Fun Little Outfit

Today was a nice relaxing day, no work, no schedule, and no worries. Today I got up and started making Pho, it was the first time I had attempted it but I had a pretty good coach(my mom) to help me out with the recipe. Being half Vietnamese I realized it's a must for me to know how to cook Pho. So today was the day.

 It went well, I knew it wasn't going to be perfect but now I know I need to add a little more of this and a little more of that and we'll be a step closer to perfect. I had my parents up to the house to give it a shot too. After dinner my mom and I did a little scrap booking, which I desperately need to try and catch up on. I was scrap booking from august 2009...just slightly behind lol!

 Here is my outfit I was wearing today, and for the first time in like weeks you actually got normal photos from my Nikon and not from my iPhone( I know celebrate, but don't celebrate too hard there are a few from the iPhone on this post.) I have to give credit to my awesome sister-in-law Holly for making this necklace, it is so freakin cute! 

One other thing I realized today...applying lipstick is an ART! I first put it on and then went to the bank, while in the bank I had this teller who's lips just looked amazing. Then I got back in my car to leave the bank and looked in the mirror at my lips which were...not so great. So I went home and tried again. I'm sure that teller was just shaking her head and wishing she could have taught me her skills...which I would have greatly appreciated. Things went better on round two though.

Well guys have a great day tomorrow!