Killer Deals

Today starts the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale!! Lets just say i was up and shopping on their website at 9 AM. Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale is a great time to either buy the more expensive pieces for a great deal or to buy a few more pieces then you usually do for less money. Last sale i bought the more expensive pieces and this time i got the wardrobe essentials, a plain t-shirt and a couple of cardigans.
I know some people might think i wasted a great sale on a plain t-shirt. Well if you don't have the essentials how are you suppose to make the really great things pop? I love my purchases and i can't wait for them to show up. According to my email Nordstrom has already shipped one out of the three pieces!

Check out the sale there are a lot of great pieces that are a reasonable price. Let me know your great purchases from the sale. Happy shopping!