Road Trip *Part 3*

First off I'd like to all welcome the Grown Up Dress Up visitors! For all of you new visitors I want to say as this very moment I'm probably sleeping, yep I know it's the middle of the afternoon but I worked a grave shift last night. So due to that no outfit post until tomorrow! But don't worry I have part 3 of my road trip, part 3 will be the last part of the vaca review. With that said...on to the show!

Welcome to Banff!
Banff is kinda similar to Park City, mountain town with a main street 'drag' that has tons of shops. Everyone walks around in their North Face jackets and black thick leggings, so funny but I fit in great haha 

This is one of the view near or camping spot.
Lake Louise...gorgeous!

 Lake Moraine (below)

My Mom(No pic), Dad and Jeff all decided they wanted to take the risk of falling into the freezing cold glacier water by walking on the logs...Lets just say my mom totally kicked butt! No one fell in the water, thank goodness!

Next stop we drove to Jasper. For some reason I didn't take any pictures while I was there...It wasn't as picturesque as Banff was, but the drive there was amazing and well worth it!

 In the background is a huge glacier, at one time this glacier was as deep as the Eiffel tower is high. CRAZY!

On our way home we stopped in Coeur D'Alene and saw my best friend Sarah! I love you Smalls!!

Well that's all for the vaca to Canada! It was super fun and I was so happy to share the experience with my parents and show the Hubs these amazing places!

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