Happy Friday!

Oh how long I've waited for you Friday, Fridays bring joy to my face! lol I find myself laughing inside at the moment. Anyways let me think here what makes this Friday so great and why am I kinda bummed about this Friday at the same time....
Thought process is as such...
   Today is payday-EVERYONE loves that day!
   Today is my day off- another thing I think everyone loves
   Today is my list checkin off day-kinda goes along with my day off

 I'm kinda bummed though because
   I woke up with a horrible neck pain, my neck slightly hurt yesterday but it hurts more this morning. I took 3 ibuprofen and put a heating pad on it the Hubs said I look like one of my patients with a C-collar on. (Thanks Hubs..,.NOT!) lol
   I have a lot to do today so I can't really stay in my pjs as long as I wanted too

Other than those things I think today is a good Friday! Todays my mother-in-laws birthday so Happy Birthday Mary. Can't wait to go to dinner tonight at Granny Annies! Yummm!! Here is what I'm wearing right now.

Look at these amazing earrings I picked up at a local craft show called Craft Lake City. I had saved the business card of the lady who made them but now that I really need it I can't find it (of coarse). But they are made from eucalyptus leaves and they rock!

My pup Boomer wanted to make and appearance here today, he is 6 years old and needs a haircut super bad! lol love that dog!

Have a great weekend everyone, I'm a climbin tomorrow!!