Pants, Good ol' Pants

Last night i went to Nordstrom Rack and finally found a pair of jeans i like. I've been having a rough time trying to find a pair that i love. I've been searching for some Hudson Jeans or Madewell Jeans that fit just right. Well after searching The Rack i found a pair that i thought i really liked on the hanger, i was sorely disappointed with the fit. I was complaining about how they fit perfect now but when i wear them a few times they would stretch out and just be too big. People seem to forget that jeans stretch with time and you have to buy them tight but not too tight that you can't breath. So i went back to the racks and found a pair that fit even better, and it was the dark color i was hoping to get. 

Well folks here are the jeans i ended up buying. The Hudson Signature Boot Cut Jean!
Hudson Boot Cut Jeans via
I'm super excited to change from my scrubs and put them on!

I know for some people going shopping for jeans is one of the worst things to go shopping for, but i have a few tips I'd like to share that's helped me turn shopping for jeans from nightmare into a easy breeze.

Tip 1. 
  The first time you go shopping for a pair of jeans pick a store that has a wide variety of brands and style of jeans.

Tip 2. 
  The first time in that store always find a store associate to guide you along in this journey of jeans, because if you don't you could be in that store forever going through every style and fit. Most of the associated know which jeans fit best on certain people and know what style will fit the description of jean you would like.

Tip 3. 
   Have patience. It does take a few trips to the dressing room until you find a brand that fits your body type.

Tip 4. 
   Once you find that brand and style you absolutely love, remember jeans do stretch so when you are picking out the size buy a little tighter than is comfortable. Now if you have extra skin bulging over the top of the jeans or you can't breath, way too small. I'm saying just leave a small amount of room to stretch.

Tip 5. 
   When it comes to the length i believe that it depends on what shoes you are planning on wearing the most with these jeans. Make sure when you go to buy a pair of jeans that you wear the style of shoes that you either wear the most or plan on wearing the most with these jeans. If you end up finding jeans that are just way too long,  remember a lot of stores now have free alterations and will hem them to the length that you'd like.

I'm not expert jean shopper, but these are a few things i have encountered when shopping for jeans. Happy shopping and let me know if you find any good deals!