Sorry about the lack of posts

Wow sorry about that drought of posts I just put you through, it kinda going to happen every once in awhile when I work from 0700-1900 3 times a week. Oh the medical field lol!

This is my painting that I did over the weekend, I think it turned out pretty rad. My favorite part of it is that its going to add a bunch of color to my living room.  I'm surprised how straight my lines came out because I didn't use a ruler or anything.  Pretty simple, but I love simple!

I'll place pictures up once I get it up in my living room.

The shopping ban is still continuing with Lilly from Lilly's Style.  Honestly I haven't even had time to set foot in any store other than the grocery store. So that's nice that I've been super busy. I have had a weak moment when I get on the computer because I do a lot of online shopping. This friday is pay day so it will be the real test because I'll have a pocket full of new cash.  Wish me luck!

Shopping ban- Day 5
Have a wonderful day, you'll most likely get a post tomorrow lol