Hubs thermal to my Cargi {How To}

Well one day while I was browsing Pinterest I came across this picture and then noticed Hubs just cleaned out his drawers and was throwing away 2 thermals.Whoa! Its a sign I'm suppose to give my sewing skills a shot.

At first I tried forever to find where this picture came from, and no luck. So I can't give credit where credit is earned. And I couldn't find any tutorials from any amazing sewing ladies, so I ventured off on my own.  I knew that I wasn't going to be able to make my cardigans as detailed as the above picture. Heck all I can do is sew a straight line(literally). So no cute shoulder details, which is okay. I was going for a comfy, lazy day cardigan, or one I could wear to the climbing gym. Here are a couple of pictures from what I did.

I laid the thermal out on the floor.

I cut up the middle of the shirt. I found the middle by just following the natural pattern in the shirt.

After putting the thermal on and noticing how big it was on the sides, I went to the sewing machine, turned the thermal inside out and sewed up the sides to my fit. 

After both sides were done, I sewed a hem down the front where I made the cut. 

And BAM you're done! Easy right!

And I made a red one too (even though this picture you can't tell at all)

I really liked how they turned out and they are sooo comfy from the Hubs wearing them. Easy little task to take something that was going to be thrown away into something that I know I will wear all the time!

Try it out this weekend and let me know how it goes!