So this week has been an emotional roller coaster! It's had it's feelings of excitement, fear, being unsafe, extreme fatigue, vulnerability, anger, relaxation, fun, and the feeling of being content. I know that's a lot for one week but there are stories. Here's the story(this story doesn't include the happy emotions FYI)

The Hubs and I came home from our long road trip a day early due to a call that our house had been broken into! Can you image the feeling of being a 6 hour car ride away and hearing those words! I was angry! I was sad to think of what was missing! I felt just sick to my stomach! What made the situation even worse was...we kinda expected this to happen. This is not because we live in a dangerous neighborhood or anything but because we knew there were some troubled teens and one lived right next door. So in natural fashion we prepared ourselves for a disaster, we hide the important things and recruited people to watch over our house (which included a mother-in-law and father-in-law coming twice daily to check on it, amazing people!) Unfortunately that just wasn't enough. We immediately asked if our important things were still there, which they were! This was the only thing that made the car ride bar able.
When we got home the first time I walked into the house, I felt very strange knowing someone had invaded my private, personal space. The feelings of being safe in that location were no more, this was not my house anymore! It was hard, I had to throw some pillows away, make new security arrangements and try and just go on living my life how I had before.
It's been a little over a week since this happened and I'm still very uncomfortable, I lock every door even if it's noon, if I hear a weird sound outside or even a loud car I hurry to the window. I've moved my valuables out of the house in hopes that they are safer there and I call the Hubs way more than I use-to during his work day. THIS IS A HORRIBLE WAY TO LIVE!
I can't give too much detail only because we are pressing charges on these teens, and if you know who I'm speaking of please don't mention any names(only because it's not fair to the ones I love).  I just hope that the teens get the punishment they deserve and realize they may not have physically stolen anything from me but emotionally robbed me of my feelings of safety in my own home!

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