I Did It...

| Pants-H&M | Shirt-umm old | Socks-Free People | Shoes-Naughty Monkey | Sunnies-Ray Bans | Earrings-Cavalcade |

I pulled out my BOOT!! It was such a great feeling and it made me even more excited for the colder weather to come. I originally had a leather jacket on with this outfit but then decided it was a little too warm for the leather jacket/boot combo. 

Today after I stopped by my brothers place I went to my parents house and my dad gave me the alarm code and I walked in and went straight to the alarm box. After I typed in the code it didn't work, so I tried it again, still didn't work. Lets not forget I had my dad on the phone, and then all of a sudden all heck broke loose. The house alarm sounded, and it sounded really loud through out the neighborhood! I felt so stupid and the funny thing is my dad couldn't remember the right code. The alarm sounded for almost 5 minutes and I was worried the cops were going to show up. Could you just imagine me in the house, holding 2 phones in my hand and the cops show up, throw me to the ground and then cuff me. Oh man I would have freaked out! Finally I called my mom(which I tried earlier but she's horrible at answering) and she answered told me the code, then hung up on me to call the alarm company. I was so glad all the chaos ended, I'm sure the neighbors and the workers around my parents house were wondering what the heck I was doing!

And that was the story of the day!
Anything exciting happened to you today?