Memorial Day Weekend

Who doesn't love a long weekend? Lets just say I don't mind making time and a half to work a day when the weather is going to be horrible at the location I'm going for Memorial Day.  Man can't wait for that paycheck. If anyone does read this blog I hope that you have an awesome weekend!

Pants, Good ol' Pants

Last night i went to Nordstrom Rack and finally found a pair of jeans i like. I've been having a rough time trying to find a pair that i love. I've been searching for some Hudson Jeans or Madewell Jeans that fit just right. Well after searching The Rack i found a pair that i thought i really liked on the hanger, i was sorely disappointed with the fit. I was complaining about how they fit perfect now but when i wear them a few times they would stretch out and just be too big. People seem to forget that jeans stretch with time and you have to buy them tight but not too tight that you can't breath. So i went back to the racks and found a pair that fit even better, and it was the dark color i was hoping to get. 

Well folks here are the jeans i ended up buying. The Hudson Signature Boot Cut Jean!
Hudson Boot Cut Jeans via
I'm super excited to change from my scrubs and put them on!

I know for some people going shopping for jeans is one of the worst things to go shopping for, but i have a few tips I'd like to share that's helped me turn shopping for jeans from nightmare into a easy breeze.

Tip 1. 
  The first time you go shopping for a pair of jeans pick a store that has a wide variety of brands and style of jeans.

Tip 2. 
  The first time in that store always find a store associate to guide you along in this journey of jeans, because if you don't you could be in that store forever going through every style and fit. Most of the associated know which jeans fit best on certain people and know what style will fit the description of jean you would like.

Tip 3. 
   Have patience. It does take a few trips to the dressing room until you find a brand that fits your body type.

Tip 4. 
   Once you find that brand and style you absolutely love, remember jeans do stretch so when you are picking out the size buy a little tighter than is comfortable. Now if you have extra skin bulging over the top of the jeans or you can't breath, way too small. I'm saying just leave a small amount of room to stretch.

Tip 5. 
   When it comes to the length i believe that it depends on what shoes you are planning on wearing the most with these jeans. Make sure when you go to buy a pair of jeans that you wear the style of shoes that you either wear the most or plan on wearing the most with these jeans. If you end up finding jeans that are just way too long,  remember a lot of stores now have free alterations and will hem them to the length that you'd like.

I'm not expert jean shopper, but these are a few things i have encountered when shopping for jeans. Happy shopping and let me know if you find any good deals!


Killer Deals

Today starts the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale!! Lets just say i was up and shopping on their website at 9 AM. Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale is a great time to either buy the more expensive pieces for a great deal or to buy a few more pieces then you usually do for less money. Last sale i bought the more expensive pieces and this time i got the wardrobe essentials, a plain t-shirt and a couple of cardigans.
I know some people might think i wasted a great sale on a plain t-shirt. Well if you don't have the essentials how are you suppose to make the really great things pop? I love my purchases and i can't wait for them to show up. According to my email Nordstrom has already shipped one out of the three pieces!

Check out the sale there are a lot of great pieces that are a reasonable price. Let me know your great purchases from the sale. Happy shopping!


A little Update...


Since I've gotten my haircut i haven't updated you on how i feel about it. I LOVE IT! Kim Byrd is my hair stylist and she cuts at Main Attraction on Main St in Bountiful and she did an amazing job! When we had talked about my cut and color i was slightly worried about my color. I was thinking that i was going to be really dark and have these bright white  strips on top. Well that is defiantly not how it turned out. The color is amazing, i have my dark natural brown hair with a shade lighter highlights that look carmel/bronze in the sun! I've had soo many comments on my hair, I'm very happy with the outcome! If you'd like Kim's number leave me a comment and I'll get it to you!

Kim Byrd 
(She's going to hate me for putting this picture up, Love you Kimmie Honey!)


I was all worried that the dreaded weather we have been having was going to make the BBQ a totally bust. Well it didn't turn out too bad. It got a little chilly but nothing a blanket to huddle in couldn't help. It was so good to have all my old friends meet my new friends and to just hangout and eat amazing food brought by everyone. There was a few things i was very stoked about, one of those was my yard looking soo awesome. I just have to say thanks to my awesome husband and sister-in-law for mowing, trimming, and sculpting the bushes. The yard look perfect! The other thing i was excited about was my house was totally de-cluttered and it gave me an excuse to buy new bottles of hand soap and smelly good thing from Pier One.
Citrus Cilantro hand soap via Pier 1 Imports

Fruit hand soap via Pier 1 Imports

Mango Papaya Reed Diffuser via Pier 1 Imports

 So along with my yard looking amazing my house is super clean and with a new fresh smell. What can be better, I'll volunteer for a BBQ at my house anytime. Lets do it again soo!

I think this picture is super funny!

Summer when are you coming?

I've always loved living in Utah because of the 4 different seasons we get to enjoy and the activities that go along with those seasons but lately i've noticed that our winters have been dragging on, and maybe a little too long. I was talking to one of my doctor friends tonight at work and we had remembered that about 3 years ago we were able to go skiing on the 4th of July. Let me just say that's WAY too long in my eyes, good heck please lets not have that happen this year! Yesterday (May 24th) I woke up and did my usually roll out of bed and look out the window to see it snowing! I was pissed. Lets just say this snow wasn't a small amount either, it actually broke a record for the most snow in one day in a 'Spring Snow Storm'.  Oh please Mother Nature lets not have another spring snow storm. I'm ready for the sun, I'm ready for the sunburns(don't worry have an appointment with the dermotologist already), ready for the weekly baseball games you don't have to take blankets too, I'm ready to go boating, I'm just plain ready!! Here are some sunny pictures to hopefully help us get to summer sooner!

PS if anyone can tell me who that model is i'll buy them lunch! 

Happy Backyard!

Today i got my mother-in-law to drive their big ol' Chevy truck up to Ogden and pick up my patio table i've been saving up for since last summer. I like to save my money up for everything instead of just pulling out the credit card, I feel you appreciate that piece more and you get that sense of accomplishment. Last summer i bought 4 of the Plantation Patterns wrought iron Napa Dynalounge chairs from Home Depot, and at the end of the summer i couldn't decide whether to buy the 44 inch round table or the 72 inch oval table. Well i finally decided on the 72 inch oval table. I figured Jeff and I would be able to grow into the table and we wouldn't have to buy another set anytime soon.
After picking that up today i'm super excited about the BBQ we are having this saturday and can't wait to have lots more BBQs in the future. I just hope the weather isn't too dreadful!

iconRain Showers
High 55°F
Rain showers likely in the morning...Then a chance of rain showers in the afternoon. Mostly cloudy. Cooler. Highs in the mid 50s. North winds 10 to 20 mph shifting to the west in the afternoon. Chance of showers 60 percent.

I don't know that looks pretty dreadful :(

Jeffie honey guess putting the table together is one more thing to add to your 'Honey-Do List'...Love ya!

On my way to new hair...

Today is FINALLY the day when i get to have my hair dyed and cut. Man it's been along time, at least 2 months, and it's much needed!! My hair is thicker than i think it is, but when it grows out it gets really heavy and it hangs like wet dogs hair and when it gets to that stage there is no where to go other than my sister-in-law for a cut.

When i get my hair done i try and do something slightly different each time. So this time I'm going to just trim the length and add a few layers around the face. Kind of like Necia Degering from Good Things Utah, this picture must be old because it has more layers.

The color is going to be the major difference this time. I've never been too worried about hair color, i mean when you've dyed your hair every color including purple, bright red, and black there's really nothing that scares you. OK that's a lie I'm actually really scared of being a blond, but if you were half Asian you would be scared too! So the color this time is doing something i have never done before. I'm adding a Carmel highlight and a low light to my natural color. I know it doesn't sound too dramatic but i think I'm to that age where I'm trying to make myself look more mature, especially since everyone i come into contact with they always think I'm 19 at first.

Well I'll post pictures of my new do when i am finished and style to my liking! I'm always up for new and different hair styles if you find anything fun send me a link!

Bicycles Heaven

When I tell most people my husband and I have 6 bikes at our house their jaw usually drops and ask why 2 people have so many bikes under one roof. My husband is the kind of guy who pressures you to always have the best and to try everything once, and i do have small part in it too. So with that being said explains how we ended up with 6 bikes at our house.

Last night we went for 'a little' bike ride on our fixed gear and had a blast. It was fun to have the weather finally warm enough to get out and enjoy my husbands company. Currently I'm a little frustrated with my fixed gear, it just doesn't seem very comfortable. The history behind this bike is interesting, my father-in-law picked it up off the side of the road and gave it to me. From there Jeff and I sanded it down, painted it, and bought new wheels and a chain. We still haven't replaced the handle bars or the saddle. Which is why the bike is so uncomfortable. The saddle is this old black spring seat that seriously gives me a wedgie every time i ride, and the bars are a set of mustache bars that are turned upside down and are just too low for me. Jeff kinda fixed the bars but they just don't fit the style of bike I want.

So I've started on a search for a new bike. If you have any current ideas email me or leave a comment and let me know I'm open for any ideas.

Goin' down south...

Today is the day where my family heads down to Moab, Utah. My family usually goes about 2 times a year to take our Jeeps and go play on the slick rock. I love going down south, especially during this time of the year because 1. It's a lot warmer yet not burning hot
2. The flowers start/have bloomed
3. There usually isn't a lot of people down there because school is still in

Here are some pictures from the last time we went down.


One of the things i look forward to the most when spring comes around is yard work. I love trimming the bushes, planting flowers, and trying everything in the world to make my grass look super green! So today i got outside and did a little gardening. I planted a plant called Bleeding Heart, red Petunias, Gerber Daisies, and Impatiens. I'm fairly new with all this gardening stuff but i'm lucky to have my mom who has unlimited knowlegde regarding flowers or soil. I hope everything grows well!

Bleeding Heart

Red Petunia

Gerber Daisy


Spectacular Women's Hats

I've always had a thing for hats and I've always had a problem with finding hats. This problem with finding hats involves my head being too small to fit into an adult hat. Now that makes me sound like an alien or something, but this problem makes me look for hats all the time. Hoping that they will fit me :) Well today i stumbled across these classic hat designs with a new age twist at one of my favorite websites, . I am thinking i might have to make a little stop into their store and see if they have any of these designs for me to try on. If you have one or have tried them let me know how the sizing is on that 'one size fits all'

Pictures via

Have a great Saturday, i wont be here on Monday due to a 12 hour shift i have to work.


L.A.M.B. Relaxed Knit Pants

Hey guys just thought I'd go ahead and blog about the pants I'm wearing today! Lets just say i think Gwen Stefani is simply one of the best designers in my book. I've always tried to find clothes with a little twist to the current fashion, L.A.M.B. and Harajuku always have that twist. Gwen Stefani has always been a fashion icon to me. She never is afraid of being herself and showing her true fashion.

I'm wearing the L.A.M.B. Relaxed Knit Pants in black today and these pants are the best! They can be worn with a pair of heels and a nice jacket to dress them up or with a pair of Toms and a t-shirt like i am today.

You can find these on for $103.00 in black, heather grey, or optic white and lets just say they are worth every penny!!

Have a great day!

New boot have arrived!!

I love hearing that little knock on the door from the ups man that is just saying 'Hey your order has arrived, come get me!' Well i got that lovely knock this morning and my boots came from Free People! I told my husband and i started opening them. Once i got the box open he said (now mind you my HUSBAND knows brand from me talking about them all the time and the price that those brand run, and i might say he has an excellent sense of fashion!) 'You got Jeffrey Campbell shoes from $30, well that just made the status of these boots go up.' Well i tried them on and they look awesome!!! I'll post a picture once i get my house a little cleaner.



This one goes out to all the nurses out there!

It's National Nurse Day so i wanted to give a shout out to all those awesome nurses out there! This day all started with Florence Nightingale and if it wasn't for her there wouldn't be any nurses out there! Thanks Florence!

Now if they could only bring back those awesome caps!

Wedding Bliss

Today i got the opportunity to go to my cousin Nates wedding. I could tell he was soo happy and his bride Ashley was beautiful! The way Nate looked into Ashleys eyes reminds me of my own wedding.

Jeff and I were married about 4 years ago and since then it's been the best years of my life. Here are some pictures from our wedding.

This TV show is my 2nd love!

Lately I've been occupying my free time with BONES the TV show! My husband recently hooked us up with Netflix and this 'instant download' thing is addicting. Lets just say I've watched 4 seasons worth in the past week and a half. Those of you who know me know that I'm on the path to be a nurse one day and I'm in the process of trying to figure out what area I'd like to work. BONES or forensic nursing is one area i thought would be very interesting, but I'm not sure i could handle the smell. BONES lets me enjoy the mystery of forensic nursing from the comfort of my couch without the smell, it's wonderful!

If you want to catch BONES its on Thursday nights @ 7 PM on Fox 13

No Monday Blues because it's Moto Monday!

The 1st Monday of the month is Moto Monday where local motorcycle riders all meet up at Este Pizzeria and hangout and enjoy the pizza, talk about their rides, and meet new people. I went last month to Moto Monday and met my husband down there in my Honda Civic (yes i know not a motorcycle, but you don't have to have one to enjoy the fun!). It was fun and the pizza was awesome! One day my motorcycle will be finished! Everyone should join the fun tonight they are meeting at Este Pizzeria 156 E 200 S @ 7 PM!

I am unable to go tonight but my husband Jeff is on his way with his friend Andy from Pangea Speed (check out his blog!) so go say hi to them.

Ride safe!