Skirt Follow Up {How To}

Skirt... follow up(HA medical terminology used for fashion)

I know I've been a slacker with showing you my skirts I made last week. Oops...I guess. It's Christmas time and wow everyone knows how crazy it can get. But today I finally have some pictures of the skirts I made. Now they still need to be hemmed, but one is complete and I wore the other day. Pictures here they come....

Horrible picture yes I know but look at how many skirts I made. I know I went slightly overboard but oh well. It makes me happy!!

This purple one is a heavier fabric which also makes me super happy. Same with the orange and green one too.

I think the blue pattern one is my favorite! Plus it's got orange pockets :)

Well there you have it my six skirts that are exactly the same in style but dang they are awesome!!