Fashion Week Faves Day 2!!

Are you ready for my faves from Fashion Week day 2? Man by the look of these outfits it's no wonder these fashion designers get their own show! I think my favorite out of these pictures is the 2nd one, the long black dress! This dress is so amazing, how it flows, the pattern and the fabric it's made out of. This is saying a lot because I don't do dresses. In fact I think I have a whole 3 dresses. All I can say is...I want it, I want it, I want it!!
Enjoy the pictures and tell me your favorites!

Farah Angsana

 Rebecca Minkoff

 Rebecca Taylor

I'm sorry my source didn't name the designer. I wish I could give them credit for this beauty!

Joy Cloci


Who doesn't love the thought that the new fashion for next year is being revealed right now on the other side of the country!! Oh how I wish I could go to a fashion show one day at Fashion Week. What would I wear? Oh man that would be quite the adventure. I don't see that happening anytime soon in my future(Who am I kidding, I don't see that happening ever!) But its fun to think that it could happen!

After looking through the press pictures from the 1st day of fashion week I found my favorites and wanted to share them.
Nicholas K
Nicholas K
 Tadashi Shoji
 Christian Siriano
Irina Shabayeva

All stunning!! I love the fabrics, the mixed patterns, and the colors! Do you want my faves from day 2...You'll have to wait until tomorrow!!

Have a wonderful night!

Saturdays Reflection of the Week

I thought since all I have posted on this week is how I've been sick and rereading my posts and I've found they were very boring. I apologize! So I wanted to reflect back on some of the memorable and not so memorable moments of the week.

Good Moments
*A week ago Saturday I went wedding dress shopping with my best friend Ang. Wedding dress shopping was a blast, we had some funny moments that I can't wait to talk about when we are old!
*Monday I didn't have any clinicals (that's a good moment within its self).
*Tuesday work was slow so I got to go home for 5 hrs and guess what I did...SLEPT it was probably the best nap I think I've had in my whole life!
*Wednesday even though I was sick I had to go to school, that's not the good moment but I bought a new Kleenex box while I was at school and by the time the 8 hrs was up I had 5 Kleenex sheets left. Can you believe that, I've never finished a whole box in one day. OK that wasn't a good moment but maybe an unbelievable moment.
*I called my teacher Wednesday night and told her I had a fever of 101.3 and she granted me the next day off from school. Yippee Skippee!
*After waking up late for my test I ended up getting a 97%!

Not So Great Moments
*On Saturday I went to the Mac counter thinking I might by some concealer and had the make up lady put some one me. Well I thought I liked it at the time but while wedding dress shopping I kept getting a glimpse of my pale caked face self in every mirror. And believe me there was ALOT of mirrors! Lets just say I took the concealer back and got a full refund. On to the next brand, any suggestions?
*Sunday at work I started getting a sore throat :(
*On Wednesday when I used the whole box of Kleenex I had a red nose and looked like Rudolph. It was kind of embarrassing but I had no choice I had to go to school. Lets just say I didn't look people in the face that day.
*Friday morning I had a rude awakening when I looked at my phone and saw 7:33, well my test starts at 8 or 7:40 for early testing. I jumped out of bed, jumped in the shower and ran out the door by 7:45. I hate mornings like that, its stressful. But I made it to my test on time!

WOOT WOOT! I have a treat for everyone! Yep it's an outfit post!!

Now that I look at my outfit I wish I would have worn different shoes. But oh well! Minus the change of heart on the shoes I enjoy this outfit. It's comfy, it's slightly warm, and it's simple yet stunning lol! But my whole left sleeve being longer than my right sleeve in this picture is driving me insane!! I pulled the left sleeve down before I took the pictures and for some reason didn't pull the right one down after it. GRRR. I do have to give Sydney from The Daybook credit for the watch idea. I love how she always wears her awesome gold watch over her sleeve and it's slightly loose! So Thanks Sydney!

Shirt & Jacket: F21, Jeans & Shoes: Nordstrom, Necklase: California(can't remember the store) Watch: Jeffs bowl on the dresser!


I love this old ad for my friend Kleenex right now!

Well today i was suppose to be in class but because i decided to spike a fever yesterday of 101.3 i thought it was best to not go. Can i just tell you how awesome my hubby is, well he is the awesomist!! lol i know its not a word but it describes him perfectly!

5 reasons Jeff is the awesomist! 
(this is coming from an ill point of view and there are TONS and TONS of reasons Jeff is awesome)

1. Who else tells you to go to bed right when you get home from a long day at work. Then you mention that you need to run to the store for some dayquil, otter pops, and a humidifier. He then jumps out of bed and puts some clothes on and runs to walmart for you.

2. Hubby comes home from school and grabs you the little things you're craving while sick. Examples chips (probably because I'm dehydrated from a fever), cheese, water, and otter pops.

3. Jeff was so sweet last night, he slept in the living room on a mattress we had downstairs so i could get a good nights rest. and I'm sure it was so he didn't get sick too.

4. Hubby did all the chores in the house. He did the dishes, took the garbage's out, and cleaned the bathroom. 

5. Hubby just comes and sits next to me and spends time next to my sick little self.

Well I'm going to take a nap now.

Hubby thanks for everything you do! You're the best and I love you! 



Picture by

I knew today would be a rough one when I woke up from a dream of checking myself in to my work to see my Dr friend. Last night was horrible, I couldn't sleep, I couldn't breath (kind of an important part of life) and I had to wake up and go to work which is really rough when you don't feel too good. And to top it off the wind is blowing so hard today that it's knocking over full garbage cans and making it feel like negative 20 degrees.  So every time I hear a huge bang I get nervous that some tree branch or garbage can hit my car! I love my car and treat it like my child lol.  Another concern of mine with this wind is this huge pine tree that leans more and more with each "East Wind"that is in my neighbors back yard, one of these days that tree is going to just topple over and crush the house it belongs too. Makes me nervous for my neighbor!! Anyway my work is nice enough (and slow enough) for me to come home to sleep a few hrs. Which is what I'm going to do. Nap time!!