Welcome November...FLO=Fun Little Outfit...

November has finally come which means snow is on it's way! And guess what folks...IT SNOWED!! Man the only thing was I was watching it fall from the inside of a hospital room. I think my patient was getting sick of me saying a few things yesterday. 1. "Take a deep breath and cough for me, thank you" and 2. "I love the snow, it's so pretty. I can't wait to bundle up and go snowboarding." Every time I would go into her room she would pretend to fall asleep so she wouldn't have to talk to me, at least it seemed like it. Oh well, luckily for her most people don't remember their ICU stay and she wont even remember my annoying comments about the awesome snow. lol!

Highlight # 2 of the week(and it's only wed, this is an awesome week so far!) Tomorrow is my last ICU class!! Woot Woot! Don't get me wrong I love learning, but I'm just not sure I'm learning much in this class. I can't wait to just going back to working 3 days a week. I would never make it in the normal workville working 5 days a week.

Highlight #3-Pay day is Friday! Enough said lol

Highlight #4-I took a Fun Little Outfit picture today or I'm now going to abbreviate it to FLO lol a FLO what a silly abbreviation! I really like my outfit today. I think I've only worn this jacket which I got from Target once and I felt as if it was too fancy for my style. But I really like how it looks with this plaid shirt underneath it with jeans. PS the plaid shirt is from Khols and if you go right now it's 50% off, I bought it last night! lol

That's it folks! I'm off to go to Harmons to buy some tuna steaks...Hubs says I really need to try those for dinner tonight. So we are goin for it!