H in it for our last name. But the cool part was that the party was called the 'Fun-Do' party where we had chocolate fondue and did your hair crazy instead of dressing up. So I must say our hair rocked!! Don't you think? I tried to pull the 80's hair, then I went crazy and did the light blue eye shadow, the bright red lipstick, and the denim jacket. Hubs hair we made it stick completely straight out like he stuck his finger in a light socket! It was lots of fun.

Now I've been dying to share my finished projects!! I finished a few of them but wont completely share all the details of them today. Here is a list...
* Painted the coffee table lime green
* Made a cardigan from an old thermal of Hubs

but I want to share with everyone this project and I'll save those for later on in the week

* The old worktable. Does anyone remember my old worktable I bought from the DI? If not read about it here. But IT'S COMPLETE and in the kitchen doin' it's thing. After it got completed I couldn't sell it(which I knew was going to happen) but now our kitchen is slightly tight with all the furniture in it. But it functionally works great!

(don't mind the dishes in the sink, we are going for the lived in look)

I like how it turned out! Oh here is a little update on the October Famine...I'm still goin! Haven't bought a single clothing item or accessory the WHOLE month!! Only a few more days to go!!

Shopping Ban Day #25
 Well have a great day I'm going to hangout in my PJs for awhile today :)