On my way to new hair...

Today is FINALLY the day when i get to have my hair dyed and cut. Man it's been along time, at least 2 months, and it's much needed!! My hair is thicker than i think it is, but when it grows out it gets really heavy and it hangs like wet dogs hair and when it gets to that stage there is no where to go other than my sister-in-law for a cut.

When i get my hair done i try and do something slightly different each time. So this time I'm going to just trim the length and add a few layers around the face. Kind of like Necia Degering from Good Things Utah, this picture must be old because it has more layers.

The color is going to be the major difference this time. I've never been too worried about hair color, i mean when you've dyed your hair every color including purple, bright red, and black there's really nothing that scares you. OK that's a lie I'm actually really scared of being a blond, but if you were half Asian you would be scared too! So the color this time is doing something i have never done before. I'm adding a Carmel highlight and a low light to my natural color. I know it doesn't sound too dramatic but i think I'm to that age where I'm trying to make myself look more mature, especially since everyone i come into contact with they always think I'm 19 at first.

Well I'll post pictures of my new do when i am finished and style to my liking! I'm always up for new and different hair styles if you find anything fun send me a link!