Leprechaun Green

Have you ever noticed how difficult the word 'leprechaun' is to spell?? I mean I am a horrible speller, but usually I can guess and it's close enough that spell check will fix it for me. Not this time, I had to try like 4 times before it even got close.

Anyway, every time I wear my green pants I think of a leprechaun. But don't get me wrong, I love them to death!! The only think is, I'm having a hard time pairing my green pants with any color other than black. I defiantly can't pair them with red because I feel like Christmas, I think I might be OK with purple but then will it remind me of those old Barney days, yellow is if-y so is orange. I could do blue, now that's a color I could do! Ok thanks for letting me think out loud on that one(door to my brain now closed!)

So great news!! I was on call last night and didn't get called into work, but I also didn't get any sleep either. I was too worried that I might not hear my phone, for some reason it turned itself on silent, or it had randomly rang within the past 5 minutes that I didn't check it. Man I never realized that being on call was so stressful! Guess I'm going to some how need to get over those stresses!

Hope everyone has had a great Monday. Here's the schedule for the week...
Monday- Do an actual blog post with actual real photos, oh maybe work on my family interview that is due in a week
Tuesday-work all day
Wednesday- Video record the family interview then some training at work
Friday-Work a grave
Saturday-work another grave
oh heck lets do 
Sunday-Work yet another grave!

See you Wednesday for sure!
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Something thrifted, something gifted(borrowed)

My outfit tonight was for a wedding reception I went too, and whoa I turned over another leaf today! I'm wearing a skirt that I bought from a thrift store yesterday! $10 J Crew skirt woot woot, and I love it!! The something gifted aka borrowed is my jacket! Its my moms, I stole it from her closet, isn't it amazing! I apologize for the crappy pictures and for the fact you can't see my outfit too well(guess husband needs a lesson). This is my cousin-in-law Ashley, she rocks!! Her second name is 2nd wife because she's gluten free and so is the Hubs, so all family gatherings she bring the gluten free food for them.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend, I think I'm going to grab some food!

Swimsuit Search

I finally got my order from Victoria Secret today, it had 3 different swimming suits in it. Yes it's January and I'm ordering swimming suits, but I do have an amazing excuse for ordering them....CRUISE at the end of February to the Virgin Islands! I'm way excited to go and get away for a week! (PS I'm looking for people who would like to guest post for me that week, shoot me an email if you're interested.)

So these are the ones I ordered.

(In white with teal bottoms)

(In a strip)

It's really hard to show you the exact swimming suits when they were on sale and they took the sale suits off the website...Sorry

Here is my review of each of these suits starting with my least liked.
#2- This suit was my least favorite but it really had nothing to do with the actual suit. The pattern was cute, the padding was great, but the top just didn't fit my small little A cups well. So that was an automatic you're out!
#3- I really actually liked this suit but I think I might have ordered the top too small, which is a total bummer. With it being to small I felt like it was trying to push things in the wrong ways(aka I had major side-boob action going on). The bottoms weren't that great either, I put them on and felt like my butt didn't fill them out so I had saggy bottom syndrome. You know when you've worn a suit too much and it stretches out and just doesn't fit...yep that's what I had in the bottoms.
#1- This one fit like a charm! I was surprised that the top fit so well, I didn't feel as if I were to move wrong something might pop out. And the bottoms were nice and snug. So this was the winner!

Thats my review of those suits, now I just need a tan!
(All pictures via Victoriasecret.com)

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Sunday blogging

On Sunday's I'm usually bouncing from my house to church to either my in-laws or my parents house for dinner. Sometimes Sundays are so busy but this one is just nice and relaxing, so I'm sitting on the floor in nice comfy clothes jumping from one blog to another, reading about everyone fun stories and amazing fashion. Pretty great Sunday!

Fun little outfit on a rainy saturday

Today its rained all day long!! I really like the rain but don't really like what it does to my hair lol good thing I don't have anything planned for today!

I just have to tell you something amazing happened yesterday, usually after my first grave I can only sleep until about noon. Which means I only get about 4 hrs of sleep. Well yesterday I came home, showered then got in bed, woke up around 1130 then miraculously fell back to sleep and woke up at 4pm!!! It was awesome!! I was so excited, you don't even know. I even slept through 5 text messages and a phone call!

Anyways after that wonderful day sleep I stayed in my pjs and went back to sleep around 11. Had some amazing dinner that the Hubs cooked, watched some Princess Diaries 1 and 2( I know weird shows to watch but I strangely love them). Then crawled back on bed to wake up this morning 9 hrs later.

So my outfit today, not sure if its my favorite but I'll go with it today. No real plans today, we were going to go to the new museum The Leonardo but I don't think we will make it there because of homework. Then take our pup Boomer to get his hair chopped, which he desperately needs! That's about it for this household. What's your Saturday plans??

What I do before I work a grave...

Since im kinda new at this working all night thing i thought Id share my routine.

From the moment I wake up I have it in my head that I have to take a nap around 3pm. For some reason if I think this then by the time 3 rolls around I'm actually ready for a 2 hr nap. Then I also make it a point that I shower and get ready for the day. Other than my nap and mind set I make sure that I have my blackout curtains, pjs and warm bed already. I also make it a point to stay away from any caffeine and sugar.

That's it. Like I said I'm still new at this, do any of you guys have any suggestions for my routine??

Today for fun I went to lunch with Kristy, Megan, and Megan's friend to a local restaurant called Thia Siam. Soo good!! Thanks for the fun girls!! This Is the outfit I wore today.

Fun Little Outfit

Today was a nice relaxing day, no work, no schedule, and no worries. Today I got up and started making Pho, it was the first time I had attempted it but I had a pretty good coach(my mom) to help me out with the recipe. Being half Vietnamese I realized it's a must for me to know how to cook Pho. So today was the day.

 It went well, I knew it wasn't going to be perfect but now I know I need to add a little more of this and a little more of that and we'll be a step closer to perfect. I had my parents up to the house to give it a shot too. After dinner my mom and I did a little scrap booking, which I desperately need to try and catch up on. I was scrap booking from august 2009...just slightly behind lol!

 Here is my outfit I was wearing today, and for the first time in like weeks you actually got normal photos from my Nikon and not from my iPhone( I know celebrate, but don't celebrate too hard there are a few from the iPhone on this post.) I have to give credit to my awesome sister-in-law Holly for making this necklace, it is so freakin cute! 

One other thing I realized today...applying lipstick is an ART! I first put it on and then went to the bank, while in the bank I had this teller who's lips just looked amazing. Then I got back in my car to leave the bank and looked in the mirror at my lips which were...not so great. So I went home and tried again. I'm sure that teller was just shaking her head and wishing she could have taught me her skills...which I would have greatly appreciated. Things went better on round two though.

Well guys have a great day tomorrow!

Nursing Scare

Wow I had a crazy weekend, I was assisting the doc while he was intubating my patient and the patients blood pressure tanked. Tanked as in systolic down to 40 (normal is 120)!! Man if I didn't have my charge nurses help I would be stressing out of my mind, but everything went well and the patient is doing fine.

Other than work the past 2 days I decided today that I was going to try my hand at making the Vietnamese soup Pho. Im hoping that being half Asian will give me the upper hand on that. I'll tell you how it goes.

This is my outfit today. I am wearing my new shoes and cardi. I love the color of this cardi and got it from Target on sale for $8! Woot woot for sales!!

Well this is my schedule this week.
Wednesday-nothing until I scrapbook with my mom later on that night
Thursday-lunch with Kristy and then work a grave
Friday-hopefully sleep until 2 then chillin
Saturday- no plans!!!

Peace out- Nikki

Slip-on Loafers

Who doesn't love these new shoes?!? Well today I found a great deal I wanted to share and a pair that I seriously want to buy once they go on sale. Lookie Lookie what I found!

Can you see that deal? $39 for these awesome shoes and to make matters even better I got free overnight shipping and I will see those beauties tomorrow after I get home from work. Hope they fit and look as amazing as I am anticipating.
The other pair I want but will wait until they go on sale. 

Aren't they sweet? Yep I just said sweet...lol Sorry no outfit post today I was hanging out in my pjs all day after doing some homework. It was well needed since I work up in the middle of the night with girly pains :( So I made things better by buying shoes...it's the perfect fix! Have a great weekend and Happy Friday the 13th!

I Would Be a Very Poor Model...

Why you say? Just look at these pictures lol This outfit was worn on Saturday to a baby blessing, the cutest little guy. I really love this jacket!!! H&M is the greatest! And those 'tights' I'm wearing....aren't really tights they are long socks! When I pulled those socks all the way up, I thoughts I was a freakin genius! Lol

Alright hope you guys have a wonderful day, I'm stressing about getting my school book that I need by tomorrow, USPS can be so slow sometime.

Silly face

I have a silly face in this picture...or maybe my true colors came out. This picture was quite the bugger to get. As you can see we got 6 freakin inches of snow in one night and now I don't have a great place to put my camera while standing on dry ground. My camera is resting on my car and I'm clear at the end of the driveway hoping my remote works from this far(hence the fact my hand looks silly from holding the remote.) You can just call this whole post SILLY. But I do like my fun outfit today, it's bright and I'm wearing purple Toms lol! Question-would you guys like me to post where I got my clothing items from??

This weeks agenda includes...
Monday(Today)-Pick up new Jeep to replace the one that got smashed in the wind storm(to read about it go here). Then work a grave tonight.
Tuesday- sleep until about 1 then go visit one of my doc friends who is here from FL working at my old place of employment. Then get my armpits and my eyebrows laser hair-removed. Then dinner with Marky and Audrey and their cute little babe!!
Wednesday-NO PLANS! (ok maybe hwk)
Thursday- Work
Friday- Lunch with another doc friend to catch up on things

Whats on your agenda this week??

Something fun with The Hubs and MIL

The Hubs had a great idea before the beginning of the year rolled in. He wanted to start a blog himself and have his mom contribute and me contribute to it daily. I was a little worried about the daily contributing part but then heard his idea. He wanted us to post a picture everyday for a year on his blog, I agreed and off we went. It's been a fun experience and have really enjoyed waiting around to see what we all post. If you would like to check out this blog it's at photoadaythreesixfive.blogspot.comHave a great Monday!!!

Spoiled Alert!

My parents spoiled me with this beauty!! Love them!! I'm finally done with my long 2 weeks of work, I pretty much lived at the hospital. I'm just glad that's over and done. Now to prepare for better things like THE CRUISE next month!!!

Have a great weekend!!!

Want to see one of my Christmas gifts???

Woot woot, I've been dying to show you guys these! Look oh look! Yep those are Tori Burch flats!!! Hubs is amazing!! Tell me what your favorite Christmas gifts are and why???

Have a great night!!

Shotgun sista

That's me! We went clay pigeon shooting today it was super fun! The country girl in me comes out when we shoot guns, it's like I get an accent and become a hill billy. Here is a few pictures of my outfit and Hubs shooting.

Sundays Best

Hey guys! How was your New Years??? Mine was uneventful due to the fact of working, I would volunteer every year if I could to work New Years Eve though it's not my favorite holiday. I did bring some sparkling apple juice and pear juice to celebrate for 5 minutes then back to passing meds. Today I got good sleep after working a grave last night and man that makes a huge difference on the rest of the day. Tomorrow for the new year is to first wash my dirty dirty car, then finally finish putting the Christmas decorations away. Lol What are you plans?? Here are a few pictures of the New Years Eve and my outfit today. Have a great day everyone!!